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Demo Labs

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The #WiFiCactus is a passive wireless monitoring device that listens to 50 channels of WiFi all at the same time. The tool is also capable of capturing Bluetooth wireless data as well. This tool uses Kismet to capture the data from the each radio and aggregates them into a single searchable web interface. This tool is also capable of identifying wireless threats such as Broadpwn and Impersonation Attacks.

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More Details: Often when capturing wireless data for troubleshooting and analysis a single radio is used which leads to lots of information being missed due to the need to channel hop. The #WiFiCactus fixes this issue by integrating 50 total radios into a single device. This enables the user to cover the vast majority of the Wi-Fi spectrum. This is especially useful when there is a busy environment containing hundreds if not thousands of wireless devices. Due to the far-reaching aspect of wireless technology which is integrated into every part of our lives is important to fully understand the underlying technology. This project provides clarity into what is happening in the air waves around us and demonstrates the need for encryption. Additionally this project has integrated monitoring for Bluetooth as well. Devices used in the #WiFiCactus are Hak5 Pineapple Tetras but a similar project can be accomplished using any Linux compatible radios. This project uses the open source Kismet software to capture and store the data.

d4rkm4tter is a mad scientist who likes to hack hardware and software. He is particularly obsessed with wireless. He has a degree in computer science which he has put to use building and breaking a wide variety of systems.