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DEF CON China 2.0 Hacking Conference

征演示研究室 CALL FOR Demo Labs

征演示研究室 CALL FOR Demo Labs

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CFD 中文

DEF CON演示实验室(Demo Labs)是一个让黑客们炫耀他们的工作的专注的区域。这也是参会者有机会质问其项目及反馈的地方。


DEF CON将为所有入选的主持人提供酒店住宿。来自国外的主持人将获高达$900美元的机票报销。国内的则是高达3000元的差旅报销。若需更多详情,请与我们联系。除非您已拥有APEC旅游卡,或拥有新、日、文、圣马力诺的护照;您将需要申办签证。由于办理签证需主办方出邀请函,请尽快向我们提供完整的护照信息及出生日期以获取。请注意,我们强力建议您的护照拥有至少6个月自2020年4月17日起的有效期。

若有兴趣在DEF CON演示实验室中展示工具,以下是我们所需要的资料。




设备需求 (网络需求、屏幕需求等):









DEF CON演示实验室的空间,一台有供电的桌子和画架好让您摆放海报板。一个专门的时段(2-4钟头)炫耀您的作品。300美元的酬金将被给予每项演示实验室。除此之外,您也会获得一枚DEF CON China 的胸牌。


祝您好运,我们在DEF CON China见!



DEF CON China 2.0 Call for Demo Labs

The DEF CON Demo Lab is a dedicated area for hackers to show off what they have been working on, to answer questions, and even coax attendees into giving feedback on their projects.

Presenters will be given a dedicated time and location to present a tool or project of their creation; show what it does, how it works, and why we should add it to our own hacker armory.

DEF CON will provide hotel accommodations and up to $900 USD for international airfare reimbursement. Local speakers will be provided a maximum of ¥3000 Yuan in travel reimbursement. Unless you have an APEC travel card, or passports from Brunei, Japan, San Marino or Singapore; you will need a visa. Contact us as soon as possible with your full passport details and birthdate in order to request a visa invitation letter from our partners. Please note, It is recommended that your passport has at least 6 months validity from 17 April 2020.

If you’re interested in presenting your tool in the DEF CON Demo Lab, here’s what we’re going to need from you…

Presenter Name:

Tool or Project Name:

Short Abstract (What is your tool, what does it do?):

Equipment Requirements (Network Needs, Displays, etc):

Language Presenting in?:

Developer Bio:

URL to any additional information:

Detailed Explanation of Tool:

Supporting Files, Code, etc:

Target Audience(Offense, Defense, AppSec, Mobile, Hardware, etc):

Please Note: Your tool or hardware must be open source. This is about you sharing what you’ve created with the community and getting them excited about using it / contributing to it. There is a vendor area for those looking to pitch something.

What you’ll get…

A space in the DEF CON Demo Lab, a table with power and an easel for you to put a poster board on, along with a dedicated time frame (2-4hrs) to show off your stuff. One $300 honorarium will be issued per demo lab.

Oh, and you'll get one DEF CON CHINA badge as well.

You’ll be showing off your project to a highly technical audience which will drive conversation, innovation, and maybe even confrontation, we can’t be certain, we’ll leave that to you. So get your submissions in now and we’ll pick the most promising folks to face the masses in April. Good Luck, and we’ll see you at DEF CON!

Interested? Email to demolab [at] defcon ]dot[ org by Feb 15th, 2020 and we'll respond with any questions we may have.