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DEF CON 28 Hacking Conference



Human Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Update 20200801v1726

Q: What Does DEF CON Safe Mode Cost?

A: There are two different ways to participate in DEF CON Safe Mode: Human and Human Plus. This year is different than in-person because Safe Mode is both free and on-line, and there are no required badges to attend, but we still have expenses. Some people have approached us wanting to financially help support Safe Mode and we have come up with something they can buy and something we can give them in return. We have a "Human Plus" role and grant it different permissions for those who support Safe Mode with a $20 payment to our PayPal. Find out more here:

Q: What is the DEF CON Discord Server signup link?


Q: Where is the schedule posted?


Q: What platforms are being used and for what?

A: The Official DEF CON Discord server is where all of the social aspects of DEF CON will take place. Villages, CTFs, Contents, Events, Music, and more.

DEF CON official presentations will be pre-recorded, each full day of talks will be pre-released online at midnight PDT (GMT -7) (GMT-7), as a torrent on and on our official YouTube. The official schedule includes special live-streamed Q&A sessions for each talk, as well as additional fireside lounges and panels. These sessions will be streamed on Twitch at

All discussions and attendee-to-speaker participation will be on the DEF CON Safe Mode Discord Server:

Q: Where can I ask questions about the con?

A: In Discord, go to the #infobooth channel and ask your question! You can also email If you have a question not answered here you can email Info(at)defcon(d0t)org, we will connect you with the right team, but during the con it could be a few days before we reply. You're better of contacting an #infobooth goon.

Q: I’m having a problem with a participant/staff or want to report rule violations or other things, and I want to report it privately to staff.

A: In Discord, go to the report-a-violation- channel under the “INFO / NEWS” category and follow the instructions.

Q: What's # linecon?

A: Think of it like the hotel lobby but where everyone has been waiting to get their badges to be let into DEF CON. During DEF CON in Las Vegas, there is a longstanding tradition of early risers camping in line as early as three days before doors open, parties happen, pizza's are delivered, beachballs are bounced. Roughly around 3,000 users are currently "the first in line" before we have even officially opened the server.

Q: What is {INSERT_STRING_HERE} Village about?

A: Every village has a theme and new villages are added almost every year. You can find a list of all official villages at the DEF CON Forums:

Q: Can I hack Discord?

A: The answer actually is yes, through their bug bounty program. Check it out here:

Q: How do I stop my Discord app from beeping?

A: "Discord beeping can be stopped by changing the server notification settings. On the DEFCON server dropdown menu, select " Notification Settings", from there make sure that 'Only @mentions' are enabled. You can also select to change the settings for individual channels as well. After you do that you should only get a beep when someone mentions you."

Q: Why is Discord requesting to monitor keystrokes?

A: Please read the article discussing this here:

Q: Why is my webcam not working with Discord?

A: There is an article that should be able to help you troubleshoot here:

Q: I can't see reactions, how do I turn them back on?

A: User Settings > Text & Images > Show emoji reactions on messages.

Q: I want to buy some stuff from the eBay store / I have bought some stuff from the eBay store / Where can I get more info about eBay orders or shipping?

A: Anyone with any eBay related items needs to contact DEF CON via eBay.

Q: Why can't I change my nickname?

A: You CAN! Nickname changes are an added feature with Human Plus ($20): Same as Human with these additional permissions: You get a different role name to show you have supported Safe Mode, the ability to post pictures and embed links, you can use external emoji, you have the ability to change your nickname, join some Human Plus chill out rooms, and to engage with voice and video in the rooms that support it.

Is there a place friends of Bill W. can meet?

Hackers in Recovery & Friends of Bill W., Join the unofficial DC28 Friends of Bill W. discord server.