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DEF CON Hacking Conference

DEF CON 6 Archive

was held July 31-August 2, 1998 at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

Speakers & Presentations

The L0pht

The L0pht's TCP/IP Drinking Game

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Secret Scientology Update

(Only Partial amount was recorded)

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The "Who Are You Anyway?" Social engineering contest rules, and review

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Capture the Flag III

- Check out the rules.
Here is a CTF update Hear it! (m4b Audio)

Winn Schwartau

Hacker Jeopardy

[Friday] Questions Hear it! (m4b Audio)
[Saturday] Questions Hear it! (m4b Audio)

Richard Thieme

The More Things Change The More They Don't: Soft Destruction and the Ancient Wisdom of Hacking

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Bruce Schneier

Tradecraft on Public Networks

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Ian Goldberg

Cryptanalysis of the GSM Identification Algorithm

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Jennifer Granick

A Review of Several Major Computer Crime Cases from the Past Year or Two

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Ira Winkler

As I have often said, most hackers display skills that can be picked up by a monkey in a few hours. Hacking is mindless the way the clear majority of hackers seem to be practicing it.  In this presentation, you will learn tasks that require real technical skills and abilities

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Cult of the Dead Cow: The announcement of Back Orfice, DirectXploit, and the modular ButtPlugins for BO

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Mike Peros

Massive Illegal Wiretapping Exposed

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Winn Schwartau

Introducing the Time Based Security Model and Applying Military Strategies to Network and Infrastructural Securitues

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Paul Kocher

Designer of the EPIC DES Cracker

The Designing and Production of the First Dedicated DES Cracker

Their Homepage! Hear it! (m4b Audio)

Austin Hill & Ian Goldberg

Zero-Knowledge Systems will release the First Complete Internet Privacy Utility for Consumers in September 1998.

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John Q. Newman
Author of many papertripping books

The Lastest in Paper Tripping, False Identity, and How to REALLY Not Be Found

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Dan Veeneman Writer & Communications Consultant

Future & Existing Satellite Systems

Several low earth orbiting satellite systems are already in orbit, and commercial service is just around the corner. Global wireless voice and data services will be available from handheld terminals.

Their Homepage! Their Notes!  Hear it! (m4b Audio)

Peter Shipley

An Overview of a 2 year Effort in Massive Multi-modem Wardialing

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Security Panel
Members include Brian Martin, Gale Katz, Route, Ejovi Nuwere, Mudge, Alhambra, *hobbit*, and Anthony Eufemio

Securing Distributed Systems [ Panel Discussion ]
Q&A on intrusion detection (ID) system, NOS, protocol and security utilities.

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Super Dave of the DoC

Copyright vs. Freedom of Speech

As policy and the economics of a world wide economy force us to attempt an information based economy, the manufactured concept of Intellectual Property becomes paramount.

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