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July 26-28th in Las Vegas, Nevada

PGP Key Signing Party Information on procedure, etc.
DEF CON IV Ride and Room sharing page. Hook up with others for rides, share rooms, and save cash!
DEF CON Second Annual California Car Caravan Page. In California? Catch a ride with the caravan!
Who is Bringing What? This page will help you cordinate what to bring along.
Thanks to Light Ray, Enigma and Attitude Adjuster for providing these pages.
                DEF CON IV Convention Update #1.21 (07.19.96)
              July 26-28th @ the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX      DEF CON IV Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXXXXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX    DEF CON IV Initial Convention Announcement
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XXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXXXX X          DEF CON IV Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXXXXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX       DEF CON IV Initial Convention Announcement

		    The only convention with free beer!


DEF CON IV Will be held for the fourth time in Las Vegas.  Heck, they are
building the hotels faster than we can use them up.  If you don't know much
about Def Con, please check out the web site [] and you will get an

MEDIA SPOTLIGHT:--------------------------------------------------------------

See what the all knowing media has to say about DEF CON:

Despised by Tsutomu "Shimmi" Shimomura - ".. Defcon, a bizarre gathering of
anklebiters, telecom industry security people, and undoubtedly a few cops.."
                                                           - Takedown p. 136

"By day, speakers discussed privacy on the net and computer viruses and the
hacking scene in Europe.  By night, they gathered in hotel rooms and at
casino bars to swap tales of hacking prowess, to dump on the new and 
clueless.."                           -The Cyberthief and the Samurai p. 145

IN SHORT:---------------------------------------------------------------------

        WHAT: Speakers and partying in Vegas for all hackers
        WHEN: July 26 - 28th
        WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada @ the Monte Carlo Hotel
        COSTS: $30 in advance, $40 at the door
        MORE INFO: or email

IN LONG:----------------------------------------------------------------------

(The following is mostly pirated from last year's announcement.. I'll update it when I feel creative)

Hey, it's time for DEF CON again.  This is an initial announcement and
invitation to DEF CON IV, a convention for the "underground" elements of the
computer culture.  We try to target the (Fill in your favorite word here):
Hackers, Phreaks, Hammies, Virii Coders, Programmers, Crackers, Cyberpunk
Wannabees, Civil Liberties Groups, CypherPunks, Futurists, Artists, Criminally Insane, Hearing Impaired.  It seems that books about the culture are becoming more popular, so of course reporters are also welcome.  You won't be hurt.
I promise.

So you heard about DEF CON III, and want to hit part IV?  You heard about the parties, the info discussed, the bizarre atmosphere of Las Vegas and want to check it out in person?  You want to do weird shit _away_ from the hotel where you can't get me in trouble?  Then you're just the person to attend!

Sure it's great to meet and party with fellow hackers, but besides that we
try to provide information and speakers in a forum that can't be found at
other conferences.  While there is an initial concern that this is just
another excuse for the evil hackers to party and wreak havoc, it's just
not the case.  People come to DEF CON for information and for making
contacts.  We strive to distinguish this convention from others in that
respect.  Plus this year we have official DEF CON GOONS(c) who will pummel
you until you pass out should you cause problems for other con.friendly
people!  Big Brother loves you!

               Top Ten reasons to attend Defcon 4
                       by Pappy 023ndorph

10. There are new hotels and PBX operators who've never heard of us.
 9. You swore one year you'd see a speaker.  This could be the year.
 8. Even pit bosses and bondsmen can forget a face after a year.
 7. That guy that told you to fuck off in IRC will be there.
 6. You miss the 107 degree evenings.
 5. Hookers take credit cards.
 4. You go where the no-day eurowarez go.
 3. We've got to find the 20+ MIA's from last year.
 2. Everyone else is going, follow the heard.  Moo.
 1. The unbridled smut.


Speakers in the past have included Gail Thackeray, Phill Zimmermann, Bruce
Schneier, Susan Thunder, Jim Settle, and many others.  Who will we have this
year?  Well as usual the actual list is always changing, but below will be
the current state of the speakers.  There will be speaking all day Saturday
and Sunday starting at about 10 a.m. and going to 6 p.m.  Aprox. 20 people
will speak (The most ever!), plus smaller tech sessions.

- [>  John Littman - Author of "The Fugitive Game" - Tales from the whole
     Kevin Mitnick saga.

