While we don't encourage or condone the use of toll fraud devices, we do encourage creativity and expression of thought. We combine these and come up with a red box creating contest. The final device doesn't have to produce the real red box tones (can't have people getting arrested) BUT it does have to produce some audible tones, any kind of tones. This contest is inspired by last year's give away of a red box "Big Red" that looked just like a big pack of Big Red gum, but really was a red box. Elite! There was also a little girl's doll that was a red box, but the switch for that one was hidden under the dress and, well, it just wasn't given away.

Come up with unique ideas! With just a Hallmark card and some spare time you can create an elite 007 style tone generating device! What will you win if yours is chosen as the most k-rad besides the envy of fellow hackers? You'll get a tee shirt and the cost of admission to the convention refunded PLUS some as-of-yet undecided prize. I bet you just can't wait to burn your fingers with your soldering iron now!