Last Updated 06.25.97
[DEF CON V, July 11-13th in Las Vegas, Nevada]

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The Last Convention Announcement


            DEF CON V Convention Announcement #1.19 (06.30.97)
         July 11-13th @ the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

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    XXXXXXXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX       DEF CON V Convention Announcement


                    The only convention with free beer!

IN SHORT:--------------------------------------------------------------------

        WHAT: Speakers and partying in Vegas for all hackers
        WHEN: July 11th - 13th
        WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada @ the Aladdin Hotel and Casino
        COSTS: $30 in advance, $40 at the door
        MORE INFO: or email

IN LONG:---------------------------------------------------------------------

It's time to brave Las Vegas again for DEF CON!  This is an initial
announcement and invitation to DEF CON V, a convention for the "underground"
elements of the computer culture.  We try to target the (Fill in your
favorite word here): Hackers, Phreaks, Hammies, Virii Coders, Programmers,
Crackers, Cyberpunk Wannabees, Civil Liberties Groups, CypherPunks, 
Futurists, Artists, Criminally Insane, Hearing Impaired.  It seems that
books about the culture are becoming more popular, so of course reporters
are also welcome.  You won't be hurt.  I promise.  Just bring cash for

So you heard about DEF CON IV, and want to hit part V?  You heard about the
parties, the info discussed, the bizarre atmosphere of Las Vegas and want to
check it out in person?  You want to do weird shit _away_ from the hotel
where you can't get me in trouble?  You have intimate knowledge of the SWIFT
network, and want to transfer millions of dollars to the Def Con account?
Then you're just the person to attend!

What DEF CON is known for is the open discussion of all ideas, the free 
environment to make new contacts and the lack of ego.  More people have made
great friends at DEF CON over the years than my brain can conceive of.  DEF
CON is also known for letting the "Suits" (Government / Corporate) mix with
everyone and get an idea of what the scene is all about.  The media makes an
appearance every year and we try to educate them as to what is really going
on.  Basically it has turned into the place to be if you are at all
interested in the computer underground.


Now last year over 800 people showed up and threw my whole program for a
loop.  I was thinking 500+ people, but when 800 showed up it got a little
crazy for the planning staff.  This year I am planning for 1,000.  This
way I will be able to accommodate everyone and have less logistical screw-

I would also like to apologize to everyone last year who had temporary
badges for half the convention, etc.  I will do all that is possible for 
maximum coolness, and minimum hassles.   Anyway, enough of my shit, on with
the details.

[End Note]-------------------------------------------------------------------


Over the years DEF CON has had many notable speakers.  This year there will
be more of an emphasis on technical talks.  There will be a separate smaller
room for break-out sessions of more specific topics.  While the talks of the
past have been great, it always seems some tech people drop out and general
talks fill in.  I will load it tech heavy so when people do drop out there
will still be plenty of meat left for the propeller heads.

There will be some speaking on Friday evening before Hacker Jeopardy, all
day Saturday and Sunday.  About 20 people will speak, plus smaller tech 
sessions.  If you are interested in speaking or demonstrating something
please contact me.

Current speakers include:

[> Nhil - Windows NT (in)security.  The challenge response system, NT 5.0
   Kerb security services, man in the middle attacks on domain controllers.
   This will be a more technical discussion of NT related security.

[> Koresh - Hacking Novell Netware.

[> Yobie - Emerging infrastructures made possible by Java.  He will describe
   and talk about Java as the foundation for a global, object-oriented
   distributed network.  New concepts and computing paradigms will discussed
   as well as applications for both applications development or straight-out

[> Mudge - System Administrator for L0pht Heavy Industries.  He will present
   a technical talk on something cool.

[> Clovis - From the Hacker Jeopardy winning team.  He will discuss issues
   with security and networked object systems, looking at some of the
   recent security issues found with activeX and detail some of the
   potentials and problems with network objects. Topics will include
   development of objects, distributed objects, standards, ActiveX, corba,
   and hacking objects.

[> Bruce Schneier - Author of Applied Cryptography and the Blowfish
   algorithm - Why cryptography is harder than it looks.

[> FBI Computer Crime Squad - They will make another appearance this year
   only if I can bribe them with the audio from last years convention.  Can
   I do it in time?

