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LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Exhibitor Profiles

     LinuxWorld San Francisco 2004

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 2, 2004--The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo takes place August 2-5 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. For in-depth information about the event visit http://www.linuxworldexpo.com.

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Company: AMD

Ticker Symbol: AMD

Booth/Stand: Booth 647

Media Contact: Andrew Fox

Phone: 415-269-8684

E-mail: andrew.fox@amd.com

Company URL: http://www.amd.com

Press Area URL:


Product description:  

About AMD64

AMD designed the AMD64 platform to allow end users to enjoy

reliable, best-in-class performance on the 32-bit software they own

today while preparing for a seamless transition to high-performance

64-bit applications. The AMD64 architecture enables a more secure

computing environment by integrating technology that can take

advantage of advanced anti-virus features in upcoming software.

Company description:  

About AMD

AMD (NYSE:AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessors,

Flash memory devices and low-power processor solutions for the

computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is

dedicated to delivering standards-based, customer-focused solutions

for technology users, ranging from enterprises and governments to

individual consumers.

Company:  Applied Data Systems

Booth/Stand:  1442

Media Contact:  Sarah Pick

Phone:  301-490-4007 x128

Email:  spick@applieddata.net

Company URL:  http://www.applieddata.net

Press Area URL: http://www.applieddata.net/news_press.asp

Company Description: Applied Data Systems (ADS) is a leading designer

and manufacturer of "application-ready" embedded RISC-based (XScale,

ARM) systems. ADS products are characterized by their low power

consumption, small form factor, and robust functionality.

Product Description: ADS provides embedded single board computers with

scalable GNU/Linux environments ranging from full Debian down to small

ramdisk based systems. Windowing environments available include X

windows, MicroWindows and Nanox. Development tools include both GNU

cross compilers and GNU native compilers.

Company:  Aspen Systems

Booth/Stand:  442

Media Contact: Laura Steele

Phone: 303.431.4606

E-mail: lauras@aspsys.com

Company URL: http://www.aspsys.com

Press Area URL:  http://www.aspsys.com/about/news/press/

Product description: Aspen Systems provides complete, turnkey

Linux-based Beowulf cluster solutions with cluster management

software, online configurations, and unprecedented service and

support. An Aspen Systems custom Beowulf cluster delivers

supercomputing performance at an affordable price.

Company description: Aspen Systems serves the high performance

computing (HPC) industry with expertise in custom computer hardware

design, manufacturing and service of Linux-based Beowulf clusters and

cluster management software. First-class technical support and

state-of-the-art products allow Aspen Systems to create and support

the high performance solutions their customers demand. For more

information about Aspen Systems, visit their web site at


Company:  Astaro

Booth/Stand: 1663

Media Contact: Victor Cruz

Phone: 508-785-1590

E-mail: vcruz@mediapr.net

Company URL:  http://www.Astaro.com

Press Area URL:  http://www.astaro.com

Product description: Astaro Security Linux all-in-one security

solution combines a Firewall, virtual private network (VPN -

IPSec/PPTP) support, anti-virus protection (both email and HTTP),

content filtering, application-level proxies, automated updating, load

balancing, QoS and user authentication. New in Version 5 is Intrusion

Protection based upon a modified version of the Snort Open Source


Company description: Astaro provides a network security solution based

upon a hybrid of Open Source projects and proprietary solutions and

integrated to provide the widest range of innovative security

technology available in a single package: Astaro Security Linux.

Astaro's software is in use at over 20,000 networks in more than 60


Company: Avocent Corporation

Booth/Stand: 347

Media Contact: Jim Ikard

Phone: 256-430-4000

E-mail: jim.ikard@avocent.com

Company URL: http://www.avocent.com

Press Area URL: http://www.avocent.com/web/en.nsf/Content/Newsroom

Product description: Avocent KVM -- The history of Avocent innovation

includes multi-platform switching, analog matrix switching, extension

over CAT 5, PCI bus extension, patented on-screen menus, remote KVM

connectivity, digital KVM over IP connections, digital-analog

integrated access to multiple servers and wireless KVM extension.

