When & Where will DEF CON be?

Aug. 11-14, 2022 at Caesars Forum + Flamingo, Harrah's and Linq in Las Vegas!

Can I book my hotel in Las Vegas now – and how should I do that?

Yes, hotel reservations are being accepted. In order to help us fill our room block with our contracted hotels please book under the DEF CON group room registration.

What is DEF CON doing for DC30, and how can I attend?

DEF CON 30 will be a semi-hybrid event this year, we will give hackers a choice in how they wish to experience DEF CON but we are returning at full operating capacity. What do we mean by semi-hybrid? We will be hosting our full con in-person in Las Vegas and our approved villages and contests will be contributing additional online content within the official DEF CON Discord. All Online content will be similar to the 2020 & 2021 cons. Our official talks will be streamed via DCTV on our Twitch, and several contests and villages will be providing unique online immersive contests and presentations.

To see what happenings are currently planning to be in-person, hybrid, or virtual only please visit

How much will DEF CON cost?

The price to attend DEF CON in-person will be $360 USD. You may not attend in-person without purchasing a badge. Attending virtual on our Discord will be free, and those with Human+ will have more permissions and access.

You can support DEF CON and upgrade your account by purchasing the Human Plus role.

Can I register for in-person DEF CON online?

Update: Online sales have closed. DC 30 badges can now be purchased with cash at the door.

Yes. DEF CON is a cash-at-the-door kind of conference. Paying in cash helps protect your privacy, and search warrants can't vacuum up PII we don't collect. You will always be able to lay down US dollars in the reg line and collect your badge. Still, the experience of DC29 taught us a few things. Some of our attendees work DEF CON into their business travel schedule, and the option to pre-reg with a credit card over the web made things much easier for them. Some of our attendees need to manage a group purchase, or want a more detailed receipt.

For everyone who fits into those categories, we’re happy to announce that we’re keeping the option of online registration. You’ll be able to use to buy your ticket and get your receipt. We hope the online option makes the process more streamlined for those who need it. We thank people for their patience and feedback as we navigate the changing landscape. The price for DEF CON 30 is $360, with a processing fee of $9.66 added to online orders.

Can I buy a DEF CON badge with Black Hat?

Yes, it will be an option when you check out at Black Hat.

How do I participate in virtual DEF CON?

For the virtual portion of DEF CON you will need a Discord account.
You can find detailed instructions on getting on the DEF CON Discord server here. There is a FAQ for Humans on Discord as well.

You can support DEF CON and upgrade your account by purchasing the Human Plus role that gives you more permissions than the free "Human" role. Connect to the DEF CON Discord Server:

To see what happenings are currently planning to be in-person, hybrid, or virtual only please visit

What if I don't want a Discord Account?

While we don't think you'll get the full experience, all of our content will be released via YouTube and put on the DEF CON Media Server. The Talks for DEF CON will be released during the con on the DEF CON YouTube and Twitch channels.

Will there be Uber Badges again?

Our annual tradition of awarding black "Uber" badges for CTF and other select contests, will continue, for in-person events only. To make sure that attendees are playing contests with the full hacker spirit we don't announce which contests qualify for an Uber Badge ahead of the contest (aside from the Official CTF) . We want to see how well each contest operates, and how players perform, so those decisions aren't made until Sunday of the con. Check out the registry of past black badge winners!

Where can I find more info on the DEF CON CTF?

DEF CON CTF Qualifiers May 28-29. Please follow Nautilus CTF on twitter at and keep a look out on their CTF website at For a little history on the contest check out the CTF History page.

I have a black badge, do I need to pre-register?

No, just show up on site and go to inhuman registration. The rules governing the use of Black Badges are available on the Black Badge Policy Page. If you notice any errors or omissions in the list, please contact us at Congratulations to everyone who's earned a Black Badge and good luck to all who seek one.

What will capacity look like for the in-person event?

Capacity is currently capped at each given space’s fire code standard capacity. In case of changing health and safety recommendations, limits will be reviewed and revised at the direction of Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) and there will be dedicated support onsite to ensure our policies are being followed.

What health measures/protocols is DEF CON taking to ensure a safe environment on-site?

DEF CON is working closely with Caesars Entertainment hotels to provide a safe and healthy experience for all. We will comply with whatever safety measures are required of us.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Yes. Barring a major change in the situation, we will not check proof of vaccination, but we will keep last year's mask requirement in place for DEF CON 30. Protecting the community is our first priority, and we want to make sure that everyone is as safe as we can make them. Everyone includes the healthy, the vulnerable and those who have immune compromised loved ones they need to protect.

Thank you for all you did to protect each other last year, and with your help we’ll do it again this year.

What's DEF CON's official theme for DEF CON 30?

We want DEF CON 30 to have the energy of a reunion. We’ll be back together in a brand spanking new venue. We’ll be thirty years old - an amazing milestone for a hacker conference under any circumstances. In honor of all that, we’re calling DEF CON 30 ‘Hacker Homecoming’. More info on our official theme is here:

Where can I get more information about what's happening?

Check out the following DEF CON Sites & Social Media.

DEF CON YouTube channel
DEF CON Twitch
DEF CON Music Twitch
DEF CON Media Server of all past conference materials