[> Richard Thieme - "The Dynamics of Social Engineering: a cognitive map for
   getting what you need to know, working in networks, and engaging in
   espionage quietly; the uses of paranoia, imagination, and grandiosity
   to build the Big Picture.

[> Wrangler - Packet Sniffing:  He will define the idea, explain everything
   from 802.2 frames down to the TCP datagram, and explain the mechanisms
   (NIT, bpf) that different platforms provide to allow the hack.

   Wrangler has been programming since seven column paper tape.  He is a
   loner with the social skills of a California Condor.  He has never been
   a member of LOD, MOD, or any other group.  He has written no books, is
   not currently employed, and refuses to discuss what he refers to as "that
   credit card provider thing back when I used to do mainframe shit."   His
   current projects include looking for his next Fortune 100 contract and
   writing the DEFCON V virus.

[> Seven - What the feds think of us.

[> Richard K. - Electronic countermeasures, counter espionage, risk
   management.  Should include a demonstration of electronic
   countermeasures equipment as well as a talk on what works, what doesn't,
   and the industry.

[> Tom Farley the Publisher of the "Private Line" journal, and Ken
   Kumasawa of TeleDesign Management - Toll Fraud in the 90s: Two
   perspectives.  An overview of phreaking from a hackers point of view and
   an industry/security consultants point. 

[> Michael Quattrocchi - The future of digital cash and a presentation about
   the modernization and state of register-level debit cards; in effect
   currently throughout Canada.

[> The Deth Vegetable - "The Cult of the Dead Cow embarks on a new era of
   Global Domination for the 21st Century three years early -- if you're
   not at Defcon this year, you won't be down with the master plan.
   Important announcements and startling new developments that will affect
   the entire history of the Computer Underground as you know it."

[> Ira Winkler - Real life case studies of successful and unsuccessful
   corporate espionage.  

[> Sameer Parekh - - Why cryptography is harder than it looks, part
   two.  A look at implementation and production problems facing people and
   companies wishing to develope and distribute strong encryption.

[> Carolyn P. Meinel - Moderator of the Happy Hacker Digest and mailing
   lists.  She will preside over a seperate Happy Hacker discussion
   pannel that will cover the topics of wether or not "newbies" should have
   information handed to them, or should they learn for themselves?

[> Dan Veeneman -  Low Earth Orbit satellites are nearing the launch stage,
   and this talk will cover the different systems that are planned and some
   of the services they'll offer.  A bit on GPS that wasn't covered last
   year as well as the ever popular question and answer section.

[> Hobbit - CIFS is a load of CACA - Random SMB CIFS stuff in Microsfot

[> Cyber - An overview and explanation of available crypto-tools.  What
   tools and programs do what, when to use them and on what platforms.
   From someone who has spent lots of time playing around with the
   currently available set of applications.

[> Keith - Has some experience writing firmware for embedded
   microcontroller applications, and is giving a technical talk on
   applications of microcontrollers in the h/p community.

[> James Jorasch - Hacking Vegas - How to games the gamers.  From someone
   who used to deal with hotel casino security.  What really goes on?


FRIDAY:  Network Setup, Sign in, Informal PGP Keysigning at the "PGP table",
Lots of Partying.  Capture the Flag Contest Starts at 16:00

On Friday there will be the demonstrations of the Radio Burst Cannon, a
"real" rail gun, and an omni-directional cell phone jammer.  Times to be

10:00 -       Doors open, sign in starts
10:00 -       Movies start in main conference room
16:00 -       Capture the Flag II starts
15:30 -       Round up and head off for demonstrations of HERF, and 
              rail gun madness.  Nothing may happen, then again..

23:30 - 23:00 James Jorasch - "Hacking Vegas" how to beat the system in
              Vegas by someone who knows it inside and out.
23:00 - 03:00 Hacker Jeopardy Starts.


10:00 - 10:50 Richard Thieme - The Dynamics of Social Engineering.
11:00 - 11:50 Yobie - Emerging infrastructures made possible by Java.
12:00 - 12:50 Clovis - issues with security and networked object systems.
13:00 - 13:50 FBI Computer Crime Squad - 
14:00 - 14:50 Deth Veggie - Global Domination, cDc style.
15:00 - 15:50 Seven - What the feds think of us.
16:00 - 16:50 Richard K. - 
17:00 - 17:50 Tom Farley and Ken K. - Toll Fraud in the 90s: Two

Saturday Breakout Tech Sessions:

Koresh     - Novell issues.
Mudge      - Secure Coding.
Hobbit     - Why CIFS is CACA.
Nihil      - NT security issues.
Wrangler   - Packet Sniffing.
Keith      - firmware for embedded microcontroller applications.