Company Description: Avocent is the leading global provider of KVM

switching and network connectivity appliances for enterprise data

centers, service providers, and financial institutions. Avocent's

products include KVM switching, extension, remote access, and video

display solutions. Avocent's solutions are distributed by the largest

server manufacturers and installed in Fortune 100 companies around the


Company: Barracuda Networks

Booth/Stand: Rookery 2

Media Contact: Kylie Heintz

Phone: 408-342-5440

E-mail: kheintz@barracudanetworks.com

Company URL: http://www.barracudanetworks.com

Press Area URL: http://www.barracudanetworks.com/corporate_press.php

Product description: The Barracuda Spam Firewall is available in four

models and supports 1,000 to 25,000 users with no per user licensing

fees. It is easily installed in front of the email server and unlike

software solutions, it reduces the load placed on the email server by

off-loading spam and virus filtering.

Company description: Barracuda Networks is a privately held company

with headquarters in Cupertino, California. Barracuda Networks

provides a dedicated enterprise-class spam filter and virus protection

appliance that has the ease-of-use and affordability that

organizations of all size and business-type demand.

Company:  Computer Associates

Ticker Symbol:  CA

Booth/Stand:  1447

Media Contact:  Michelle Healy, 631 342 4701 or michelle.healy@ca.com

Investor Relations Contact:  Jeanne Glass, 631 342 2131 

 or jeanne.glass@ca.com

Phone:  +1 631 342 6000

E-mail:  cainfo@ca.com

Company URL:  http://ca.com/

Press Area URL:  http://www3.ca.com/press/default.asp

Product description: CA provides management software that makes it

easy to integrate, manage, and leverage Linux and open source

technologies. Our advanced solutions optimize reliability,

availability and performance while minimizing risk. We help

organizations achieve competitive advantage with Linux implementations

on x86 and mainframe architectures and through strategic deployment of

open source solutions.

Company description: Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) is a

leading worldwide provider of IT management solutions and services. CA

solutions address an extensive range of management challenges across

the full range of heterogeneous distributed and mainframe platforms

with solutions for infrastructure management, storage management,

security management, application life cycle management, data and

application development, and portal technology and business


Company:  Coraid

Booth/Stand:  690

Media Contact:  Jim Kemp

Phone:  949 412 6301

E-Mail:  Jim@coraid.com

Company URL:  http://www.coraid.com

EtherDrive Storage Blades provide Ethernet networked storage using the

Open Standard ATA-Over-Ethernet protocol. EtherDrive Storage Blades

enable a shared network of block storage that is scalable to many

Petabytes. EtherDrive with standard Ethernet switches, enables a

networked storage system with a total system cost of less than $2 per


Coraid Inc. was founded in 2000 and it designs, manufactures, and

sells innovative storage appliances designed to make networked storage

simpler and more affordable. Coraid is a strong proponent of the Open

Source movement and its products currently target the networked

storage needs of the Linux and Open Source Servers.

Company: Covalent Technologies

Booth/Stand: 1384

Media Contact: Mark Brewer

Phone: 415.856.4234

E-mail: mbrewer@covalent.net

Company URL: http://www.covalent.net

Press Area URL: http://www.covalent.net/about/press_releases.html

Product Description: Covalent Enterprise Ready Server (ERS) offers the

flexibility of open-source Apache, plus the reliability and support of

Covalent expertise. Covalent has developed ERS for mission-critical

Web sites and enterprise environments by including key features and

functionality necessary for Apache to meet the demands of high-end Web


ERS includes the complete binary for Apache 1.3 & Apache 2.0, Tomcat

4.x & 5.x Java servers, Covalent FTP, Covalent Authentication,

Covalent SSL, mod_ssl, mod_proxy, SNMP, PHP, and mod_Perl.

Company Description: Covalent is the leader in products and services

for Apache, the world's leading Web server, and the only source of

full commercial support for the Apache Web server.

Covalent has assembled the deepest talent pool of Apache experts in

the industry. Through Covalent's products and services, Apache users

receive all the flexibility and benefits of open source, with the

support and reliability of a commercial enterprise fully dedicated to


Company:  Dice.com

Booth/Stand:  1374

Media Contact: Susan Simcox

Phone: 515-313-2054

E-mail: susans@dice.com

Company URL: http://www.dice.com

Press Area URL: 


Product Description: Dice -- Look to the tech leader first. Dice is

the largest nationwide job board for technology professionals. At Dice

we limit our listings to tech jobs-and then advertise the Dice site

extensively to drive qualified job seekers to our site! The result?

Your jobs receive nationwide exposure and your jobs are filled quickly

by qualified candidates.

