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DEF CON Hacking Conference

DEF CON 5 Archive

Speakers & Presentations


Cult of the Dead Cow

Live performance and drink creation with Swamp Rat, Deth Veggie, Lady Carolyn, A.J., and an unidentified "herd."

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Voice of Murcury

Live pirate radio update and announcement.

Their Homepage!

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The Capture the Flag Contest and beer updated

Hear it! m4b audio (Beer Contest Update) (CTF Results and Closing Ceremonies)

Bruce Schneier

Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks

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Mudge & Hobbit

The system administrator from the L0pht and the author of netcat in action!

Watch Mudge and Hobbit explain why CIFS is a load of CACA, random SMB CIFS stuff in Microsoft products, and all you ever wanted to know about cracking passwords.

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An Overview and Explanation of Publically Available Crypto-tools

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Sameer Parekh

Why Cryptography is Harder Than it Looks, Part two

A look at implementation and production problems facing people and companies wishing to develope and distribute strong encryption.

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What the Feds Think of us Hackers.

In his experience talking with federal agents Se7en has gained an understanding of the perception hackers have in the government and industy. [NOTE: Se7en has since been found out to be full of crap]

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Ken Kumasawa

Teledesign Management - Phreaking in the 90s - The perspective from the industry.

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Dan Veeneman

Low Earth Orbit Satellites

are nearing the launch stage, and this talk will cover the different systems that are planned and some of the services they'll offer. A bit on GPS that wasn't covered last year as well as the ever popular question and answer section.

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Ira Winkler

Lamer Test

Ira contends that there is so much lameness among hackers that even an eliteness of 10% would be amazing. Take his Lamer Test and see if you pass!

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From the Hacker Jeopardy winning team. He will discuss Issues with Security and Networked Object Systems, looking at some of the recent security issues found with activeX and detail some of the potentials and problems with network objects. Topics will include development of objects, distributed objects, standards, ActiveX, corba, and hacking objects.

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Packet Sniffing

He will define the idea, explain everything from 802.2 frames down to the TCP datagram, and explain the mechanisms (NIT, bpf) that different platforms provide to allow the hack

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