24:00 (Midnight) Final rounds of Hacker Jeopardy.


10:00 - 10:50 Ira Winkler - Industrial Espionage.
11:00 - 11:50 Sameer - Why cryptography is harder than it looks, part two.
12:00 - 12:50 Cyber - An overview and explanation of available crypto-tools.
13:00 - 13:50 Carolyn Meinel - Happy Hacker Panel.
14:00 - 14:50 Michael Q. - The future of digital cash.
15:00 - 15:50 Dan Veeneman - Low Earth Orbit satellites.

Sunday Breakout Tech Sessions:

Happy Hacker track

Panel: "The Newbie Experiments"

Moderator is Carolyn Meinel, author of the Guides to (mostly) Harmless
Hacking series. Other panel members are:

- Matt Hinze, editor of the Happy Hacker Digest.
- Bronc Buster, who runs a Web forum, IRC server and the New Buckaroos Web
  site for his fast-growing band of newbies.
- Mark Biernacki of will talk about this new ISP which is
  designed to make it easy for newbies to learn to hack. Just say "Telnet
  port 22!" 
- Jericho, who will hold forth on "Let the newbies fend for themselves."

We will allow each panel member to open with a brief presentation of his or
her work, followed by debate first among panel members, followed by Q&A from
the audience. We expect some intense debate:-)

Then if the Aladdin hotel hasn't yet been demolished yet by riots, we will
continue with a series of individual presentations:

- Jon McClintock, editor of Happy-SAD (Systems Administrator Digest) will
  demonstrate how to install Linux.
- Bronc Buster will hold forth on the Windows 95 denial of service programs
  his Web site offers.
- Carolyn Meinel will demonstrate how to read email headers, create, and
  decipher forged email. 

Breakout Tech Sessions:

16:00          Awards for Capture the Flag
	       End of it all, cleanup, etc.  See you all next year!



       Winn is back with Hacker Jeopardy!!  The third year in the running!
       Can the all-powerful Strat and his crypto-minion Erik, whose force
       cannot be contained, be defeated?!  Will the powers that be allow
       Strat-Meister to dominate this beloved event for the third year in
       a row?!  Can Erik continue to pimp-slap the audience into submission
       with a spoon in his mouth?!?  Only Skill, Time, and booze will tell
       the tail!

       The Holy Cow will help supply the beer, you supply the answers.
       The first round starts at 12 midnight o'clock on Friday and lasts
       until it is done.  The second and secret rounds will happen Saturday
       at midnight.

       6 teams will be picked at random and compete for the final round.
       There can be only one!  Strat's Team, the winners from last year
       will defend if all the members can be found.

[>     FREE BEER!
       Holy Cow will provide free beer tickets!  If you are over 21 prepare
       to consume "hacker" beers.  Actually it's whatever beer they have on
       tap, but it's the best beer in Las Vegas.  Follow Las Vegas Blvd. up
       until you see the florescent cow with the big sunglasses.  All taxi 
       drivers know of this Mecca.  Over 1,000 free beers in all!


       We've talked it over, and the verdict is in.  For the last two years 
       at DEF CON there has been a sort of unspoken Saturday night dress up
       event.  People have worn everything from party dresses and Tuxedoes 
       to AJ's ultra pimp Swank outfit with tiger print kilt.  This year it
       is official.  Wear your cool shit Saturday night, be it gothic or PVC
       vinyl or Yakuza looking black MIBs.  No prizes, just your chance to 
       be the uber-bustah pimp.

       If you don't know the rules, you'll figure 'em out.


                        1997 ILLUMINATI INVITATIONAL, 
                       CAPTURE THE FLAG, HACKER STYLE. 

     The goal is to take over everybody else's server while protecting your
     own. To cut down on lag time and federal offences we're providing a
     playing field of 5 flag-machine networks connected by a big router in
     the middle. 

