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DEF CON 28 Hacking Conference



Nikita Kronenberg

(aka Niki7a)

DEF CON, Director of Content & Coordination. Wife & Mom. Chicken Soup repairwoman. SecurityTribe. ☠🦄🌈🤓 Into: hacks 💡 snacks 🌮 shellacs 💅🏻

Twitter: @niki7a

Affiliations: The Tribe, DC509.2 @WenatcheeHackrs

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(aka unknown (but we're working on getting him one))

A jack of few trades and master of none.

Affiliations: unknown

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(aka ashmastaflash)

Makes some things, breaks other things. Aspiring commit log poet.

Twitter: @ashmastaflash


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Pete Teoh

(aka CyberSulu)

Does stuff with certificates (not gift certificates), travels a lot, and has a gay agenda.

Twitter: @CyberSulu

Affiliations: Google

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John Fulmer

(aka DaKahuna)

DaKahuna is living proof that alcohol is a preservative

Twitter: @DaKahuna2007

Affiliations: The Tribe, NoVA Hackers, 303, Shellback, Goat Locker

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Dino Covotsos

(aka Dino , Undisclosed)

Proud South African hacker, Founder of Telspace Systems and paying it forward one day at a time

Affiliations: DC2711, TS

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Seth Van Ommen

(aka Beaker, SethOps, The Swordofomen)

Hi Mom!

Twitter: @swordofomen

Affiliations: The Tribe, LHC

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Cindy Jones

(aka SinderzNAshes, Jumper (to some))

Sinderz is an unabashed meat-eating, side-eye winding, velociraptor who enjoys late evening walks on the beach

Twitter: @SinderzNAshes

Affiliations: Bouncy Houses Around the World

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Magen Wu

(aka Tottenkoph, Tottie)

Tottenkoph is an A.I. that overuses exclamation points in text-based comms and thinks the perfect date is April 25th.

Twitter: @magen_wu

Affiliations: The Tribe, The Urbane Collective

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(aka effffn)

DEF CON NOC lead, drunk panda herding, beer geeking and running.

Twitter: @effffn

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Chris Gates

(aka carnal0wnage)

It's on LinkedIn if you actually care

Twitter: @carnal0wnage

Affiliations: NoVAHackers

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(aka Ninja Pl4gue)

Suggy is the type of Fornite player, that other Fortnite players hate, scoring a coverted Victory Royale with ZERO kills by hiding under a tree. "Talentless Default", "An Embarassment" and "Jammy #@$&@%*!" are just some of the things his Fornite critics have called him.

Twitter: @5uggy

Affiliations: You might find Suggy at the DEF CON 4x5k or hiding under a tree

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(aka Claviger, FishSupreme)


Twitter: @fishsupreme

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dead addict

(aka Eli)

dead addict isn't a good enough human being to be self-deprecating in his bio

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(aka Tom, The Rainbow King)

HighWiz is the fabled Man on the Mountain whom people seek to gain a taste of his forbidden knowledge.

Twitter: @HighWiz

Affiliations: The Tribe, GH, QC, LHC

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(aka w0nk, z00mie)

angry that everyone is peeing in the pool and bragging how big their bladder is

Twitter: @Jason_Healey

Affiliations: SIPA, Atlantic Council

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malware unicorn

(aka Amanda Rousseau)

Likes reversing and developing malware. Blue team to red team convert. Pursues making free content for the community.

Twitter: @malwareunicorn

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Tim McGuffin

(aka Medic)

tries to keep his head low. takes things apart and can sometimes put them back together.

Twitter: @NotMedic

Affiliations: The Tribe

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(aka pwcrack)

I speak one. 1-0-1-0-0. With that I could steal your money, your secrets, your sexual fantasies, your whole life. In any country, any time, any place I want. We multitask like you breathe. I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried.

Twitter: @pwcrack

Affiliations: Speaker Ops, NoVaHackers, Unallocated Space

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Erin Jacobs

(aka SecBarbie)

To strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you to follow a rainbow to its end... and thus make your travel dreams come true

Twitter: @SecBarbie

Affiliations: Scotch and Bubbles, 312, EFS, The Urbane Collective, Hacker Campers

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(aka Alex, Scruffy)

Penetrates all networks equally and deeply

Twitter: @ShaggyMcG

Affiliations: The Tribe, 303

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(aka Snow)

Ils gekauft esso. Niesamowite! Перший de la pior выступления arasında mon Werdegang e one ніколи îndoit eso para ikinci. Comment könnte io możliwie бути așteptat a lidar com школа üzerinde une Tag piace to? Це este mi nono больной gün ce Semester. Congratulazioni, Kolejny ключ Șapte Seis Zero Семь Sıfır Six Sieben quattro Dwa П'ять

Twitter: @_sn0ww

Affiliations: DC801, Cookie Monstah Crew, BSidesGitmo, Sour Cream Donuts, Parrot Pack, Alcatraz Swim Team, Dirty Mike and the Boys

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(aka bcrypt, azuki)

web/browser hacker, CISO at Brave Software, former Staff Technologist at EFF, occasionally DJ Azuki

Twitter: @bcrypt

Affiliations: ur mom

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Zack Fasel

(aka zfasel)

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Twitter: @zfasel

Affiliations: Scotch and Bubbles, 312, EFS, The Urbane Collective, Hacker Campers

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(aka The Hoff, Dr. Weird)

International man of mystery

Affiliations: Eep ook ork ah ah

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