updated 07.08.00

Ride & Hotel Room Sharing
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Emberglow: I will be driving to DefCon from the San Francisco area (650/415.) Will likely have 1 or 2 extra seats in my car.. Also I'd be willing to drive a van if others are interested in pitching in some money towards the cost. Giving Ride

N0rad: looking for roommates for the convention only me so far. Extra Room

Genocide-Rebel: I'm in the LA area, I was wondering if anybody has space on there car for me =) I will pitch in for food, gas , hotel and anything else. this is my first summer off of college and I really want to go this year. I will really appreciate the help , it's my first time going to DEFCON. Need Ride

Downsouth: I am a measly 15 year-old. I have jack shiznit for money and I don't have me a car. I live in Metairie, Louisiana.( Which is connected to New Orleans) I have no real friends who are into hacking. (This is New Orleans for God's sake!) I just need a little support.  Need Ride

Hell Phyre: Me and my buddy are planning on attending def-con 2k.  Since we are underage, we cannot get our own room and need one.  We'd be glad to help pay if needed.  Need Room

hey_man: Always extra room for a female, or 2, or 3. Will be heading in from the Phoenix area, new Mustang so space is slightly limited, light travelers only please.  Giving Ride

Death Taco: I can meet in Vancouver BC, Or Prince George BC. Need Ride

Statd: I am in the Northeast Ohio area and can offer to take one or two people with me.  small car; 1986 Mustang, and i will most likely have my girlfriend with me, so there won't be a lot of space.  fortunately, i have a hatchback which i can empty out if need be.  there may also be one or two other cars, depending if friends of mine will go or not, so let me know if you need a ride.  Giving Ride

Mr Coder: I'm just 14 years old in Orange County, California. No one I know is goin, so I wanted to see if I can catch a ride. I am willing to help pay for food/gas. I also need to share a hotel room, willing ot help pay also.  Need Ride

KarateKid: I will be driving to there in my 94 Firebird, would be willing to take a rider or two from Phoenix and back. IF you have any skills and care to work on a couple projects with me "There legal" I am trying to test security breaches at work. This is my job and would like to have some pros check it out for me. Would like to find someone who can get into LINUX, WINNT, Novel, WIN95, Win98, with out an account. If we can get together and try any and all cracks on my network I would be willing to offer a free ride to Defcon and back Phoenix only to and from.Would like to have something in commin so we can feel confortable around each other and my wife. Giving Ride

Gary the Lineman: Simi Valley, CA. I will have 3 seats available if my car doesn't break down again.  I'll expect cash for gas and hotel (unless you decide not to room with us).  Giving Ride

optimum: A couple 17 year olds need someone to bunk with at alexis. since we're underage we need someone to register a room. oh and btw, we have $ so we can help out with paying for the room and whatever.  Need Room

PAckhCKr: I'm a 19 year old that lives in San Diego, i will be driving there in my grandam.  There are two of us going so far, so there are two seats free in my car.  We all split gas/hotel room. Giving Ride

Ben Hess: Have a car, willing to drive.. Live in Ann Arbor, MI.  Have not yet decided which route to take, so if anyone is interested in sharing driving-time and gas, e-mail me. Giving Ride

Captain Japan: Im in Ventura Ca, 55 miles north of LA. Will have room for extra people. I may be getting a van, which would open up 3 to 4 extra seats.(we can only hope) Contact me and we can set somthing up. Giving Ride

Tweekphreek: 26,m, student, needs ride to dc8 from St. Louis & back or if youre from stl and have no ride but wanna go anyway, i could use a greyhound partner...(riding busses by yourself is boring) i have lots of dough and trade, also, if room for one more is possble, my friend tejal (shes 22, student also) might want to go as well. Need Ride

samuel inferno:  I need someone to bunk with at defcon and possibly a ride if my other one doesn't come through. I will have enough money to pay for everything, but am a minor so need a ride and room. thanks. Need Room

Joe: I am in San Francisco and will flying out thursday. Would like to share a room Thursday night to Sunday morn.  Need Room

LaBEteC:  One 17 year old male and a 16 year old female lookin' for a ride from Utah!  will pay gas!  Need Ride

kiljoy:  Flying out from johnstown PA need a room partner. I'm 26 and can rent the room and such just drop me a line if you want to join.  Has Room

TechnoDragon: I need a ride from the Seattle area. Can meet driver almost anywhere in the Puget Sound region. Willing to pay gas, and will bring food for the trip for both myself and the driver(s). If you're driving down and are coming from, or passing through, Seattle, please email me ASAP! Need Ride

