Press Registration

Press Registration is Now Closed

Press Registration

To register as press, please send an email to press [at] defcon ]dot[ org with the Subject: PRESS REG DEF CON. Please provide all of the details we request otherwise it only slows down your own approval, and there is a hard limit on the total number of press each year.

Please note: DEF CON is a separate event from Black Hat and you must have a DEF CON badge to attend our event. Unfortunately, we do not have space for private interview rooms like you’ll see at Black Hat, but you’re welcome to use the press room if you’d like. Note: it can get very loud in this room at times, so many reporters choose to conduct as many interviews as they can before arriving in Vegas.


Full Name
Publication URL
Email address
How can we reach you onsite?

Would you like us to share your contact info with inquiring speakers and PR teams so they can better connect with you?


Always wear your Press badge if you are gathering information for a story. The DEF CON community is happy to help in your reporting and we respond best to open and clear transparency about what you’re working on.

Press passes aren't complimentary and that policy is universally enforced regardless of tenure or masthead. Whether you work for a traditional media organization, produce a podcast, or manage your own blog, everyone is expected to buy a badge at DEF CON. A press badge provides access to the press room, expedited badge pick up, and logistical support from the Press Goons.

Press badges are limited! Due to feedback from attendees and the overwhelming number of requests DEF CON receives, there is a limit of 2 badges per outlet and all press badges are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis upon complete and approved registration.

Once all badges are allocated, we will maintain a waiting list and allocate badges that become available on a first-come, first serve basis.


Disclosing that you are press when interviewing a participant is not only respectful but required. Violating this policy will forfeit your privileges this year & in the future. If you are interested in connecting with a speaker for an interview the best process is to reach out to them directly to schedule. Most of them list their Twitter handle on the DEF CON schedule.


Press are welcome to attend these talks off the record. Violating this policy will forfeit your press badge this year & in the future.

Press Hours

Our Press volunteers are available for non-emergencies from 6am to 6pm PST Friday-Sunday. You can always reach our team with questions by emailing press [at] defcon [dot] org.

See you in Vegas!
- DEF CON Press Team

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