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DEF CON Hacking Conference

DEF CON 1 Archive

Was June 9-11, 1993 at the Sands Hotel & Casino
(Since Blown-up)

Speakers & Presentations

Ray Kaplan

To Hack or Not to Hack, That Is Not The Question

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Judi Clark

Computer Privacy, 1st Ammendment, Gender Roles and Discrimination

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Dan Farmer

Sun Microsystems: Future Developements In UNIX Security Software, General Q&A on UNIX security. Announcement of his idea for SATAN

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Gail Thackeray

Hear it! (Talk, Q&A)

Mark Ludwig

Virus Developements and Concerns

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Dead Addict

The Future of the Underground. In light of the "new" internet, windows, and networking, what is the scene coming to?

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Curtis Karnow

The Law, and It's Intersection with Virtual Reality, and Liability in "Simulated" Environments and Worlds

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