Neo: have a 98 trans am have 1 seat coming from worcester ma age 19. Giving Ride

killergeek: I'm driving from Boston MA to Vegas. I'm looking for some peeps to split costs, driving, and share a room with. Anyone interested let me know. Would prefer easy women... but anyone with cash will do. I drive a 98 Wrangler. I'm gettin' a room for Thur thru Sat night.  Needs Room  Giving Ride

Socketware: 17 Year Male. Seattle Area. Only 1 Seat. 1990 Chevy Corvette T-TOP. Must be over 18-20 So you can rent the room, I will pay gladly half of every fee. Must enjoy semi-loud music. Male or Female welcome. If you have to bring a friend they can lay back in the hatchback which is pretty comfortable. Giving Ride

MeDz: I Live in Sandiego California, I will be driving to Def Con and i have 2 extra seats also  looking for roommates for the convention. Giving Ride

Dark Knight: I am coming down from Seattle and have 3 seats open. Let me know if you need a ride. It is an Accura Integra so dont birng to much.  Giving Ride

ion1001: I am in the Northeast Ohio area and can offer to take one or two people with me.  There may also be one or two other cars, depending if friends of mine will go or not, so let me know if you need a ride. Giving Ride

Jason: I'm coming from South Houston area in Texas, will either fly or drive, need people to share room or company for the ride. male or female. no weirdos.  Giving Ride Needs Room

Brink Morphy: Greetings! My mom owns a nice house in Henderson, Nevada, about 15 minutes north of Las Vegas. That's where I'll be staying for DEFCON. She has one extra room, which I'll gladly make available to a hacker or phreak who really knows his sh*t and doesn't mind teaching. I don't care how old you are as long as you can walk the walk. Don't try to bullsh*t me--I'm a newbie to hacking, but I've done my homehork and I'm a network analyst by trade. I may know more than you about TCP/IP and networks in general. Right now I'm very interested in learning more about phreaking, but site penetration is high on my list too.  Has Room

Brenda: Philadelphia Area --> DefCon Heading to DefCon with room for 2 in the clubmobile. soRRy you must have your own stay.  Gas and/or Food donations accepted. Giving Ride

dataflow: I will be giving all hacker/phreaks a ride. Hitting most of the citys from 661 to Las V. Would love to caravan w/ others. I can hold 3 ppl. Need $ for gas. Giving Ride

Joseph Morgan: Whats up i am bouncing in from Auckland New Zealand and am wondering if there are others going, that are from NZ. Need to share a room ect...  will help split costs.  Needs Room

OseK: I have a 2000 Ford Contour SVT with 2 open seats, I'm driving from the San Jose area to DefCon and back, Willing to give ride provided that person pays for his portion of the costs.  If person is female, ride is free :)  Giving Ride

Micro Dr.: I live in Eugene, Oregon and am looking for anyone that can give me a ride to the defcon thanks.. Needs Ride

~kos: heading out of silicon valley..i can pick up anyone from the 408/415/650  or 510..or if your along the way..  i will have about two seat that are open.. i may try to fit more but very unlikely..(i drive a four door bmw m3 and the back is cramp as it is) i don't need naggers, crackheads, backseat drivers, etc.. another thing you must be at least 18.. no i'm not a baby sitter nor do i want to be arrested for kidnapping because you didn't tell your parents your going to vegas.. i swear to god i will check for id's.. don't need to pitch in for gas or anything..just bring your own food or buy your own food.. Giving Ride

CYPRIS: I am 19 and live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am trying to werk out a way to Las Vegas and am haveing some trouble finding a ride close enough to my location... If you have any ideas or can spare a seat please help me out... I also will need a room/hall/bathtub to sleep in when I get there... I will have a limited source of cash, but can spare a lil. Needs Ride  Needs Room

Sheer: 7 passanger van, 4 seats open  plus cargo space, leaving from Orange county around 4PM on the 28th, returning sunday evening. e-mail sheer@sheer.org for more info or if you are interested in joining the party. NO CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES after the nevada border please. No need to worry about paying gas.

Beowulf Shaeffer: My best buddy from South Africa is coming over for defcon. we are both 18 and will be the Denver, Colorado area. If anybody else from that area is going to defcon will you please contact me by email - maybe we can arrange transport. I was thinking of going by bus maybe, cheap and efficient.  Planning Rides

Rivka Tabeth: One 18 yr. old male needs ride from Albuquerque, NM to Defcon and back. Also needs room. Willing to pay and shit. I don't trust my car to make the journey.