Company Description: Looking for a job in technology? Dice is the

nation's #1-ranked job board exclusively designed for technology

professionals. Dice lists over 50,000 jobs. It's fast, easy and free!

Thousands of tech professionals use Dice to find their next job. Go to

www.dice.com and find out why! "Look to the tech leader first" (TM)

Company: Emic Networks

Booth/Stand:    1381

Media Contact: Mary Lynn Heath

Investor Relations Contact: Eero Teerikorpi

Phone: (408) 998-7878

Email: eero.teerikorpi@applicationcluster.com

Company URL: http://www.emicnetworks.com

Press Area URL: http://www.emicnetworks.com/news/index.html

Product Description: Emic Application Cluster (EAC) is an innovative

and cost effective software clustering solution for cornerstone open

source business applications. EAC offers a complete suite of

high-availability, performance scalability, load-balancing and

single-point manageability services for open source 3-tier

applications (database, application server, web server).

Company Description: Emic Networks provides an innovative, advanced

and cost effective software clustering solution for cornerstone open

source business applications. Emic is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

For more information, please visit www.emicnetworks.com.

Company: Equinox Systems

Booth: 349

Media Contact: Chruck Pheterson

Phone: 954-746-9000

E-mail: chuck.pheterson@equinox.com

URL: http://www.equinox.com

Press Area URL: http://www.equinox.com/news/

Product description: Equinox 8-port, CM840 and 16-port, CCM1640

console management products provide secure in-band and out-of-band

connections to console ports of servers and serially managed devices

such as network hubs and routers. Console management features such as

offline history buffering and hardware break suppression distinguish

the CCM console manager from simplistic terminal servers, which are

often misused for this purpose.

Company Description: Equinox Systems, Inc., an Avocent Company, is the

leading serial connectivity provider of high-speed serial

communications and port management. Serial connectivity products

deliver flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions for a wide

variety of applications. The Equinox award-winning SuperSerial

Technology (SST) product line offers connectivity built to last and

easy to manage with management software that is included with every

Equinox product.

Company:  Electric Cloud, Inc.

Booth/Stand:  Rookery 1

Media Contact:  Peter Evers, pevers@double-forte.com, 510-601-8700

Investor Relations Contact:  info@electric-cloud.com

Phone:  650-968-2950

E-mail:  info@electric-cloud.com

Company URL:  http://www.electric-cloud.com

Press Area URL:  http://www.electric-cloud.com/news/

Product description: Electric Cloud's distributed build technology

uses clusters of inexpensive servers to run builds in parallel. It

performs on-the-fly dependency analysis to allow maximum parallelism

while still producing correct builds. We are seeing 5-20x speedups

across a variety of software projects. Electric Cloud plugs seamlessly

into existing Make-based build infrastructures.

Company description: Electric Cloud provides enterprise-class software

that accelerates the software build process. Electric Cloud transforms

inexpensive servers into highly scalable clusters that speed up build

times 5 to 20x. A four hour build finishes in thirteen minutes! With

Electric Cloud, development teams can cut costs and time-to-market

while improving product quality.

Company: Franz Inc.

Booth/Stand: 1667

Media Contact: Dr. Schen-Chuan Wu

Investor Relations Contact: Joe Coleman

Phone: 510-452-2000

E-mail: info@franz.com

Company URL: http://www.franz.com

Press Area URL: http://www.franz.com/about/press_room/

Product Description: The new Allegro CL version 7.0 features a fast

SAX-based XML parser and a CLOS-based Prolog compiler for parsing and

reasoning over complex data, SOAP and WSDL API's for accessing Web

Services over the net programmatically, and high-performance direct

interfaces to Oracle and MySQL.

Company Description: Franz Inc., based in Oakland, California, is the

leading vendor of dynamic object-oriented development tools featuring

Allegro Common Lisp and Common Lisp Object System (CLOS). Founded in

1984 and privately held, Franz Inc. attains many Fortune 500

customers, and has demonstrated consistent growth and profitability

since its inception.

Company: Gelato

Booth/Stand: 167

Media Contact: Nan Holda

Phone: 217-265-0947

E-mail: nan@gelato.org

Company URL: http://www.gelato.org

Press Area URL: http://www.gelato.org/about/federation/news.php

Company description: Gelato is the global research community dedicated

to advancing the Linux Itanium platform through collaborative

relationships targeting real-world problems and solutions. Much of

Gelato's work is conducted through www.gelato.org, which features

technical content, including a discussion forum and downloadable

software. Gelato.org is open to all contributors and those seeking

computing solutions.

