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DEF CON China 2.0 Hacking Conference

DEF CON China 2 is Canceled

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We postponed the DEF CON China 2 event, hoping we'd be able to pick another date in 2020. Sadly, even now in mid-June we have too many unresolved concerns to go forward. We're cancelling DEF CON China 2, but we're hopeful we can return to Beijing in 2021. You can read DT's blog post about it in the DEF CON forums.

Important Announcement regarding DEF CON China 2.0

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In light of global precautions being announced to combat the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve decided to postpone DEF CON China 2.0. We regret inconveniencing any of you. Know that we are committed to holding the event once it’s safe to do so.

If you want a refund on purchased tickets, please submit a refund request to your ticket broker. If you'd rather that we hold your reservation for our new dates, you don't have to do anything and we'll keep your tickets on file.

The situation is still developing. We’re working to find alternative dates for DEF CON China 2.0. Keep in touch with us on social media and We’ll share our plans as soon as we’re able.

Our hearts go out to our many friends in the affected regions. We encourage everyone to stay safe, and we look forward to reuniting when this is behind us.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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DEF CON China 2.0 Call for Villages!

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Villages are a signature part of the DEF CON experience. All-day, hands-on hacker spaces where you can learn something new, level up your skills and interact with friendly experts and fellow enthusiasts. We're always looking for new village ideas - if you've got one for #defconchina2, we want to hear from you! The best way to get involved in the DEF CON experience is to roll up your sleeves and start sharing what you know. Read about the Village requirements here:

DEF CON 2020 Theme: Discovery!

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The concept is simple, but for us it drives everything.

Learning how something works, how it doesn't, or how you can make it do something amazing and off-label for the very first time.

Meeting people who know what you're talking about, or people who know that one thing you're trying to learn.

The skill you never expected to develop, the contest a near-stranger talked you into, the group of friends you didn't know you'd meet.

All the best and most exciting parts of DEF CON are the moments of discovery. So that's our theme.

To translate that feeling into the physical space of DEF CON 2020, we offer these bits of inspiration.

The color palette is derived from internet publications of the early 1990s. It was the breakthrough moment of The Web. As people raced to define the new frontier, magazines like Mondo2000 and Wired tried to convey the excitement with loud colors and edgy layouts.

The style we took from 90s 'zine culture - an amazing, boundlessly creative and wildly unprofessional DIY movement that, just like the internet, invited everyone to stop consuming culture and start creating and sharing it. Ideas over production value, attitude over polish, getting your ideas out over getting them perfect.

We hope you'll take that anarchic DIY spirit with you when you're working on whatever you're bringing to DEF CON. We can't wait to discover what you create.

DEF CON China 2.0 Tickets On Sale Now!

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DEF CON China 2.0 tickets are on sale now! We're returning to 751 D Park in Beijing April 17-19. We will be bringing our famous mix of world-class speakers, hands on learning and exciting contests and entertainment. We'd love to see you there!

Tickets are priced as follows:

Student Rate (with valid undergraduate or lower student ID) $US82 / ¥488
Early Bird Rate (purchased by 29 February) $US115 / ¥688
Regular Rate (1 March Through April 15) $US180 / ¥1088

There are several ways to get your tickets:

Cash at the door - DEF CON accepts local currency at the venue - the price is ¥1088 (regular rate).

For everyone who wants to purchase tickets prior to the event, we can offer several payment options through 4Hou's billing portal.

Pay Pal - guests with a PayPal account can use it to make a payment in US dollars:

paypal logo
Buy with Paypal (en)

WePay and Ali Pay - guests with WePay and AliPay can use those accounts to pay through the Chinese-language section of the 4hou portal:

Ali pay and WePay logos
Buy with Ali Pay/ WePay (cn)

Invoices - business entities wishing to pay via invoice or seeking a bulk ticket discount can contact 4hou directly by calling the Helpline at +8610-64780062 or email

Reminder: DEF CON China CFP is Open!

DEF CON Call for Papers image

Another reminder: DEF CON China 2.0 has an open CFP! We’re looking for presenters with exciting ideas to share in Beijing April 17-19 2020. If that’s you, get cracking! The sooner we hear from you the better your chances. Check out the submission information on the DEF CON website and get at us. Act now - CFP Reviewers are standing by!

DEF CON China 2.0 Call for Papers!

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More DEF CON China 2 news - the Call For Papers is officially open! If you’ve got something amazing to present in Beijing this April, we’re ready to hear from you.  You’ve got until February 3, 2020 to get your proposal in to us, but sooner is better.

If you’ve got a presentation that’s worthy but needs some attention to make it across the finish line, our amazing CFP Review Board can help. Time permitting, of course.  Drop it on us five minutes before the deadline and this kind of personal attention becomes ... unlikely, so don’t let procrastination hijack your opportunity.

For speakers coming from outside of China, we provide hotel accommodations and we can offer up to $US900 toward airfare.  You can learn all the details your heart desires at We look forward to seeing what you’re working on.

DEF CON China returns!

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Some more good news for your weekend - DEF CON CHINA 2 has official dates! We'll be back in Beijing's 751 D Park Art District April 15-19, 2020! We'll be bringing new talks, trainings, and more hands-on Village experiences, and we hope we'll see you there. This will be our third event in China, and we've got big plans to make it the best yet.

If you're interested in participating at DC China 2, make sure to keep an eye on our website and social media. We'll be announcing the Calls for Content soon and we can't wait to see what you've got to share.

Join us, and spread the word.