Call For Papers Announcement

Papers and presentations are now being accepted for DEF CON 8.0.  Papers and requests to speak will be received and reviewed from NOW until June 15th.   The sooner you contact us with the appropriate materials, the sooner your spot is reserved!

Please submit an outline on a self selected topic covering either the problems or solutions surrounding network security.  The focus of the three tracks are as follows:

Track 1, Uber Haxor- These talks could include source code examples, specific focus on a technical detail, or any topic that may require previous knowledge.  The nuts and bolts.

Track 2, Haxor- These talks might cover demonstrations, examples and overviews of new attacks, technologies, or trends.  These are technical issues all security practitioners should be aware of.

Track 3, Newbie- These talks will help new comers to the scene get a better understanding of many topics.  Introductions to TCP/IP, Phones, radios, and unix hacking were some of the popular topics from last year.  These topics, if updated to current, would continue to be great topics.

The examples of topics is to give ideas and direction to potential speakers, and is not the ultimate list.  Just ideas.  Because of the unique nature of this conference, the emphasis is on where the rubber meets the road, what is new and cool, major announcements (al la BO2k), and topics hackers wouldn't normally come across.

Talks will be up to an hour in length, and it is expected the speaker will make time for audience participation and Q&A.

Submissions should be in a outline format to give us an idea of the quality and depth of your speech.  Please include what track you are submitting to, and how much time you would like for your talk.  If you need more than one LCD wall projector for a demonstration, etc., please advise how many you need.  When at DEF CON we will get a copy of your talk to put on-line, as well as record your track. By speaking at DEF CON you are granting DEF CON, Inc. permission to reproduce, distribute, and potentially advertise your presentation on Send submissions to talks at defcon døt org.


We can accommodate most any request if it enhances your presentation.  Current tools made available to speakers include LCD projectors, overhead projectors, and slide projectors.

This year there will be up to two LCD projectors in a session.  If your talk requires any sort of demonstration we encourage you to set up a network (Machines can be provided) and have each machine projecting on one of the LCDs.  Audience members will be able to follow along what is occurring on each node as the talks progress, or the speaker may provide different information on different screen, etc.

Please forward any additional resource questions to dtangent at defcon døt org.  Speakers will be subscribed to a mailing list that includes the other conference speakers in an attempt to allow a level of collaboration between presentations.


This year we are going to increase the quality of the talks by screening people and topics better.  I realize you guys are speaking for basically free, but some talks are better than others.  Some people put in a bit more effort than others.  I want to reward the people who do the work by making sure there is room for them.

After an outline is recieved speakers will be contacted if there are any questions about their presentations.  If your talk is accepted you can continue to modify and evolve it up until the last minute, but don't deviate from your accepted outline.

Talks that are more technical or reveal new vulnerabilities are of more interest than a review of firewall technologies will be given more consideration, as will original content or research that have been created for DEF CON and has not been seen before.


Speakers get in to the show free, get a coolio badge, and people like you more.

Please visit for previous conference archives, information, and speeches.  Updated announcements will be posted to news groups, security mailing lists and this web site.

DEF CON 8.0 will take place at Alexis Park, in Las Vegas, Nevada July 28th to the 30th

Thank you for your time.  Any questions please email  the Dark Tangent