     The rules:

     1) No taking the network down for more than 60 seconds. 
     2) No taking any flag machine (including your own) down for more than
        3 minutes. 
     3) In order to be counted in the game, a team's flag machine must
        - be directly connected to the network;
        - have a text file flag on the machine readable by at least 2
        - keep at least 3 *normal* services running in a way that a
          client could actually get their work done using them.        
        - run a web server if technically possible. 
     4) No goonery/summoning of elder gods/Mickey Finns/physical
        coercion... you get the idea.  ( You had the idea, but we're
        trying to prevent you from using it. ) 

     The field of play :
     Each network will have a "server" of some kind on it, called the flag
     machine. At the start of the game, these servers will be stock
     installations a lot like what you'd see on the average academic/secret
     cabal/military/megacorp  network. Each of these machines  will have a
     PGP private key, named root.flag, and a web server. 

     There will also be a machine to provide DNS, called the scoreboard. 

     Teams can be one human or more. In order to be a team, you have
     to generate 20 256bit PGP key pairs, have a DEFCON goon pgp-sign
     them and put the public keys on the scoreboard webserver. We'll
     generate a hundred key pairs in advance, so the first five teams can
     just grab a floppy disk (if they're trusting).

     To prove that you've hacked a flag machine, PGP - sign a message with
     the root.flag from the hacked machine, then with one of your own. 
     Post the doubly-signed message on the scorekeeper  web server, and
     you've captured that flag (and invalidated the captured root.flag).

     When you've captured a flag, decide between conquest and
     condescension: either take over the server yourself, or hand it back
     to its not-so-eleet owners. To conquer, put one of your PGP private
     keys on the captured server to become the next root.flag.  (Of
     course, you have to properly secure the server to maintain your new

     To condescend, just wait until the original owners see their shame
     spread across the scoreboard. (It would sure be a pity if
     they had to put up a new key before they figured out how you got in
     last time, wouldn't it?)

     Two Ways to Win: 

     #1 EVIL EMPIRE: Whoever has the most servers responding with their
        teams' private keys at the end wins. 

     #2 PIRATE: Fabulous prizes will also be given to whoever racks up the
        highest total number of flags captured. 

     Rough game mechanics (why is everyone so untrusting?):
     Once every 5 minutes or more, the scoreboard machine will post a
     plaintext challenge.  Every team that claims to own a server has to
     PGP-sign that challenge with the private key registered for that
     server and post the signed version on their machine. If a server
     can't respond within 3 minutes, then nobody owns it, and it's fair
     game to be taken back over by the goons. 

     Specific rules will be available in print at DefCon before the game

     This was a message from The People  


       This year knightPhlight contacted me and wanted to organize a single
       elimination Quake competition to find out who that badest ass 'mo 'fo
       is.  Check out the web site to get the rules, sign up, or to
       donate a computer the greater good of destruction.

       It is IMHO that Quake by id Software rules 3D action gaming. But who
       rules Quake?  We'll find out this July 11th-13th at the DefCon
       Conference in Las Vegas. This isn't going to be a networked game
       intent on quickly eliminating as many players as possible in a single
       round. Rather, one-on-one games will be played to absolutely
       determine who the best really is.

       Of course, you already know your the best so why would you feel
       obligated to prove it? Because we'll give the first place winner
       $750. Now, being the wily person you are, I bet you would like to
       know where I got the money for the prizes. It'll come from your
       registration fee of $7.50.  Any half wit can do the math and see the
       10,000% return for the winner. But just for entering you'll be in a
       drawing for really kewl stuff. If you don't think its kewl you can
       just give us your email address and we'll be happy to send you a
       couple hundred thousand messages explaining why the prizes are great.


       DefCon 5 Network Plan (v.99)

       Media Type: T1 ESF/B8ZS (not D4/AMI)
       Service Provider: Las Vegas Digital Internet
       Telco: Sprint

       Equipment needed Equipment on-hand
       ---------------- ----------------------------------------------
       CSU/DSU Verilink AS2000's with NCC 2301 cards (JC)
       Router Cisco 2501 (Lock)
       Net Admin server (Lock )
       10bT Hubs 16-port from Lock - need more to populate the room
       10bT Cable (miles) Everybody bring their own - will need some extra 
       to link hubs

       Network Services:
       Web Server
       RealAudio Server
       IRC server?

