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  • Hacker Jeopardy:
  • Speakers Saturday:
  • Eric Hughes - Founder of Cypherpunks List - Digital Banking and Currency issues.
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    Yobie Benjamin - The Java session is an overview of Java's security --- both its strength and weaknesses.  It will cover Java's security architecture and also talk about Java's future from a h/p perspective.  This session IS NOT a technical session or a "Introduction to Java" class.  Technical sessions may be held off-line depending on the parties going on @ DefCon.

    Yobie Benjamin is an Associate Director and Strategic Technologies Consultant with Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP), an international professional services firm that specializes in the development information technology solutions.  Previous to CTP, Yobie has worked for and consulted with a number of firms including Lotus Development Corporation, Bank of America, GTE Information Systems and the American Automobile Association.  Yobie specializes in large scale information systems/application architecture and emerging technologies. 
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    The San Francisco FBI computer crime squad
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    Mike Peros - I have some great war stories to share with every one about some illegal Japanese Intelligence bugs that i found at an DOD contracting facility which was working an US Air Force contraction involving the F 18 fighter jet.  US Government Illegally Wire Tapping Innocent American Citizens And how I Caught them. Data Tapping Through the Switch. Compromising the sub frame rooms, cross connect boxes, and the many uses of liquid solder. The use of a cell phone as an eavesdropping device.
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    Dave Banisar- Tales from inside the Beltway: truly scary stories on privacy, censorship and watching Congress and the President work (sort of).

    Dave is a policy analyst at EPIC and previously at CPSR and has been working on fighting big bro for about 5 years now. I could talk about what things are going on in DC.
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    Carolyn Meinel - "Jobs are for Lusers" - The oppressive potential of employers and the diversified marketplace results in self employment.
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    David Brussin - .
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    Mudge - The system administrator and all around stud coder from the l0pht reveals problems with one time password (OTP) schemes, and the TCP/IP drinking game.
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    Dan Veeneman -Hacking satellite systems, along with current notes, revisions, and links to other sites.  An excellent overview of how satellites are controlled, the economies of operation, design considerations, and the security strengths and weaknesses of different generation satellites.  "Satellite Vulnerabilities: Present and Future", will talk about controllingsatellites, jamming and spoofing, GPS systems, future LEO systems, etc.
    Their Homepage! Read it! No Audio Available! Let me know if you recorded it.

    Netta "grayarea"Gilboa - Sex, Lies and Computer Crimes: The Truth Behind The Indictment Of "Computer Genius" Christopher Schanot

    On March 25, 1996 Christopher Schanot was arrested based on an 11 day old warrant which stemmed from an indictment in Missouri for five counts of computer and access fraud involving Bellcore, SRI, Sprint and Southwestern Bell.  Although he was not indicted for crimes involving the Internet Libertaion Front, the FBI lied and claimed in print that Schanot supposedly confessed to this. The prosecution also claims Schanot cost Southwestern Bell $500,000 damage to secure themselves after Christopher entered their system and that Southwestern Bell is supposedly now hacker proof. They claim Schanot was a co-conspirator in crimes against Southwestern Bell involving people Christopher never knew or even spoke to and involving over a dozen hackers and phreaks who haven't been arrested and others who haven't even been raided or questioned.

    At the time of his arrest Schanot, 19, was living with the woman he was dating, Netta Gilboa, 38, who is the publisher of *Gray Areas* magazine (  - Christopher designed the web page and also wrote reviews for it). The FBI has admitted both in court and in press reports that Schanot committed no crimes during the time he lived with Gilboa, but the bust was a result of Schanot's father calling in the FBI to supposedly help find his runaway son. Although Gilboa was not questioned, raided or arrested, *Gray Areas* magazine as well as Gilboa's life and character have been the subject of both court testimony and dozens of erroneous media reports. Gilboa and Schanot have not spoken out until today and although the case is still ongoing which restricts many juicy details, as much as possible will be said to try to correct the media reports, expose the father, Mike Schanot, for stalking, and to condemn everyone involved from the prosecution to the feds to fellow hackers. Extensive presence of both federal agents from *every* possible agency and media is expected at this particular speech as the case is both sensational and ongoing. For this reason, in order to protect Christopher Schanot's legal rights and privacy, as well as to prevent more charges or accusations against him, there will be no questions or comments allowed from the audience during this speech. Persons wishing to have a specific question answered about the case can either ask Gilboa in advance or after the speech. On the bright side, this expected abundance of feds will result in many more opportunities to win an infamous "I Spotted The Fed" T-shirt.

