Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Defcon Wi-Fi shootout results
Wireless tech guru and pal 'o' BoingBoing
Frank Keeney sends word of results from the annual WiFi shootout (an event at Defcon that seeks to determine just how far an 802.11 WLAN range can extend). And here are the winners, according to event organizer Dave:
3 teenagers from Ohio used Orinoco Gold 30 milliwatt USB adapters mounted on the feedpoints of two 10 foot dishes, and shot 55.1 miles. Yes, that's fifty-five point one miles! This is a new world's record for an unamplified shot! Complete details will be in a press release, which should come out in the next few days.
Link to Wi-Fi Shootout home page. Update: My Wired News colleague Kim Zetter has more here: Link

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