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DEF CON Nine was held July 13th - 15th, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada USA
We'd like to thank everyone that attended DC9. You should be able to find anything you need below,
but if we've missed something, please email the webmaster.

As you can tell, this area is finaly being populated. Please send me any media links I'm missing. Also, I am thinking of doing a 'review' section for the attendees and zines that did write ups. If you would like yours included, email the webmaster.

DC9 Speeches on Audio/Video Its finished! You can see and hear all of Defcon 9 Here!
Official Events The Defcon Shoot
Coffee Wars
Shmoo Group's packet capture of the CTF
Unofficial Events The Defcon Jump

Update: Defcon DJ audio is encoded. Several sets from Friday night were lost due to a hard drive failure. They will be available soon in both .ra and .mp3 formats. Data has been handed off and is being put on the media server.

Media Coverage Patrick Brauch of C'T talks about Defcon (auf Deutsch)
Planet eBook - Kurt Foss
Defcon 9 Review - En Espanol!
CNET - Defcon Grows Up - Robert Lemos
CNET - Hacking for Human Rights - Robert Lemos
IDG - CdC Redefines Hacktivism - Sam Costello
PC Review - Hats off to the Hackers - Simon Edwards
DFWCUG - What I did on my summer vacation - Opcom
BBC News - FBI Arrests alleged copyright hacker - Mark Ward
ZDNet - Are 'White Hat' hackers unfairly under seige? - Robert Vamosi
The Register - Hackers run amok during Defcon - John Leyden
IDG - A Virus to fight viruses[sic] - Sam Costello
Attendee Reviews Brian of DIU writes of his DC9 experiences
Pictures - The best place to start
DMR's Pics
PLA - Red Box Chili Pepper's Pics
Ken's Pics
The #temp folk's Pics
David Weekly's Pics
Suidzero's Pics
Moloch Crew's Pics
Dead Doll's Pics
twentythreedotorg Pics
The Milwaukee 2600's Pics
KS' Pics
GoaPixie's Pics
Suspicious Crew's Pics
Mavrix & Rasputin's Pics
Washington DC 2600's Pics
Threatlab's Pics
TX 2600 - Syntax's Pics
TX 2600 - Cork's Pics
Echo23's Pics
SketchCow's Pics
Route's Pics
Teklord's Pics
The SiliconAshes guy's Pics
The NYC2600 Crew's Pics
Czarina's Pics
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Lucid's Pics
Bifrost's Pics
Almus' Pics
Xinc's Pics
Gothchick's Pics
Johnny's Pics
Grrlbot's Pics
The Drunken Whores Pics
Hugme's Pics
Sage's Pics
DOC - Seric's Pics
Jackalope ov Orbis' Pics
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Fuck Y'all's Pics
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