DEF CON 8 Linkable Logos, Page #1

Please Link to either or
Feel free to resize these logos and link to DEF CON with them.  Images will be cropped to 450 pixels wide.
Submitting a logo?  Mail them to logos at defcon d0t org.  Don't forget to include your handle, if you want your
email address included, and if there is any group affiliate.  Thanks!

Gilakopter is back,
with the first logo for DC '00!
GriffJon's first submission!
Omega has created these ones
L0nd0 - Shhnaa the l33t
DJ Ravnos
kutulu's trippy cool logos
 Octy's first logo
Hyrax has two new ones
Lord Vega is back from last year with these two new logos, and the flash 4 file at the bottom of the page! 
Skrike firsts logo
 TJ's wacked Gas Mask logo.. reminds me of Seattle's WTO meetings..
 Node's logo
iLLuSioN's first logo submission
KeyMaster's logo
Romso submits the first Frence logos.
 MaNiKaL JeStER's animated logo
Nuke's con-fu!
nobody important's first two logos