Ben Ben: I live in Huntsville Alabama.  First year to go to DEFCON.  Need a ride, and if possible a room.  I'am 18/M/ willing to pay at least half gas and room costs. THX  Needs Ride Needs Room

signine: I may be driving to defcon, but not in my car (it doesn't like heat).  I'm willing to share gas/driving time/smokes/etc with anyone who feels
like donating a vehicle and all of the aforementioned shareables for a road trip from somewhere in Missouri to somewhere in Vegas (like the Alexis Park Hotel [ideally]). Drop me a line if interested.  Giving Ride

Adam Gilbert: Will be driving out from Des Moines, Iowa in my Caddy.  I will have room for 2 people if you need a lift.  If you can get to Des Moines or you're on my way out there, I'd be happy to take ya.  Gas money is not required but I won't turn it away. =) Giving Ride

Dan Cloughley: Hey, 2 guys from Barrie Ontario looking for transportation, if u live somewhere in the area contact me and we can arrange a ride either with us or wiht you. btw we are 17 & 18. and have $  Need Ride

epiphani & onicrom: two exceptionally sexy BSD males from kitchener and toronto ontario seeking two exceptionally sexy *nix women to work out ride and/or room situation..  looking into a few possibilities including group airfare rates or packing us all into my little sunbird.  Accually, we dont really care if you are female or male, just that I have issues with sanity when im in close proximity to too many males for too long.  yah.  oh, if you can speak with some degree of intelligence about C programming in unix operating systems, and you're female, I'll not only room up with you, i'll probably marry you.  Giving Ride

AD: We will be driving from Indianapolis, IN to Vegas for DefCon and will have one, possibly two, spare seat(s).  Route will most likely include Kansas City and Denver.  Giving Ride

Craig Carl: I will be driving from Modesto, CA. Got 1 or 2 extra seats - Gotta be 18, don't want that beef. Leaving Thursday morn.

Saiyans9: hey whats up am looking for a room to share or if anyone wants to let me know and how we can work things out more then willing to share interested let me know ok?  Needs Room

Terminalbreech: hey whats up i need a room mate if u know anyone let me know i would like to share room expensies.  Needs Room

Kernal: *from 1997* here wanting to get a ride from boston... to vegas will be able to give gas money. i will be bringing my guitar... and one bag will be getting room.  Needs Ride  Has Room

Tommy: Leaving from Antioch (San Francisco / East Bay - 925 area code) for DefCon early Thursday afternoon, to arrive late on the same evening in LV. Return Sunday afternoon from LV to SF East Bay. Arrangements for pickup in other parts of the Greater Bay Area can be discussed.  Most likely will drive in my '77 Lincoln Continental (more fun, seats 4 very comfortably, up to 6 fairly ok - 3/5 spaces free, plus lots of carry-on) or in my '96 Volvo 850 Turbo (seats 4 comfortably, 3 spaces free, somewhat limited carry-on).  Me: male, 37  You: if underage, bring some kind of paper from your parent(s) with their signature & copy of their ID that you have permission to go. Cash for gas welcome (the Lincoln is a major gas-guzzler), but not a show-stopper. And don't be a jerk, it's a ~7 hour drive each way... Tolerance to cigarette smoke helpful (I smoke).  Legal Disclaimer: no controlled substances (incl. alcohol) or anything that gets me into trouble for helping you out with transportation.

DevilDust:  I need a ride to defcon.  I live in Hastings Nebraska..  I will help pay for food, gas, hotel, beer, etc..  Greatly appreciated if someone can take me.. . Subject: Needs Ride

B|ack0ut: I'm in the Monterey County Area (831), I Need a ride, i will pitch in for food & gas & hotel & whatever that comes up. This is very important for me and i'd love to go, it's my first time going to DEFCON. Thanx, ' B|ack0ut ' Needs Ride

Bluehairedpunk:  I have room for  one person in the bakersfield area or within 100 miles of, i will need money for gas ,but i have alot of room for equipment,and one person. Giving Ride for One

Auto NiN: 28 year old guy, also coming from Antioch/East Bay Area (of Holy Handgrenade Fame), Currently have comfortable room for 2 in the car.  I'll be leaving the morning of the 27th.  I've got a two bed room reserved for the 27th-31st.  I really don't want to deal with underage people, nothing personal - I just really like to stay out of jail.  No smoking in my car or in my room - I'm slightly allergic.  Other chemicals are a no-no as well - but what you do when not around me isn't my business.  Looking for someone to put up gas money while I provide the wheels and the driving.  Wouldn't mind compatible room mates.  -AutoNiN  Giving Ride, Giving Room

