Conference Schedule

Friday August 4rd
Convention begins 10:00 at the Tropicana
in South Pacific Ballrooms

Time Event

10:00 Convention room opens, registration begins.
Informal demonstrations and getting acquainted through out the day.- Main Convention Room South Pacific Ballrooms.
Network video/voice bridge up

15:00 BATTLE TECH At Virtual World (Buy tickets in advance or at the con)
Two hours of total combat! 1/2 Battle Tech, 1/2 Red Planet.
18:00 SJG's "Hacker" game with the "Hacker II" expansion. The Mastah'
Haqah play off for the most elite hacker player. Get your group together for the hard-core old-school back-stabbing hack attack from hell! There can be only one!
24:00 Hacker Jeopardy with Winn Schwartau starts, Round #1
02:00 Convention room closes up for the day.

Saturday August 5th
Convention continues 10:00 in South Pacific Ballrooms

Time Event

10:00 Keynote speech by Dark Tangent
Winn Schwartau - Tempest Videos / Year in Review
Robert Steele - TBA
Jim Settle - TBA
Bruce Schenier - Cryptography
Curtis Karnow - Legal
Lewis De Payne - How to hack more professionally
15:00 Lunch/Dinner Break Begins

17:00 Evening Sessions Start at 17:00
Theora and Crew - TBA
CPSR - Round Table
EFF - Legal Implications
Peter Frank - TBA
Chris Hall - Spy Stuff

21:00 Evening Sessions End at 21:00
24:00 Hacker Jeopardy with Winn, Round #2, and Final Jeopardy Round.
02:00 Convention room closes up.

Sunday August 6th
Convention continues 10:00 in South Pacific Ballrooms

Time Event

10:00 Oscar Meyer - How to Hack, or, Toilet Training to Maturity
Roscoe - How to hack more professionally
Len Rose - TBA
Peter Skelly - TBA
Stepehn Cobb - "Why Hacking Sucks"
Parmaster - General history of the underground
14:00 Lunch Break Starts at 14:00 :
15:30 Evening Sessions Start at 15:30
Koresh - TBA
Susan Thunder - Psychological Subversion of Trusted Systems
Tagger - Mag Stripe Readers/Writers
Dead Addict - TBA
18:00 The Convention Ends, Final give aways, awards, and goodbye!