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DEF CON 28 Hacking Conference



DEF CON 28 Safe Mode Badge

DEF CON Safe Mode glitch smiley Logo image

The DEF CON Safe Mode badge is here! This year’s model is created by the inimitable LostboY, veteran DEF CON badge and Mystery Challenge creator. While the physical format may be unfamiliar to the youngest among you, seasoned players will recognize it as a ‘cassette tape’ - an analog recording format consisting of a ribbon of magnetic tape and a plastic housing to keep your dirty fingers away from said tape.

According to 1o57, “we had to produce something that was born out of the swirling storm all around us. As always puzzles, games, riddles and magic are a part of the process- and I hope that people work together, even as we sit in quarantines, isolation and such. The badge challenge is meant to be enjoyable focus, even if just for a moment.”

Get yourself one. In addition to the challenges hidden within, It’s full of music that will give you a warm DEF CON glow, just in time for the Main event August 6-9. Thanks to everyone for your support and love as we navigate this strange year together.

Item contains:

  • ‘Cassette Tape’ - analog recording format developed in the 1960s consisting of magnetic tape and plastic housing.
  • Music - an art form and cultural activity whose primary medium is sound.
  • Challenge - a rabbithole of swirling mystery created by the inimitable LostboY for you to solve, ideally with other attendees of DEF CON Safe Mode.
  • Liner notes Printed Program.
  • Love - our gratitude and appreciation of your support of DEF CON as we navigate this strange year together. DEF CON loves you.
  • Lanyard - a lanyard. duh.