       This year we are pre-building many of the network boxes so the net
       can go up first thing Friday.  It looks like we will have a T1 line
       and we will break it out to 10 BaseT hubs.  If you want in on the 
       network bring along the appropriate cables and adapters.

       More Net Madness!  The T1 bandwidth will allow us to do the 
       following cool stuff:

       - Have several color quickcams and a CU-SeeMe reflector site set
       up so people not at the con can check out what's going on.  During
       the convention check out the DEF CON web site to get the location
       of the reflector site.  You should get and install the software
       needed to view CU-SeeMe streams in advance!

       - Have a RealAudio server set up to stream the speakers talks to
       those who can not attend.

       - Potentially play a competitive multi user game(s) over the net.

       NOTE!  If you wish to participate interactively with the convention
       please e-mail me and we can coordinate something.  It would be
       great to get people from all over the world involved.


       The ever popular paranoia builder.  Who IS that person next to you?

       "Like a paranoid version of pin the tail on the donkey, the
       favorite sport at this gathering of computer hackers and phone
       phreaks seems to be hunting down real and imagined telephone
       security and Federal and local law enforcement authorities who the
       attendees are certain are tracking their every move.. .. Of course,
       they may be right."
                                                       - John Markhoff, NYT

       Basically the contest goes like this:  If you see some shady MIB
       (Men in Black) earphone penny loafer sunglass wearing Clint Eastwood
       to live and die in LA type lurking about, point him out.  Just get
       my attention and claim out loud you think you have spotted a fed.
       The people around at the time will then (I bet) start to discuss the
       possibility of whether or not a real fed has been spotted.  Once
       enough people have decided that a fed has been spotted, and the
       Identified Fed (I.F.) has had a say, and informal vote takes place,
       and if enough people think it's a true fed, or fed wanna-be, or
       other nefarious style character, you win a "I spotted the fed!"
       shirt, and the I.F. gets an "I am the fed!" shirt.

       NOTE TO THE FEDS:  This is all in good fun, and if you survive
       unmolested and undetected, but would still secretly like an "I am
       the fed!" shirt to wear around the office or when booting in doors,
       please contact me when no one is looking and I will take your
       order(s).  Just think of all the looks of awe you'll generate at
       work wearing this shirt while you file away all the paperwork
       you'll have to produce over this convention.  I won't turn in any
       feds who contact me, they have to be spotted by others.

       DOUBLE SECRET NOTE TO FEDS:  This year I am printing up extra "I
       am the Fed!" shirts, and will be trading them for coffee mugs, 
       shirts or baseball hats from your favorite TLA.  If you want to 
       swap bring along some goodies and we can trade.  Be stealth about
       it if you don't want people to spot you.  Agents from foreign
       governments are welcome to trade too, but I gotta work on my mug
       collection and this is the fastest way.


       On Friday afternoon there will be a demonstration of a hand held
       rail gun.  This garage project should be able to fire a graphite
       washer very, very fast.


       Another interesting creation to be tested on Friday in the desert.
       Come along and watch you cell phone antenna explode with power!
       See control channels crumble before you.


       While not quite a HERF gun, this should come close.  The RBC should
       be able to produce up to or less than one MegaWatt for up to or less
       than one second.  What will this do?  Who knows!  Come and find out.
       Obviously the above demonstrations will take place away from the 
       local hospitals and casinos out in the desert someplace, so be


[> Book your room NOW!!!  We have a block of rooms, but it is first come,
[> first served.  Rooms get released about one month before the convention.
[> Book by June 9th or risk it.  The room rates are quite cool this year.

       PRIMARY HOTEL: The Aladdin Hotel and Casino
       3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, Nevada
       Built in 1966 it is one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas that
       hasn't been blown up to make room for newer ones.  It is quite nice
       and has Tennis courts, two swimming pools, Chinese, Vietnamese and
       Korean.  A Seafood and steakhouse, Joe's Diner and a 24 hour coffee
       shop too.  It's located next to the MGM Theme park on the strip.

       PHONE: 1-800-634-3424, reference the "DC Communications conference"
       for reservations.  702-736-0222

       RATES: Single & Double rooms are $65 in the Garden section, $85 for
       the Tower.  Suites are $250 to $350.  All costs are plus 8% room tax.
       Rollaway beds are available for an additional $15 a night.