Company: Gupta Technologies, LLC

Booth: 473

Media Contact: Kristie Wells

Phone: 650-596-4387

E-mail: kristie.wells@guptaworldwide.com

Company URL: http://www.guptaworldwide.com

Product Description: SQLBase(R) is a fully relational, embeddable and

scalable database with a self-recovering, maintenance free

architecture designed for ISV's. Team Developer(tm) allows you to

develop rich-client to N-Tier and Web based solutions. The

architecture dramatically shortens the development cycle, providing

the ability to quickly design, develop and deploy their Linux


Company Description: GUPTA Technologies

(http://www.guptaworldwide.com/) is a world leader in software

development and data management solutions serving a global network of

over 10,000 developers. For true cross platform development of Linux

or MS Windows based applications, GUPTA's award winning SQLBase(R) and

Team Developer(tm) are the answer to rapid development and cost

effective solutions.

Company:  Immunix, Inc.

Booth: 1290

Media Contact: Rebekah Mitchell

Phone: 415-923-9019

E-mail: rebekah@rmcommunications.com

Company URL: http://www.immunix.com

Press Kit URL: 


Immunix introduces a graphical user interface for the Immunix

SubDomain Host Application Security Suite, developed using the

powerful YaST SDK. The new YaST interface, which extends the YaST GUI

shipped with SUSE LINUX, simplifies the development, administration

and management of Linux security for users by providing a

point-and-click console.

Immunix is a leading provider of Linux Application Security solutions.

Using patent-pending technology originally developed in conjunction

with DARPA and proven at DEFCON, the world's toughest hacker

convention, Immunix security technology addresses the problem of

vulnerable Linux OS and application software, and provides enterprises

and service providers with unprecedented security.

Company:  Jamcracker, Inc.

Booth/Stand:  R11

Media Contact:  Brent Arslaner

Phone:  408-496-5500

Company URL: http://www.jamcracker.com

The Jamcracker Pivot Path On Demand Delivery Platform addresses the

complexity of managing users and services in On Demand environments.

The solution was built over the last four years leveraging the

expertise Jamcracker has gained from running a successful managed

service business for over one hundred customers and tens of thousands

of users. Pivot Path manages the full lifecycle of applications and

users from initial deployment, through continual operational changes,

to the eventual retirement of users and applications.

Company: Kerio Technologies, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 673

Media Contact:  Michelle Buckner

Investor Relations Contact:  Dusan Vitek

Phone: (408) 496-4500

E-mail: info@kerio.com

Company URL: http://www.kerio.com

Press Area URL: http://www.kerio.com/press_center.html

Product Description: Kerio MailServer is a messaging and collaboration

server that provides powerful protection against viruses and spam, and

delivers secure access to e-mail. A true groupware replacement for

Microsoft Exchange, Kerio MailServer is ideally suited for small and

medium sized companies, providing WebMail or Microsoft Outlook and

Entourage native e-mail access.

Company Description: Founded in 2001, Kerio Technologies Inc.

(www.kerio.com) is a major provider of Internet security software for

small to medium sized networks, specializing in network and desktop

firewalls and secure workgroup-messaging systems. Kerio's corporate

headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California, with offices in

Great Britain and the Czech Republic.

Company:                Lakeview Technology Inc.

Booth/Stand:                788

Media Contact:                Kristiina Ellam

Phone:                        630-282-8385

E-mail:                        ellamk@lakeviewtech.com

Press Area URL:        http://lakeviewtech.com/pressroom/index.asp

Product descriptions:

HA Clusters

H.A. Clusters is a powerful high availability solution that monitors

server hardware and application software, detects failure,

automatically initiates recovery and restarts multiple failed

services. It provides software fault detection and heartbeat

monitoring technology for all servers sharing the same disk subsystem,

and runs on Linux, UNIX, Windows and Apple OSx operating systems.

H.A. EchoStream

H.A. EchoStream provides automatic backup and restore through

real-time replication of files and database transactions. It runs on

servers, internal storage devices, Network Attached Storage devices,

Storage Area Networks or arrays running Java virtual machine under

Java 1.2.2 or higher. It runs on Linux, UNIX, Windows and Apple

Macintosh operating systems.

