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DEF CON Hacking Conference


DEF CON Hackers With Disabilities HDA team

The purpose of the Hackers With Disabilities HDA team is to make the DEF CON experience the best it can be within the scope and ability of the DEF CON staff. All persons with disabilities regardless of the severity, visibility, permanence or any other factor of their disability are to be treated with dignity and respect as per the DEF CON code of conduct. Under no circumstances will harassment be tolerated. Please report any instances of harassment, abuse or other out of line behavior to the DEF CON info booth, any DEF CON staff in red shirts, or hotel resources you feel most comfortable with.

At any time any attendee may approach a DEF CON Goon, HDA team or hotel staff member for assistance.

Each year the HDA team will make available an information kit that is available on line and in a downloadable format containing policies, maps, facility points of contact, and suggestions for attendees with accessibility needs. While we strive to make this complete and comprehensive please understand that with a convention of this size changes can and will be made constantly and the HDA team will do their best to keep attendees.

For DEF CON 30 Hackers With Disabilities (HDA) information please see the thread here:


DEF CON and DEF CON HDA provide assistance on a best effort basis, however we cannot control the policies of the hotels, convention centers, or provide assistance outside of our areas of responsibility.

All official DEF CON hotels are ADA accessible and have staff available to assist attendees before and during the convention. Registered service animals are welcomed by all hotels, and relief areas are provided. These areas are marked on the HDA maps. If you require assistance with hotel issues you may contact any DEF CON Goon, the DEF CON information desk, or the appropriate point of contact for the hotel.

Please keep in mind that each hotel has their own policies concerning the provision and use of ADA assistive equipment such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs and other devices. Please check with a representative of the hotel where you are staying if you need to rent or otherwise acquire mobility devices. If you are bringing your own devices or need to arrange rental of a device please contact your hotel for up to date information on their policies and partnerships with local rental agencies.


All official DEF CON hotels maintain the ADA compliance of their convention centers. The DEF CON HDA team works with them in order to ensure that DEF CON events are planned around accessibility before the convention and patrol the convention areas during the convention to provide assistance and make any changes needed.

  • Speaking rooms, villages and other events will have clearly marked HDA reserved seating.
  • All official DEF CON speaking tracks have live transcription based captioning. DEF CON presentations in English, therefore the transcription text is in English.
  • In any of the convention areas persons with mobility scooters or other electronic devices to assist them may use any available wall outlet to recharge their assistive devices in a safe and reasonable manner. It is asked and expected of all attendees to give priority to people with accessibility devices to outlets.
  • During the convention there will be lines for registration, badges, and other events. Any attendee with accessibility needs may proceed to the front of any line with a goon for assistance. It is asked and expected of all attendees to be respectful of this.
  • If an attendee has a personal assistant to assist them around the convention please speak to a member of the DEF CON HDA staff for assistance with badge registration.
  • If you see an issue that is making accessibility difficult for an attendee please notify any DEF CON Goon, or hotel staff member for assistance.