    Christopher is requesting that hackers do not speak to the media about him and is asking that donations to help him be sent care of Gray Areas Inc. (PO Box 808 Broomall PA 19008).

    Netta Gilboa is arguably the person who has gotten the furthest in the computer underground without ever committing crimes herself.  She is also possibly the person in the scene questioned the most times ever by law enforcement simply for the crime of talking to hackers. Gilboa is the publisher of the award winning publication *Gray Areas* ( and is the author of "Elites, Lamers, Narcs and Whores: Exploring The Computer Underground" which recently appeared in the Seal Press book *Wired_Women: Gender And New Realities In Cyberspace.* She has also been published in *Phrack, Computer underground Digest, Cult of the Dead Cat, Empire Times, Dupree's Diamond News,* and many other paper magazines and electronic publications. Gilboa holds an M.S. in Advertising and an M.A. in Sociology from Northwestern University and a B.A. in Journalism from State University College of New York at New Paltz.

    Hated by some, loved and respected by others, Gilboa seems to polarize the 1200+ hackers she has interacted with. Gilboa is one of the few journalists to ever take the time to get to know hackers before writing about them and to continue to try to work with them despite severe harassment of both herself and other people associated with *Gray Areas* magazine. Gilboa's boyfriend, Christopher Schanot, is presently incarcerated without bail for computer crimes he allegedly committed before meeting her. It should be noted that Christopher trusts Netta with both his life and with his story.  According to the prosecution he was certainly in a position to check her out thoroughly and decided to be with her regardless of the consequences.  The couple are now collaborating on a book tentatively titled *Computer Genius* which will reveal the real inner workings of the hacking subculture and raise questions about the feds, informants and security experts who are often equally dirty and who allow it all to continue while they gather "information," hack themselves, and stay employed. Numerous Internet providers will be evaluated for their roles in these events. It is also expected that manycurrent, defunct and prank groups in the warez, ansi, hacking, virus and phreaking scene such as ACID, BOW, DPAK, ICE, IIRG, ILF, INC, LOCK, LOD, MOD, NSA, PHALCON/SKISM, NUKE, POSSE, R00T and WNOC will be explored as well. One intention is clearly to clear the couple's names. Another is to help Christopher gain recognition as an expert in the field. The combination of their different perspectives of various events they each witnessed separately and together over the years is expected to be way more powerful than any book written by either of them alone or by some reporter who simply profiled hackers but did not participate in the events themselves.

    Although Netta Gilboa has previously spoken everywhere from HoHoCon to PumpCon to Computers,Freedom and Privacy, her DefCon speech will be long remembered for its guts, candid revelations and for some of the shocking and chilling facts as well as the glaring questions behind the "Computer Genius" case itself. Few people arrested choose to reveal their stories so publicly.  Don't miss it!
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  • Speakers Sunday:

    Richard Thieme - The symbiotic relationship between networked computers and humans -- a dialectic constituting a rising spiral of mutual transformation.

    Richard Thieme has lived in Chicago, Madrid, London, Salt Lake City, Lahaina (Maui) and now Milwaukee. Taught literature at the University of Illinois, wrote fiction. Worked as an Episcopal priest for sixteen years
    in three cultures. Now speaks, consults, and writes about the human dimension of computers. His focus is transformation -- individual, organizational, global -- and the transformation of spirituality online.

    Hacking redefines how we think of ourselves. Redefines how we understand out possibilities for action in the world. It's also a metaphor for new opportunities available to human beings now and in the next century. Hacking is one way to practice living in transplanetary society. That's why hackers are pathfinders for the next generation. Spirituality is simply the way getting connected online translates into new kinds of community life.

    Thieme consults on change, technology, and diversity for banks, insurance companies, law firms, schools, associations, government, etc. "The Stock Market, UFOs, and Religious Experience" is done frequently for investment and financial people.

