So you think you're so damn smart, eh? Think your shit doesn't stink? Right. Think you got one up on the Feds, huh? Well, now's your chance to prove it smarty-pants. Winn Schwartau will take command and moderate.

That's right. You can now prove how smart you really are. Get up on stage and question a few answers, pile up the points . . and win big!

You know the game. You know the rules. Now all you have to do is have the guts, get up on stage in front of your peers and the narks and show us all!

When? After Dark Tangent's opening speech (which we're all really looking forward to . . . [yawn] HACKER JEOPARDY starts!


If you wanna play . . . show up. If you don't wanna play, show up.

There will be three rounds of three people. Just like real. The winners of each round will go into the Finals and the winner of that will win 25,000 units of some foreign currency! From Dark Tangent himself! Plus:

Contestants will be picked at random from a pool of those who want to play. If you don't wanna play, don't enter the contest. Only the elite survive!

FEDS: If you get picked to play, and we ask you what your job is, YOU HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH! If you don't, our custom Fed-O-Meter will detect your lies and off to the casinos you go!

Potential categories for questions include:

EMail your suggested questions and answers to winn at

So, in the inimitable words of Al Bundy . . . LET'S ROCK!