TheELP: I have space in my 2-bedroom room for 1 maybe 2 more people.. I already have 1 friend staying in the room w/me  so e-mail if interested. -TheELP. The man that holds the souls.  Has Room

jukil700: We are 2 females, both 19, in the LA area, anybody care to give us a ride? (Sounds like a set up to me! - DT) Needs Ride

Pacman: Hey im out in Iowa and interested in makin it to the defcon 00 in las vegas, but right now I wouldnt have a way to get there other than expensive air, any ideas?  -Pacman  Needs Ride

x00_xff: Has Room, has 2 laptops w/wireless connect & RedHat, has rental car, has big cooler w/beverages. If you have talent, join team & stay for free. If not, share expences. I will pull this ad when room is full. Thanks. Has Room

bootleg: Will share my room at Defcon with one or more ladies, depending on what they share with me! smiles... Contact me if interested and email pictures. I party a LOT at Defcon. Nuff Said- Bootleg  Has Room

colt: Need bus partner out of Carthage, Missouri. I have my own people to stay with once there. Just need a 2nd person to cheapen the ride with a companion fare. Greyhound cash gets split equaly. Should be about $69 for the ride. Thank you for your time. - Colt  Needs bus partner

Jeremiah Gowdy: Group of 4 from California needs to find single person with a room at the Alexis willing to let us crash on the floor.  We will cover the cost of the room completely if you let us crash with you !!! Need room.

Phat151: I am looking for a caravan of head to roll with to the con. I also need  roomies to share expenses. Looking for people from Bakersfield and all 661. Get back at me. Phat151.  Looking for car caravan

Proof: I need a ride to LV (and possibly a car to crash in if no rooms available). Coming out of Grand Junction, Colorado. will help pay.  Needs Ride  Needs Room

london2600:  Anybody need a ride to Heathrow Airport for the UK end of the journey to Las Vegas ?  Room sharing ?  Email and we will see what can be arranged.  Organizing Rides

James D Vanderslice:  i am driving to defcon 8.  I have a '95 mazda mx-6 and i have 3 seats left.  Interested in sharing the cost of gas, or if anybody can't afford to, i can cover them.  My car get's about 30 miles a gallon.  So it'll cost about $30 total each way in gas, probably more like $25 each way.  So split 4 ways = no big deal.  I'm leaving from escondido, but am willing to pick anybody up in the san diego, ca area.  I am 19 and a webmaster for a couple sites. -jim  Giving Ride

Mr. Safety: i need a ride from austin, texas to the lv.  i'll split gas or whatever.  im also looking for kids to room with.  get in touch.   Needs Ride

Stikk: 18 year old male, driving from Orange County CA. Drives a '99 Black GT Mustang with playstation, DVD, PC, and power inverters for afew laptops, hoping on a few network tests/games on the way. looking for 1-2 maybe 3 passengers, and as many people to caravan with as I can. chicks get shotgun. Giving Ride

Eli: Hello I have a '99 nissan altima I will be heading out from Tampa FLorida.  If your on the way, we can share the costs of the ride and room.  I don't have a room yet.  I'm hoping to get atleast 4 people and spilt the costs of a room and ride with those 4 people.  I'm sure you wont mind sharing a room with 4 people beats sleeping in a car :) I think the rooms will be very limited.  Warning prepare to get drunk off your ass!!!  Giving Ride  Rooms Share

Mistress13: I have a 2000 VW Beetle, so room is limited but, I can fit 2 people in the back seat. I also have a friend going that has room for one. I am coming from Orange County, California. I am willing to take people if they pitch in for gas (which is not that expensive)and the hotel room. I am not staying @ the Alexis Park though, because the rooms are now sold out! I am a female going with 5 guys, so I'd prefer girls to chit-chat with on the trip.;-)  Giving Ride

Think Pol: I'm from the tri-cities area (richland, pasco, kennewick, benton city) in Washington and lookingfor someone that is from here or near enough to pass through here.  im about 4 hours from seattle and two hours from spokane.  Needs Ride

Malignant: I'm planning on leaving Watertown, NY (Upst8 NY) around the 23rd and heading straight through to L.V. If anyone needs a ride / Room Share , email me I will be looking to split gas / room $$$.  Giving Ride  Room Share