STUFF IN VEGAS:--------------------------------------------------------------


	Listings of other hotels in Las Vegas, their numbers, WWW pages, etc.

VENDORS / SPONSORS / RESEARCH:-----------------------------------------------

        If you are interested in selling something (shirts, books,
        computers, whatever) and want to get a table contact me for costs.

        If you have some pet research and you want to have the participants
        fill out anonymous questioners please contact me for the best way
        to do this.

        If you want to sponsor any event or part of DEF CON V in return for
        favorable mentions and media manipulation please contact me.  For
        example in the past Secure Computing has sponsored a firewall
        hacking contest.

MORE INFO:-------------------------------------------------------------------

 [>     DEF CON Voice Bridge (801) 855-3326 

        This is a multi-line voice bbs, VMB and voice conference system.
        There are 5 or so conference areas, with up to eight people on each
        one.  Anyone can create a free VMB, and there are different voice
        bbs sections for separate topics.  This is a good neutral meeting
        place to hook up with others.

        The Voice bridge will be changing numbers soon, but the old number
        will refer you to the new location.  The new spot won't suffer from
        "Phantom" bridges!


        send emial to and in the body of the message 
        include the following on a separate line each.

        subscribe dc-stuff

        dc-announce is used for convention updates and major announcements,
        dc-stuff is related to general conversation, planning rides and
        rooms, etc.

 [>     WWW Site

        Convention updates and archives from previous conventions are housed
        here.  Past speakers, topics, and stuff for sale.  Also a growing
        section of links to other places of interest and current events.

 [>	The Third Annual California Car Caravan to DEF CON!

        There are also some resources (links to other web sites and text
        files) generally related to DefCon--not specifically the California
        Caravan. These resources are available at:

 [>     The DEF CON V Car ride sharing page:  Use this site to arrange ride
        sharing to the convention from all over North America.  If you can 
        spare a seat for someone, or need to leech a ride go to the ride
        sharing page set up by Squeaky.
 [>     EMAIL dtangent at defcon døt org

        Send all email questions / comments to  It has
        been said that my email is monitored by various people.  If you want
        to say something private, please do so with my pgp key (At the 
        bottom of this announcement)  I usually respond to everything, if
        not I'm swamped or had a system problem.


        Send all written materials, pre-registrations, etc. to:

        DEF CON, 2709 E. Madison, Seattle WA, 98112
        If you are pre-registering for $30 please make payable to DEF CON
        and include a name to which you want the registration to apply.
        I don't respond to registrations unless you request.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP?---------------------------------------------------------

        Here is what you can do if you want to help out or participate in
        some way:

        Donate stuff for the continuous giveaways and the various contests.
        Got extra ancient stuff, or new cool stuff you don't use anymore?
        Donate it to a good cause!  One person was very happy over winning
        an osborne "portable" computer.

        ORGANIZE sharing a room or rides with other people in your area.
        Join the mailing list and let people know you have floor space or
        some extra seats in your car.  Hey, what's the worst that can
        happen besides a trashed hotel room or a car-jacking?

        CREATE questions for hacker jeopardy (you know how the game is
        played) and email them to  No one helped out last
        year, so this year let's try.  Everything from "Famous narks" to
        "unix bugs" is fair game.

        BRING a machine with a 10bt interface card, and get on the local
        network, trade pgp signatures, etc.

FINAL CHECK LIST OF STUFF TO BRING:------------------------------------------

        From: Enigma

         Here is a list of items to bring to DefCon.  These are only
        suggestions.  Your mileage may vary.  :)

        Items to bring to DefCon
        ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~
        - Comfortable shirts and pants/shorts
        - Socks, underwear, etc
        - Bathing suit
        - Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, comb, hair spray,..., giant
          tub of hair grease, Oxy pads, etc)
        - An extra towel (don't leave home without it.  Anyway, doesn't
          it always seem that you run out of clean towels in the
        - Something cool, hip, pimp-o-matic, or ninja-riffic to wear
          Saturday night at the Black and White Ball
          You can skip the deodorant and extra clothing if all you are going
          to do is play "Magic: The Gathering" and "Quake."  Everyone else

