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Call for Papers Privacy Policy

Call for Papers Privacy Policy

When you submit your Call for Papers to DEF CON it gets routed to several places along its path to being accepted or rejected. Here is how it gets disseminated:

Submission of CFP:

When you email in your submission to DEF CON you have the option of encrypting it with the DEF CON PGP key, or not. Regardless of what you choose, the DEF CON mail server supports SMTP-TLS as well as DANE TLA records for protection of data in motion.

Reception of CFP:

We receive your email on our own dedicated server, and it gets forwarded to DEF CON employees for processing. Your CFP has your email address and phone number removed before it is posted to the CFP review system.

Review of CFP:

Once posted to the CFP review system all members of the CFP review board can read and comment on it, but only DEF CON staff will contact you with any questions the board may have.

Once Accepted or Rejected:

If your submission is accepted or rejected, you will be notified by email with the reasons why. Hopefully this will help you with future submissions. Accepted submissions get collated and sent on to the Speaker Goon department.

Speaker Goon Department:

The Speaker department will get a copy of all the speakers that have been accepted including your email and contact phone number right before the con. They will use your supplied phone number or email to contact you about any special speaker events such as parties, to track you down if you have been requested by the press for an interview, or if we need to find you before your talk, etc. This list is held by only two Speaker Goons, the department leader and their #1.

Speaker Check In:

When you arrive at DEF CON and are checking in to pick up your badge you will need to identify yourself, some form of ID or a per-arranged codeword will work. We don't record any details from your ID. The check-in team will have your name, but not your email address or phone number. Grab your badge and away you go!

DEF CON does not sell or share your information with anyone outside of DEF CON staff or the Review Board. If we catch anyone misusing this personal information we will take immediate action to protect it.

- The Dark Tangent