 [>  Winn Schwartau - Information Warfare - Winn is the Author of "Information
     Warfare" and "Terminal Compromise" as well as writing for many security
     journals and trade publications.  Winn will recount the year's
     interesting InfoWar occurrences and talk about their implications.

 [>  Eric Hughes - Founder of Cypherpunks List - Digital Banking and Currency issues.

 [>  Dune - Lock picking demonstration and Q&A - There will be various tools
     and locks demonstrated.  This will be a smaller talk at table X at x:xx
     on Sunday.
 [>  Carolyn Meinel - "Jobs are for Lusers" - The oppressive potential of
     employers and the diversified marketplace results in self employment.

 [>  Koresh - A technical talk about ip spoofing, sequencing and
     fragmentation attacks as well as firewall penetration techniques.

 [>  Stephen Cobb - Head of special projects at the NCSA. - 101 Things to
     do with an Ex-Hacker - Could we or should we develop a process for 
     "sanitizing" people who want to make the transition from illegal
     hacking to legitimate employment.

 [>  Bootleg - "The problems with counterfeiting" - Sure to be a favorite
     with our federal "MIB" guests.  Learn the technologies of reproducing
     money, and how the new $100 bills have already been forged.

 [>  John Q. Newman - Sponsored by Index Publishing - "Paper tripping" and
     document manipulation.  How do "they" know who you are?

 [>  Mudge - Vulnerabilities in OTP's - SecurID and S/key.  Dictionary, 
     Spoofing, Hi-Jacking and Race Condition attacks.

 [>  Richard Thieme - Prodigious writer for .Net, Wired, etc. Speaks on
     the symbiotic relationship between networked computers and humans - a
     dialectic constituting a rising spiral of mutual transformation.

- [>  Richard K. - Specialist in Kidnap & Ransom negotiations, electronic 
     surveillance counter measures and international trade - Will talk about
     what's real and what isn't, plus a Q & A session that should be very
     interesting.  Sorry!  Current law prohibits show and tell of the more
     controversial technology.

 [>  Netta "grayarea" Gilboa - Sex, Lies and Computer Crimes: The Truth
     Behind The Indictment Of "Computer Genius" Christopher Schanot.

 [>  Jim Carter - Van Eck Tempest demonstration - Jim will attempt to "Van
     Eck" a remote computer monitor, and explain the theory and application.

 [>  Dave Banisar - Senior Policy Analyst at EPIC - "Tales from inside the
     Beltway: truly scary stories on privacy, censorship and watching
     Congress and the President work.

 [>  Andrew Black - FBI Computer Crime Division - Someone from the FBI will
     talk on the newly created computer crime divisions in San Francisco, 
     Washington D.C. and New York.

 [>  Attitude Adjuster - Windows 95 viruses and the Internet: How public
     API's and crafty code make for wild potential viruses.

 [>  Yobie Benjamin - Source Coder Supreme! - Will talk about Java security
     issues, design considerations and areas for further "exploration"  
     with grinch, who regularly publishes technical articles in the
     magazine Java World.  

 [>  Ira Winkler - NCSA - Ira Winkler has performed penetrations that rival
     the best of the hacker community.  He is in the very enviable position
     of being paid to hack into some of the largest companies in the world.
     While he holds the unpopular opinion that hackers should be prosecuted
     for their actions, he believes that hackers can "outgrow their
     ignorance and be valuable members of the information security

 [> Mike Peros AKA White Knight - Private Investigator - He has some great
    war stories to share with every one about some illegal Japanese
    Intelligence bugs that I found at an DOD contracting facility which was
    working an US Air Force contraction involving the F 18 fighter jet.

    US Government Illegally Wire Tapping Innocent American Citizens And how
    I caught them.

    Data Tapping Through the Switch. Compromising the sub frame rooms,
    cross connect boxes, and the many uses of liquid solder. The use of a
    cell phone as an eavesdropping device.

 [> Hack the Lies Project - "Hack The Lies" was created to give a voice to
    the once-silent hacker community. Over the years, popular misconceptions
    have arisen about the hacking community and its motives, which are now
    taken as fact by the general populace. "Hack The Lies" is here to
    dispel this misinformation and to educate the public on who we are,
    what we do, why we do it, and more.  Come join us for discussion during
    Defcon IV and make your views known.

