For DEF CON III there will be a dial in conference set up. If you are overseas, or just too poor to make it to the convention this year, you can still get an idea of what is going on and participate. One part of the voice conference equipment will allow you to listen to the convention room microphone, another will allow you to ask questions during the Q&A sections of peoples speeches. A general conversation area will be up so you can chat with others at the convention, or just others dialed into the bridge.

The voice bridge is up now at 801-855-3326. It is a hijacked system in the sense that it was never ment to be used for the DEF CON audience. It has a Voice BBS, much faster than the 2600 voice BBS, a Voice Mail Box section where anyone can set up a VMB and maintain it. It also has multiple 8 port digital confrence areas set up, and allows people who meet on the bridge to drop into a private conversation.