DEF CON 8 Linkable Logos page #2

Please Link to either or
Feel free to resize these logos and link to DEF CON with them.  Images will be cropped to 450 pixles wide.
Submitting a logo?  Mail them to logos at defcon d0t org.  Don't forget to include your handle, if you want your
email address included, and if there is any group affiliate.  Thanks!

Node X
Scott Balay's bad ass logo from hell.  Check out his page!
shizniz from HNC
Peter from HMZ.
Lord Disc's three logos.  Yes, they are each different.
Mayday Forever
Travis Farmer's first logo.
The_ph0x's first anime style logo.
Mr.Jimenez's two very cool styalistic images.
newt sachoul's cool animated image.
Lord Gwar is back again after a break from last year.  Check his work out.