 [> The Institution - 

 [> Emmanuel Goldstein - Editor and publisher of 2600 Magazine - Panel
    discussion with Scott Skinner- "Why the E.F.F. Sucks"

 [> David I. Brussin - Information Systems and Security Consultant - David
    will discuss security issues involved in the changes in global networking and commerce.  He will address the concerns that corporations and
    individuals will face doing business electronically over the next five

 [> Dan Veeneman - Decode Systems - Something along the lines of "Satellite
    Vulnerabilities: Present and Future", talking about controlling
    satellites, jamming and spoofing, GPS systems, future LEO systems, etc.



Network Setup, Sign in, Informal PGP Keysigning, Small Demonstrations,
Lots of Partying.  Capture the Flag Contest Starts  at 18:00 (That's
6 PM for you who can't read a computer clock)

24:00 (Midnight) Hacker Jeopardy Starts.

SATURDAY: No breaks, too many speakers!!  We will maintain a strict time
policy per speaker.  Eat when you dare.  Updates to the schedule will be
posted in the main convention hall.

10:00 - 10:40 Eric Hughes
10:45 - 11:25 Yobie Benjamin
11:30 - 12:10 Andrew Black
12:15 - 12:55 Mike Peros
13:00 - 13:40 Dave Banisar
13:45 - 14:25 Bootleg
14:30 - 15:10 Carolyn Meinel
15:15 - 15:55 David Brussin
16:00 - 16:40 Hack The Lies
16:45 - 17:25 Dan Veenerman
17:30 - 18:10 Jim Carter
18:15 - 18:55 Netta Gilboa

24:00 (Midnight) Hacker Jeopardy Finals!


10:00 - 10:40 Richard Thieme
10:45 - 11:25 Ira Winkler
11:30 - 12:10 Mudge
12:15 - 12:55 John Q. Newman
13:00 - 13:40 Attitude Adjuster
13:45 - 14:25 Koresh
14:30 - 15:10 Stephen Cobb
15:15 - 15:55 The Institution
16:00 - 16:40 ( )
16:45 - 17:25 ( )

Awards for Capture the Flag

End of it all, cleanup, etc.  See you all next year!


        While not really an event, the Holy Cow is sponsoring DEF CON this
        year with massive doses of their great beer!  That's right!  If you 
        are over 21 you get a free beer ticket.  Tickets will be randomly
        given away on Friday and Saturday.  Over 900 tickets will be

        Winn is back, bigger and badder with Hacker Jeopardy.  The Holy Cow
        will help supply the beer, you supply the answers.  Extra secret
        bonus round, and an elite challenge round make this year even better.
        The first round starts at 12 midnight o'clock on Friday and lasts
        until it is done.  The second and secret rounds will happen Saturday
        at midnight.

        6 teams will be picked at random and compete for the final round.
        There can be only one!  Strat's Team, the winners from last year
        will defend if all the members can be found.

	Each team member must chug a beer before beginning the round.


	Killer Prizes!  Dollars to be won!  Round up the posse (so to speak)
	for it's time to bust root!

        OK, these probably aren't going to be the last set of rules
        or explanations, but they're better than what's on the web site.

        What's still true:
        The capture the flag network is still going to have 5-9 dedicated
        machines.  These machines will be running a variety of operating
        systems.  The network is going to be connected to the Internet by way
        of a firewall.  One machine on the net will be a terminal server for
        serial connections and people connecting from the Internet.

        What's changed:
        everything else.

        The goal of the contest isn't to put messages on the console displays.
        Instead every machine will have a file on it called root.flag or
        root.flg  To capture the flag, put your tag in that file. Putting
        messages on the console was too easy on some OSes, plus it would
        interfere with playing Quake.

        The new simplified rules:
        1)No hacking from the console.
        2)No disabling any host for more than 3 minutes or the network for
          more than 30 seconds. A host is considered down if a Defcon Goon
          can't access a host and read the root.flag file.
        3) No crashing the terminal server.
        4) In order to be in the contest, you have to sign up your name(s)
           and an email address on a web page we'll have set up. Otherwise
           it just gets too complicated figuring out who's actually winning.
           (Remember, the whole Internet can play)

        The Prizes:
        Dark Tangent is in charge of handing out prizes, and also of telling
        me what they are.

        Added attractions:
        About half of the machines on the net will be running Quake on the
        console.  Bring your own quake machine to join in the fun.

        Port-scan poker, hacking with a Las Vegas theme (details to be
        figured out at the last minute)

        About 6 gigs of file space for all your 0day needs.