Mr. AeRo: I'm in South Florida, and I need a room to stay at, me and my friend.  Both are 16.  If you also are in Florida and have room for 2 more in your car, we'll pay for whatever is needed. Needs Room

Tony Dean: Seeking someone from Southwest Va to share ride with to DefCon8.  Needs Ride

r0b: I'm looking for a lift from Montreal, Canada as well as a place to stay in Las Vegas. Some of you might know me as "mafiaboy" so if you can give me a ride, it would be really cool as I can really prove to all of you that I'm not a ./script kiddie.  I have nuff money to share gas/hotel costs. I'll be bringing my 166mhz laptop with OpenBSD installed, and possibly (if I can find it) my redbox. k, Thanks. Need Ride  Needs Room

Sketch: I don't have room in my truck, and it has no a/c, so I don't think anyone wants to ride with anyways. What I'm looking for is a group of people like me who are stuck working Friday who want to caravan from Phoenix leaving sometime around 6 or 7 pm Friday. I am staying with friends, but the Alexis is on the way to their house, so we could end the caravan at the Alexis. I was there for Defcon last year, so I know how to get there without getting lost. I would prefer someone with a jack, since mine got stolen. =)  Organizing Caravan

Thinko: I have 2-3 seats avail. in my BMW 535i (pwr inverter, cooler, computers), from Alberta Canada (403/780). Anyone that wants a ride (or to caravan), from Alberta, Montana, Washington, Idaho, or Oregon; we may be travelling through your city/region. I need a room, for 1 (potentially 2) people though (preferably at the alexis). Thanks. Giving Ride

matrixne07: I'm a 15 year old male and I'm a newbie, but I'd love to ride up to Defcon with someone that knew something and maybe they could learn me somethin on the way there.  I live in Southern Indiana (812) and I am willing to pay gas and pay a part for the room.  I'd prefer a non-smoker but I'll take what I get.  Needs Ride

GabrielZane: Silicon Valley dude needs a room - if anyone are willing to share for Friday nite through Sunday nite. I'm flying in Friday morning, so I'm good to go with transportation.  Needs Room

Nick Smith: dallas tx, need a ride.  I can split gas and room expenses.  Needs Ride

Magickli: I am a 34 y.o. female who has a room at the Imperial Plaza, about 1 mile from Alexis park.  I may be willing to share the room with another FEMALE over 25 if there are any going!  I am flying out of Philadelphia and not arriving till late Friday evening and have the room till Monday.  Sharing Room

suidzero: I'll be driving to defcon (staying at the alexis) from Columbia, Missouri in a 99 cougar.  I'm interested in a caravan with anyone driving I-70 to the con.  Giving Ride

Eric Falcao: I am an 18 year old ISP sysadmin from Cerritos, California (562). I have space for 2 more in a well kept 91 honda accord. Age/Gender does not matter, although intelligence does. I am rooming with other people so you're on your
own as far as board goes, but i'm looking for company along the ride.  Giving Ride

CJ Chang: I am planing to attend Def-Con this year also my first.  So instead of driving down there by myself I'll be nice and pick up a few hitchhikers.  I'm heading out from the Bay Area so anybody around the area I am willing to pick up.  I have only a few requirements. One no one under 18 please. Two no drugs or alcohol in the car.  That's it. (Would be nice if you owned a cell phone) Planing will be made as a group (Day we leave and come back) Myself. 20,Asian,Community College, unemployed, and broke.  Giving Ride

Matt: Have a Room for 2 people in hotel.  Has Room

Cliff Smyth:I am coming from Alaska for the Convention, and would like to room share with somebody at the St. Tropez.
Thanks, Cliff Smyth Needs Room

Invisigoth: Going to DEFCON from Los Angeles, CA (Northridge to be exact) Driving in a '97 Mustang (yes yes its reliable even for a ford!) have 2 open seats (in back, kinda small though im big and i fit) looking to share gas and room expenses 3 ways. Email me if interested.  Giving Ride

Nathan Fain: I (Nathan/20/male) will be going to defcon from San Francisco but will be heading out before the conference and plan on going to the Black Hat briefings+training.  Meaning, I'll be leaving SF on the 23rd and will also be looking for a ride around that time.  But more importantly, looking for someone to room with during the Defcon conference... preferably someone that already has a reservation.  Will pay my share room plus Gas and snacks for all.  If you are also going to the Black Hat events and already have a reservation at Ceasers Palace, I'll pay for the whole room.  One thing, no interesting plants... though I don't care what you drink.  Needs Room

lily dig: From Pittsburgh PA, I'd rather arrive in Vegas on Friday morning, but I'm flexible. I'd like to go with someone fairly intelligent, and would really enjoy someone who likes to teach new tricks.  I will be cleverly disguised as a young female photojournalist, as to not arouse suspicion.  Needs Ride

