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DEF CON 28 Hacking Conference



Here is a handy guide to get you familiar with Discord and the DEF CON Discord in particular, in preparation for DEF CON 28 Safe Mode!

Step 0

Human Intro

Welcome to DEF CON Safe Mode!

The social aspect of DEF CON this year will occur within the Official DEF CON Discord server.

We have set up the digital experience for you to be as similar to the IRL experience (there is even a “linecon” chat channel).

Since we can’t be in Vegas together, we can at least be “hacking at home together”.

Things like Villages, Contests & Events, Arts & Entertainment all have their own social areas. Within these areas, there are separate channels for various things, like CTFs, chat, broadcasting, contests, workshops, etc.

Just like usual, there are Discord Goons, and we have added additional Moderators. Both will help keep things working smoothly and assist as needed.

Next Steps:
To get started, you will need to “Create a Discord Account
If you already have a Discord account, you will need to “Join The Server

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Step 1

Create a Discord Account

If you want to be social, you need to create a Discord account

Step 1: From you will want to go to the ‘Login’ page.

Discord sign in image
Click “Register” if you do not already have an account.

Discord create account image
Enter your details and continue.

Step 2: Verify your email address so you can interact with the server Until you verify your email, you will not be able to chat or interact with the server.

Please verify your email now.

We are sure you’ve done this 10000000 times, but we want to make sure it’s clear...

Go to your email and look for an email called “Verify Email Address for Discord”

The body of the message will look something like this:

Discord Verification email image
Click the “Verify Email” button.

You should see:

Discord Verification alert image
You’re all set! Continue to Discord and welcome to DEF CON!

Next Steps:
Now that you have an account, you need to join the DEF CON Discord server

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Step 2

Join the DEF CON Discord Server

Available Discord Clients

You have multiple options for accessing Discord.

You can Install a native client (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) or you can use the no-download web client.

Installation Guides are available here: (

Setting up Discord

The basic steps after creating an account are:

  1. (if you have not already) install a client or login on the website - Installation Guide
  2. Join the DEF CON Discord Server
  3. Verify your login with the CAPTCHA
  4. Customize your account
  5. Start interacting with the server!

Full instructions from Discord are available here:

There are different instructions for joining if you already have an account or do not already have an account.

Joining From a Discord Client

You must be logged into Discord to join the DEF CON server.
To join the DEF CON Discord server, click the "+" icon at the very bottom of the server list in the bar on the far left.

Discord Add a Server image

Then, click “Join a server” on the right:
Discord Join a Server image
Discord Join a Server image
Paste the DEF CON server link and press Join:
DEF CON Server Link:

If the invite link does not work, please check out this guide.

If You Just Created Your Discord Account on the Web

If you want to use the web client rather than downloading a native app, then after you create your account, you will see this:

Discord Create a server dialog image
At the very bottom of this dialog box where it says “Have an invite already?”, click “Join a friend on Discord”

You will then see this:

Discord Discord join a server by invite dialog image
Paste the DEF CON server link and press Join.
DEF CON Server Link:

If the invite link does not work, please check out this guide.

This next step is VERY important. If you do not do this, you will be booted off the server

You must now complete the recaptcha within a timely manner

Once you join the server, you MUST review the instructions shown upon joining and complete the CAPTCHA.

Do not start clicking around and looking at channels and stuff. Do the CAPTCHA first!!!

When you first join the server, you will see a window that looks a bit like this:

Discord first look dialog image

You will receive a customized message that will say:

Discord Discord join bot message image

Now, you need to click on the Direct Message (DM) that was just sent to you.

You can find this and all new DMs in the upper left corner of your screen.

It will look like this:

Discord new DM image

Click the icon with a “1” on it - this is a DM from one of the Bots that help run the Discord server.
Discord Discord boticon image

After clicking on the DM, your screen will look like this:
Discord verify message screen image

And the message will contain a UNIQUE link for you and you only. DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK.

Discord are you a bot? image
Click the link.

You will get a pop-up that says:
Discord link destination warning image

Click “Yep!”

You will be directed to that URL in your browser.

Review the RULES. These are very important.

Scroll down as you read the RULES and then click the CAPTCHA and then the “Continue” button:
Discord accept rules and recaptcha image

You will see:
Discord success image

Close the browser window and return to the Discord Website or the Discord Client program.

When you return to the Discord client window, you will still be in the DM with

You will need to click on the “DEF CON SAFE MODE” icon on the top left side of your window to enter DEF CON!

Discord servers icons image

Click on this:
Discord DEF CON server logo image


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