        We will have a discount at Virtual World, and you will be able to
        play the various Red Planet or Battle Mech games.  Full pod
        immersion!  Up to eight people/pods per group.  Virtual World will
        give any DEF CON IV attendee a $2 discount on any and every game.
        Just show 'em your name badge and your in!

	This year I am going with multiple ISDN 128k connections.  About 2 of
	them in fact.  One will be used for Hack Net so outsiders can
	participate, two will be used for Warez net and the remainder I'm 
	not sure yet.. maybe for doing a cu see me reflector site.  If you
	want to connect to the network make sure to bring a computer with
	a 10 base T (10bt) Ethernet card to plug into our hubs.  Don't
	forget to bring weird connectors and stuff, those always seem to
	come in handy.  I would have gone T1 like last year, but the cost
	increased by like $500 and there was no way!

        The ever popular paranoia builder.  Who IS that person next to you?

        "Like a paranoid version of pin the tail on the donkey, the
        favorite sport at this gathering of computer hackers and phone
        phreaks seems to be hunting down real and imagined telephone
        security and Federal and local law enforcement authorities who the
        attendees are certain are tracking their every move.. .. Of course,
        they may be right."
                                                       - John Markhoff, NYT

        Basically the contest goes like this:  If you see some shady MIB
        (Men in Black) earphone penny loafer sunglass wearing Clint Eastwood
        to live and die in L.A. type lurking about, point him out.  Just get
        my attention and claim out loud you think you have spotted a fed.
        The people around at the time will then (I bet) start to discuss the
        possibility of whether or not a real fed has been spotted.  Once
        enough people have decided that a fed has been spotted, and the
        Identified Fed (I.F.) has had a say, and informal vote takes place,
        and if enough people think it's a true fed, or fed wanna-be, or
        other nefarious style character, you win a "I spotted the fed!"
        shirt, and the I.F. gets an "I am the fed!" shirt.

        NOTE TO THE FEDS:  This is all in good fun, and if you survive
        unmolested and undetected, but would still secretly like an "I am
        the fed!" shirt to wear around the office or when booting in doors,
        please contact me when no one is looking and I will take your
        order(s).  Just think of all the looks of awe you'll generate at
        work wearing this shirt while you file away all the paperwork
        you'll have to produce over this convention.  I won't turn in any
        feds who contact me, they have to be spotted by others.

	HINTS FOR FEDS:  A few hints so you can survive longer.  (1) If you
        have to carry a firearm, don't use the "Gunnysacks."  The butt packs
        are easy to spot with their long zippers.  (2) Try not to have a
        military style haircut.  Dead giveaways.  (3) Use of the word
        "Affirmative" and "Negative" don't help your undercover personae.
        (4) Drink a lot.  I mean A LOT.  No one will suspect you as a 
        drunken agent of law enforcement!  (this is one of my better tips.)

        One whole slew of feds was spotted by someone when the feds'
        supervisor came into the hall and mentioned to their companion "One
        of my guys was already spotted."  Doh!  The contest winner just
        followed him to his group, and won their shirt with FOX Television
        from L.A. filming the whole thing.  The spotted feds were cool with
        it, accepting their shirts.. but I think they left early.

   _   _
  [ x x ] cDc communications
   \   /  Glorious Anniversary Announcement
   (' ')  July 1st, 1996
 Est. 1984
                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


 We knew it would happen.  We just didn't think we'd live long enough to see it.

 CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc) celebrates twelve years of existence this month at
 DEFCON IV in Las Vegas!  cDc will also introduce a series of music and audio
 releases, a new prestigious award for the telecommunications industry, and a
 new batch of text articles this month (#'s 321-330).

                     FESTOONS.  PARTY FAVORS.  ROOM SERVICE.

 on July 26-28th as befits their HEAP OF ELITENESS as the oldest organized group
 in the computer underground.  Don't miss out on the fun.  SWAMP RATTE' will
 give several impromptu workshops on crowd control and the appropriate use and
 maintenance of stun guns, WEASEL BOY will read from his gripping work in
 progress, _UNIX Sluts_, and THE DETH VEGETABLE will amaze you all with his
 professional impersonations of Buddy Greco, hand soap, and the color gray.
 These celebrations will be the talk of DEFCON and a tribute to your good taste.
 Make plans to attend now.  Wear something special, bring plenty of fake I.D.
 and watch the herd show Nicolas Cage what getting liquored up in Vegas is all


There are many hotels nearby.  Below are some close references to the
primary hotel, and others that are close and less expensive.