    He writes about all this for magazines in many countries. Last four pieces (during last two weeks): 
    "Stalking the UFO Meme" - in Virtual City - when you're trafficking in symbols of symbols of symbols, the Net becomes a ten-dimensional dog chasing its own tails/tales. How do you know what's real code when you're lost in a simulation of a hall of mirrors?
    "The Future of Networks/the Future of the World" - in LAN (Australia) - the transformation of human consciousness -- spirituality, community,organizational life, art -- in a networked world
    "Japan On-Line" - in Computing Japan - the interaction of Japanese culture with Net culture and how it changes both.
    "lost" - scheduled for Wired (August 1996) - what it means for the human psyche to lose the possibility of being lost -- or found -- an archetypal dimension of consciousness for as long as we can remember.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Ira Winkler - Ira Winkler has performed penetrations that rival the best of the hacker community.  He is in the very enviable position of being paid to hack into some of the largest companies in the world.  While he holds the unpopular opinion that hackers should be prosecuted for their actions, he believes that hackers can "outgrow their ignorance and be valuable members of the information security community."  His advice for wannabe computer security professionals is that, "If you want to do what I do for a living, you have got to stop what you are doing."  Come and see what he means.

    Ira Winkler is the Director of Technology for the National Computer Security Association.  He runs the NCSA laboratories, Firewall and Anti-Virus Product Certification programs.  He also investigates information-related crimes.  He is considered an expert in Social Engineering, Industrial Espionage, Penetration Testing and Information Warfare.  For samples of his penetration work, look at, the June 3, 1996 Forbes ASAP (p.80), and the May/June 1996 issue of InfoSecurity News.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Hack the Lies - "Hack The Lies" was created to give a voice to the once-silent hacker community. Over the years, popular misconceptions have arisen about the hacking community and its motives, which are now taken as fact by the general populace. "Hack The Lies" is here to dispel this misinformation and to educate the public on who we are, what we do, why we do it, and more. Come join us for discussion during Defcon IV and make your views known.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    John Q. Newman - John Q. Newman is the most prolific and respected author of false identification books in the country.  His titles include: Understanding US Identity Documents, Reborn in the USA, Reborn in Canada, Reborn with credit, Reborn Overseas, Heavy Duty Identity, and Be You Own Dick.  Many of these books are used by the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as reference material for their agents.  Mr. Newman is continuing his research in this area and will have three new books published this year.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Stephen Cobb -Stephen Cobb, an employee of the National Computer Security Association, is
    Co-Chair of the Computer Ethics and Responsibilities Campaign. He is also, by birth, a Libra, and thus given to weighing both sides of everything. He has been using a modem since 1983, but has never attempted unauthorized access. He believes in gun control but practices target shooting. He doesn't believe in income taxes, but pays them anyway. He is British by birth, but holds an American passport. A former Rugby player, he is an ex-member of Mensa and the National Organization for Women. In 1970, while still in high school, he charged police lines in protest at the all-white South African Rugby tour. In 1995 he cheered the multi-racial South African victory in the Rugby World Cup.

    A fifteen year computer industry veteran, Stephen Cobb is an international consultant and best-selling author who has written more than twenty computer related texts, translated into more than ten languages, with total worldwide sales in excess of one million books. A frequent contributor to industry publications such as BYTE and Personal Computer World (UK), he has written extensively on security related issues and was recently appointed Director of special Projects at the National Computer Security Association (NCSA). His column on communications is a regular feature in Personal Computer World. A former tax auditor, petroleum accountant, and IBM classroom instructor, Cobb is an experienced public speaker who has made presentations to numerous industry gatherings, including the Windows Developers Conference, the Virus Bulletin Conference, and Networks Expo Boston. Now a resident of Florida's Space Coast, he holds a First Class B.A. Honors degree from Leeds University, England.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Emmanuel Goldstien -The editor of 2600 The hacker quarterly talks about
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Road Dancer - The purpose behind starting the Hackers Defense Fund at, information about what you can do to help, and a request for information.
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    Attitude Adjuster
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    The Joker's Joke
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    The Institution
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    • Nee's experiences at DEF CON. Almost sounds like an anti-drug campaign poster child story. 
    • Lockheed's story of what he remembers.
    • TDYC's blow by blow action packed adventure-rama.
    • PLA issue 046 review by Calimar Rasputin.
    • DEF CON Hackers television transcript from The Discovery Channel "Cyber Life."
    • FBI lectures hackers at convention By Adam Steinhauer, Sunday, July 28, 1996 in the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun, B.
    • The Orange County Register and this short piece about the FBI at DEF CON IV.
    • This piece from the Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned Reid Kanaley's run in with Netta Gilboa at the convention.
    • She story of how DEFCON IV sucked for The_Chief.
    • Islands in the Clickstream: Fear and Trembling in Las Vegas by Richard Thieme.
    • Hacking Chinatown by Richard Thieme has some references to DEF CON IV.
    • A short message with passing reference to the convention.