Neural Nightmare: A friend (25) and myself (30) are looking for someone staying at the Alexis Park that has a room to share. Willing to provide $$$ for room as well as sharing our annual massive stockpile of liquor. We need a place to stay from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. Must like to party because we like to drink.  Find me on EFNET #phreak, #hack, or #phrack or email. Needs Room

Leonid S. Knyshov: Hi guys, I'll have room for 3 people in my Rav4. I live in Santa Clara, CA. Anyone from Bay Area is welcome. Free ride with a nice sound system.  Giving Rides

Brent Allison I am a graduate student from Clemson, SC whose room-sharing buddies have just bailed on him.  I need a room at the Alexis - urgently.  I'm coming into Vegas on July 27 and leaving August 1, but if push comes to shove, I'll sleep in the airport the first and last night.  Will be bringing a 300MHz/64 MB Compaq Presario laptop with 10/100 LAN card capabilities, webcam and 25 ft of RJ-45 ready CAT V.  Can crash on the floor, but only if necessary.  Needs Room

Kryrogenik: Kid needs ride to Def Con 8.  Will go with anybody anyhow as long as he gets there.  I will sleep in the back of a truck for gods sake.  I'm around the SOUTHERN IDAHO area.  I would pay for gas ride anything.  Needs Ride

josef: I need a room and maybe a ride, i live misson viejo and work in irvine that friday but get off at five.  i could fly or a friend might drive dunno, but would like to share a room. also, if you have "fleas" addy forward it for me i cant find it, he might let me crash with him.  Needs Room

Bod Hil: Need ride/room from San Gabriel Valley/Pasadeana DefCon.  You: Asian hottie be elite freak haxtor girl geek in latex miniskirt latest HK styles, Speak fluent TCP/IP, C++, and latest techniques. Blask mask. Car and room.  Me: Hunka blond love - TCP/IP, C++, game dev, ID techiques. Me love you Long Time. Share your car and room.  Friday - Sunday.  Needs Ride

Femme503: two cars are heading out of Portland traveling on I-5 until the Bakersfield Area then we are heading east.  We have room for about two persons, if you have a few bucks to kick in and you are not a complete loser or psycho we will be more than happy to held you get a ride to Defcon.  Giving Ride

zipo0:  im heading to defcon8 from phoenix az on friday afternoon, any one needing a ride close to phoenix or on the way to defcon can tag along with me, female prefered =].... im in a nissan sentra about 3 inches of the floor so i need to modify weight have about 2 seats (light weight people only) no offense ;] e- mail me to set sumtin up. -zipo0  Giving Ride

Ian: Ok, it's a little late, but our plans just came together. Leaving Johnson City, TN on the 26th. We have room for one person. (only ride, no room) People riding are myself (Vice_hkpnx), tylenol3, and one other non-hacker. We don't mind anyone else, but punk rockers would help. Would go a little out of the way to pick someone up. Could use some company onthe trip. -Vice.hackpunx  Giving Ride

plastic: Made Alexis Park reservations early april. Timing conflict/federal court system could keep me from going. Looking for someone who wants to buy my reservation/room... conditionally. Should everything fall into place properly I'd be able to attend, and would need floor-space to crash on, and small area in corner for AiBO. Email me to discuss options.  Has Room

Aaron Pierce: I have a room to share with 1-3 people, + equipment.  I'm flying in from West michinga and will be spending friday and saturday nights.  Has Room

b|ueberry: My name is b|ueberry and I run condmended.org.  I have managed to raise the funds for myself and echo (2 females)  to attend defcon again this year.  We will be arriving in San Fran on july 24th from Australia and need a ride into Vegas.  Our cash is very very limited but we are able to share driving (scary different side of road) and some funds for fuel.  This is URGENT URGENT because if we can't get a ride we have to scrap the trip, and our tickets have to be booked within the next 3 days.. anybody who can help please reply asap :)  Thanks very much.  B|ueberry www.condemned.orgNeeds Ride

Jason:  My name is Jason I am an 18 year old guy that would like to sleep in someones room on the floor no hassle probably won't even ever be in the room.  will pay some money if needed.  Needs Room