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DEF CON Hacking Conference

Transparency Report

DEF CON Conference Transparency Report

Since DEF CON 25, we have started to share a summary of incidents we are aware of that happened at the convention for a given year.

My hope is that by doing this DEF CON will encourage other conventions to duplicate this reporting and share their data so collectivly we can shed some light on the challenge we face in creating more safe and inclusive events.

- The Dark Tangent

Post DEF CON 29

(Updates between DC 29 and DC 30) Transparency Report

(2022 Feb 9)

  1. We received multiple CoC violation reports about a DEF CON Village leader, Chris Hadnagy of the SE Village. After conversations with the reporting parties and Chris, we are confident the severity of the transgressions merits a ban from DEF CON.
  2. We have also taken the rare action to disband the DEF CON Group DCG414. Code of Conduct violations by the group's primary Point of Contact and subsequent mishandling of the event left us without confidence in the group’s leadership.


(2021 August 5-8) Transparency Report
From our [closing ceremony] transparency report announcement:

DEF CON 29 – Virtual

Of 95,562+ total messages the moderation team deleted 127 (0.13%)
We received 30 reports via “Report-a-violation feature.”

Across the 34,321+ accounts on the DEF CON Discord, the moderation team:
* Warned 45 users (0.05%)
* Temporarily Muted 50 users (0.05%)
* Kicked 7 users (0.02%)
* Banned 6 users (0.017%)

DEF CON 29 - Physical

Medical & Health:
7 medical emergencies 4 requiring EMTs
4 mental health issues requiring specialist support
[we noticed a significant number of attendees struggling this year and asked the community to have each others backs]

Menstrual Products
Now Provided in all convention area restrooms, regardless of gender.
Estimated 850+ of these were distributed

Policy & Conduct
1 lost passport
3 photo policy violations
3 suspicious packages
2 people removed for not masking
Approx 25 turned away for not being vaccinated
2 removed by security from Vaccination check



Estimated number of people : 30k+
Announced at closing ceremonies August 11, 2019

# Description
6 Harassment
1 Sexual Assault
2 Theft/Loss
3 Bans/Trespasses
2 Falling Ceiling
2 Foiled Attacks on Casino
1 Biblical Grasshopper Plague
2 Warnings Issued to Our Staff
1 Staff Member Dismissed
5 Drunk and Disorderly
5 Photo Policy Complaints
1 Media Company Ejected
1 Hotel Safety-Security Issue
1 Failed Troll Attempt/ Self Own

Support Line Stats
Available each day of the conference rom 0800-0400
Completely anonymous
Trained community volunteers

# Description
29 Total Calls
12 Code of Conduct Reports
5 Referrals to Para-Professional Counseling
1 Legal Issue
1 Person Trapped Back of House


Estimated number of people: 28,000+
Announced at closing ceremonies August 12th, 2018

# Description
3 Harassment
7 Sexual Harassment
1 Sexual Assault

7 Medical Incidents
2 Theft
3 Vandalism
1 Tresspassing
1 Falling Ceiling
1 Badge Makers Exonerated
1 Attacks On Casino Foiled
1 Dust Storms / Flash Flood
1 Other Event’s Attendees Claiming We Hacked Them
1 Warnings Issued To Our Staff

Support Line Stats
Available each day of the conference from 08:00 to 04:00
Completely anonymous
Trained community volunteers

# Description
62 Total Calls
42 General Information Calls
3 Harassment Calls
5 Sexual Harassment Calls
1 Medical Help Calls
1 Concern Over Drink Tampering


Estimated number of people: 25,000+
Announced at closing ceremonies July 30th 2017

# Description
7 Harassment reports (Code of Conduct violations) including:
2 People banned for life due to harassing women
1 Person banned for life for harassing hotel staff
1 Person fled before we could identify and ban them for harassing a woman

9 Medical incidents leading to 4 hospital transports
3 Thefts
1 Vicious Dog report
3 Adorable Dog reports
3 Vandalism to DEF CON or hotel property
2 Trespass on hotel property
2 People un-banned for life by the hotel

A DEF CON ban is a prohibition against a person or group from attending future conventions due to bad behavior. DEF CON conveys the information to the hotel and if a banned person returns they will be "trespassed" by hotel security and possibly prosecuted.

A hotel ban is a ban instituted by the hotel for bad behavior against the hotel or its interests and is outside of our control. You anger the hotel, you deal with the hotel.

Other notable bans:
DEF CON also monitors news reports and community forums for potential bad actors to exclude from our conventions, like we did with Jake Applebaum, John Draper aka Captain Crunch, and Morgan Marquis-Boire, who have all been banned.