        PRIMARY HOTEL: The Monte Carlo
        This hotel will be built one month before we show up.  I am told it
        is a very nice, hence, expensive place.

        Phone: 800-311-8999, reference "DEF CON" for reservations
        Rates: Single & Double rooms $99, Triple room $109

        Other hotels near by:

        The MGM Grand (Across the street)
        The Tropicana 1-800-634-4000 (Also across the street)

Hotel                          RANGE PER NIGHT

                        SUN-THUR        FRI-SUN
ALADDIN                 $35-$65         $85-$105
BOOMTOWN                $28             $55
BOULDER STATION         $39             $65
BALLY'S                 $89-$109        $139
CAESAR'S                $165            $190
CIRCUS CIRCUS           $29-$45         $79-$89
EXCALIBUR               $59-$79         $83-$93
FITZGERALD              $46             $75
GLASS POOL INN          $29-$39         $49-$89
GOLDEN NUGGET           $39-$49         $79
GOLD COAST              $35             $55
HARRAH'S                $55-$109        $119-$149
HACIENDA                $48-68          $88-$98
HILTON (LAS VEGAS)      $69-$119        $129-$159
HILTON (FLAMINGO)       $69-$99         $85-$209
IMPERIAL PALACE         $45-$79         $99-$129
LUXOR                   $59-$89         $119-$199
MAXIM                   $48-$68         $59-$79
MGM GRAND               $69-$99         $119-$149
MIRAGE                  $69-$109        $145-$259
PALACE STATION          $49-$69         $59-$79
PLAZA                   $30-$50         $59-$79
SAM'S TOWN              $45-$65         $85-105
SAN REMO                $59-$79         $119-$159
SAND'S                  $75-$95         $115-135
RIO                     $66-$96         $129-$149
RIVERIA                 $59-$79         $105-$125
TROPICANA               $49-$79         $109-$129
TREASURE ISLAND         $59-$79         $119-$139
SHERATON DESERT INN     $89-$109        $145-$165
SAHARA                  $59-$79         $85-$105
BLAIR HOUSE             $59-$79         $99-$109
VACTION VILLAGE         $39-$59         $59-$79

STUFF IN VEGAS:---------------------------------------------------------------


The Monte Carlo Hotel: Legal Brothels  Here's the history
	of A51 Area 51 / Groom Lake Gambling Resource page. Vacation Info for the Luxor, MGM, Mirage,
        and Excalibur Paradice Adventures is a room consolidator that
        offers Hotel & Motel discounts in the four major Nevada destinations.
        Also we offer up to 30% off on rack rates during normal periods. Hotel Reservations, Show Times, and Conventions.

Here is a brief review of the new Stratosphere Hotel Gseven posted to the
mailing list: .. There is no gambling in the tower, although there is a 
"Stratosphere Casino" on the ground.  The "King Kong" ride is part of phase
two, and has not been built yet.  By all reports, the "Let It Ride" roller
coaster is a major yawner.  The "Big Shot" by all reports is pretty wild,
and is described as a reverse bungee jump.  Contrary to the other report,
you don't get "hauled" up and "dropped".  You get shot up, by a giant
slingshot but tethered by a rubber band.  Supposedly if you manage to open
your eyes at the top and are facing the right direction, you can see Lake

MORE INFO:--------------------------------------------------------------------

 [>     DEF CON Voice Bridge (801) 855-3326 
        This is a multi-line voice bbs, VMB and voice conference system.
        There are 5 or so conference areas, with up to eight people on each
        one.  Anyone can create a free VMB, and there are different voice
        bbs sections for separate topics.  This is a good neutral meeting
        place to hook up with others.

        send email to and in the body of the message include
        the following on a separate line each.
             subscribe dc-announce
             subscribe dc-stuff
        dc-announce is used for convention updates and major announcements,
        dc-stuff is related to general conversation, planning rides and rooms,

 [>     WWW Site
        Convention updates and archives from previous conventions are housed
        here.  Past speakers, topics, and stuff for sale.  Also a growing
        section of links to other places of interest and current events.