        - Your shades.  Vegas is hot.  The sun is bright.  'Nuff said.
          (If you wear eye glasses, I hear the clip-on, flip-up sunglasses
          are quite the fashion statement)
        - Sunscreen of at least SPF 100.  After spending hundreds of hours
          in front of the monitor, who needs the sun to ruin their ghostly
          white tan?
        - A hat--preferably with a cool logo or catchy phrase like "Gandalf
          Routers," "Netscape," "Microsoft [with "sucks" scrawled below it
          in permanent marker]", "I [heart] [insert government institution:
          Cops, Feds, etc]" get the idea
        - Note book, palmtop, or laptop to take notes on during the speeches
        - [Micro]casette recorder to record the speeches (or everyone
          getting drunk in your room Saturday night, not knowing what they
          are saying, with no hope of remembering it...excellent blackmail
        - Camcorder (see above...)
        - Digital camera--for all of the above reasons PLUS you can 
          instantly upload the images through the T1 onto the net
        - Fake ID for all of you under 18/21
        - Fake ID for everyone else, if you're planning something illegal
        - Your best jokes (Nooooo!  Not the superman joke!  Not the pink
        - Your best hacking stories...these are all about something "your
          friend" did, aren't they?  You wouldn't admit to doing anything
          illegal, now, would you?
        - Someone else's--oops, I mean "your" credit card numbers

        - Your drug(s) of choice -- From caffeine to pot to speed to acid
        - Zippo and extra fuel.  And while you're at it, put an extra flint
          (assuming you can find one in the back of your junk drawer) in
          the bottom.  You always run out at just the wrong time.
        - Extra smokez (Splurge: get some cigars or cloves for the weekend)
        - Leather
        - Handcuffs and chains, nipple clamps, etc.
        - Saran wrap, duct tape, electrical tape, gaffer's tape
        - Candles (the drippy kind)
        - Incense
        - Oils
        - Your copy of "The Pocket Kama Sutra" (ISBN 0-7894-0437-0)
        - That corn starch and water "slime" that Light Ray (I believe) and
          others believed to be the ultimate thing, several DefCon's back.

        - Laptop w/ Ethernet card
        - Extra laptop battery
        - A zip drive with a stack of disks containing all your soooper
          k-rad haxing utilities and g-files
        - 10bt/10b2 cabling
        - A small hub
        - You did remember to put a packet sniffer on your zip disk, right?
          Just checking.
        - Every power cord you could possibly need
        - A serial cable with a plethora of adapters so you can get each
          end to be male/female, 9pin/25pin, null-modem/straight
        - Cable to connect the above mentioned digital camera to the laptop
        - Scanner (modded, of course)
        - Frequency counter (I hear the "Scout" is pretty good)
        - HAM radio.  Any band, any frequency.  You didn't modify it to
          transmit on arbitrary frequencies, did you?  Naughty monkey!
        - An assortment of tuned antennas
        - That zip disk has the FCC frequency allocations on it, right?
        - Your uber-elite organizer (the DOS based HP palmtops are quite
          cool) to collect handles and email addresses from people
        - High energy weapons ("Is that an unlicensed nuclear accelerator
          on your back?"  "No, it's just a HERF gun."  "Oh.")
        - Laser pointer (don't get kicked out of the hotel again, youz
        - Your "white courtesy phone" that you stole from the Monte Carlo
          last year
        - A microbroadcasting station with plenty of tuneage
        - Your lock picks or lock picking gun
        - A pocket-sized tool kit containing a modular screwdriver and
          plenty of attachments (flathead, philips, torx, hex, etc)
        - A pocket knife, pliers and wire cutters--or alternatively a
          Leatherman's tool
        - Hell, while you're at it: why not some bring bolt cutters, a 
          sledge hammer, and a hack saw?
        - Telephone handset with alligator clips.  Or, if you're uber-
          31337, you have a lineman's butt set (with the serial number
          and telco logo filed off)
        - Bubble gum or epoxy putty--anything maleable and hardens.
          This is good for fixing hoses under the hood of your car.
          It's also useful to jam mechanical sensors (What would happen
          if the microwave always though it's door was open?  Or if the
          elevator always thought there was someone blocking the path
          of the door?  Wouldn't hotel security be pissed if they
          couldn't get into their security room because someone jammed
          a toothpick into the keyhole with krazy glue?)
        - An alabi
        - Spam
        - Multimeter
        - Cordless electric soldering iron
        - Parts box

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Version: 2.6.1