	Light Ray has been going crazy with support www pages, so take 
	advantage of them!
	[> Room and Ride Sharing Page:  Plan for sharing a ride from around
	the country, post the availability of floor space in your hotel room
	or just see what people are up to. or direct at	

	[> The Con Page

	[> Who's Bringing What Page.  Find out what people are bringing and 
	what is needed.  Very interesting mix of stuff.

	[> The Las Vegas Radio Frequency Page.  Perfect for hours of fun with a 

 [>	The Second Annual California Car Caravan to DEF CON!  If you're in
	California, saddle up with the posse and head out in the caravan.
	A live "pirate" radio station will broadcast music all the way, as
	well as 2 way radios so everyone can stay in touch.  Because us
	haxors don't have company cars, there will be a mobile repair
	vehicle to help out those whose cars explode or malfunction.
	Enigma set up this page to coordinate:

 [>     EMAIL dtangent at defcon døt org
        Send all email questions / comments to  It has
        been said that my email is monitored by various people.  If you want
        to say something private, please do so with my pgp key (At the bottom
        of this announcement)  I usually respond to everything, if not I'm
        swamped or had a system problem.

 [>     SNAIL MAIL
        Send all written materials, pre-registrations, etc. to:
        DEF CON, 2709 E. Madison, Seattle WA, 98112
        If you are pre-registering for $30 please make payable to DEF CON
        and include a name to which you want the registration to apply.
        I don't respond to registrations unless you request.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP?----------------------------------------------------------

        Here is what you can do if you want to help out or participate in
        some way:

        Donate stuff for the continuous give-aways and the various contests.
        Got extra ancient stuff, or new cool stuff you don't use anymore?
        Donate it to a good cause!  One person was very happy over winning
        an osborne "portable" computer.

        ORGANIZE sharing a room or rides with other people in your area.
        Join the mailing list and let people know you have floor space or
        some extra seats in your car.  Hey, what's the worst that can
        happen besides a trashed hotel room or a car-jacking?

        CREATE questions for hacker jeopardy (you know how the game is
        played) and email them to  No one helped out last
        year, so this year let's try.  Everything from "Famous narks" to
        "UNIX bugs" is fair game.

        BRING a machine with a 10bt interface card, and get on the local
        network, trade pgp signatures, etc.

FINAL CHECK LIST OF STUFF TO BRING:-------------------------------------------

(From Enigma and formatted by me - put them back in order and win a 
prize -- NOT.)

Check-off list:
 11. FM Radio (to listen to pirate radio station)   1.  Yourself
 22. Print out of Skipjack encryption algorithm     2. A Friend
 13. Disks with fun things on them                 15. Your PGP public key
 40. Thermal Image Device (aka Nightvision)        16. Modem
  4.  notebook/laptop computer                      5. desktop computer
 44. FM Transmitter (pirate radio station)         18. Flash light
  9. Two-Way Radios (2 meters, 440/220mhz, CB)     19. Terminal Server
 34. Acoustic Couplers                            35. False IDs
 23. Speakerphone (was wanted last year)           36. Phone Cable
 20. Serial Cables, Null Modem adapters            37. Extension Cords
  8. Box of Cornstarch (remember last year...)     39. Van Eck device
  6. 10baseT Ethernet adapter for (4) and (5)      43. Lockpick set
  7. Bag full of assorted adapters and such         38. Power Strips
 31. Electronic Gizmos that we find neat           30. Cellular Phones
 14. Other freebies to hand out                    12. Zines
 32. Magnetic Card reader/writer                   27. Snacks
 29. Phone Taps, Phone Tap detectors               24. Phones
 33. GOES/Wefax decoding equipment                 41. GPS
  3. $40 for Dark Tangent unless you've preregistered
 10. Scanner Radio (for listening to hotel security & nellis range)
 17. Assorted uniforms (bell-boy, UPS, security, etc.) for invisibility
 21. Wire Strippers and Alligator Clips (came in handy last year)
 25. Old Computers for the mini Museum of Computer History
 26. Your TI-85, TI-92, or HP-48 calculator, to trade programs and stuff
 28. Old Linux distribution CDs to give to poor people without Linux
 42. Blueprints for various hotels - makes exploring easier

MY PGP KEY:-------------------------------------------------------------------

Version: 2.6.1

Some pictures of the lovely hotel..

The Hotel is still being built, as you can see (one , two) from last years convention.
Closer to being done, Wyatt took this one..
How to deal with Hookers in Las Vegas.
Remember this con is put on by and for the community, so feel free to contribute.