MIMIX(R) replicate1

MIMIX replicate1 provides fast access to data for critical data

warehousing, eCommerce, Business Intelligence and Web integration

decisions. It automates changed-data replication across the most

relational databases, including Informix, DB2 UDB, Oracle, Sybase and

SQL Server. Its graphical interface enables uncomplicated design,

implementation, management and monitoring of enterprise data movement.

Company description:

Lakeview Technology, a leader in infrastructure software and services,

specializes in High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Clustering and

Data Replication. Lakeview's solutions enhance the information

enterprise by making information highly available and accessible.

Supporting OS/400(R), Windows(R), UNIX(R) and Linux(R), Lakeview

offers a single vendor who simplifies IT infrastructure complexity.

http://www.lakeviewtech.com 630-282-8100.

Company: LinuxQuestions.org

Booth/Stand: 265 in the .org Pavilion

Media Contact: Jeremy Garcia (jeremy@linuxquestions.org)

Investor Relations Contact: Jeremy Garcia (jeremy@linuxquestions.org)

Phone: 716.465.6849

E-mail: jeremy@linuxquestions.org

Company URL: http://www.linuxquestions.org/

Press Area URL: http://www.linuxquestions.org/press/

LinuxQuestions.org is a free, friendly and active Linux Community with

over 100,000 members. Founded in 2000 LQ offers forums, reviews, a

Linux hardware compatibility list, a Linux knowledge base in wiki

format, Linux tutorials and more. LQ has forums for everything from

Linux Newbies to Linux in the Enterprise and has over 15 officially

recognized Linux distribution forums.

Company: Lycoris

Booth/Stand: 1483

Media Contact: Rus Bayne

 Phone: 425 738 6604

E-mail: rus@lycoris.com

Company URL: http://www.lycoris.com

Press Area URL: http://www.lycoris.com/press/

Product Descriptions: Desktop/LX 1.4 is the new, KDE 3.2.3-based

desktop operating system that's Familiar, Powerful, and Fun.

Desktop/LX has a Personal Edition for home users, InterConnect Edition

for corporate networks, and Tablet Edition for mobile workers. Also

available are the ProductivityPak Office Suite, GamePak and Solitaire

Ace game software, and FontPak typographical software.

Company Description: Lycoris is located in Maple Valley, Washington.

The corporation was founded in 2000 with a vision of making Linux

simple enough for everyone and pioneered the Linux-based home-user

desktop offering. Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the

consumer market and integrates them into Desktop/LX

(http://www.lycoris.com/products/desktoplx/), its simple, robust

operating system.

Company: Mozilla Foundation

Booth/Stand: 366

Media Contact: Steve Kerns, 415-244-0380, or Colin Crook, 650-269-5235

Phone: 650-903-0818

E-mail: press@mozilla.org

Company URL: http://www.mozilla.org

Press Area URL: http://www.mozilla.org/press

Product description: Mozilla Firefox is the fast, innovative browser

that makes surfing the web fun again. Internet leading features

include: pop-up blocking, tabbed-browsing, and privacy and security

controls. Firefox is a browser you can trust when surfing, shopping,

and banking online. Available for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and many

other platforms/languages.

Company description: The mission of the Mozilla project is to preserve

choice and innovation on the Internet by advocating support for

industry standards and producing browsers, e-mail clients, software

development tools, and other applications through our open source


Company : Nex Computer

Booth/Stand: 1190

Media Contact :  Doug Planchon/ Jenny Chan

Phone: 510-656-2448

E-mail: jenny@nexcom.com

Company URL:  http://www.nexcom.com

Product description: EBC 366 3.5-inch Tiny Board with Intel based CPU

--  VIA 8623 (CLE 266) / VT 8235 chipsets

--  VIA 8623 Integrated Graphics AGP 8X 2D/3D graphics engine, TTL LCD


--  Max. 1GB DDR, 200-pin SO-DIMM x 1

--  10/100 base-T Fast Ethernet x 1

--  Audio w/Speaker Out / Line in and MIC in

--  CFD storage devices support

--  Support TV-out/Dual Independent display/IEEE 1394/ USB 2.0 x 6

Company description: NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. was established in

1992 as a manufacturer of high-technology products like ASIC and

multi-treatment equipment. In the past 10 years, the company has been

in the forefront of competition when it comes to high technology.

Apart from the best Single Board Computer products, good customer

services, good product quality and more market penetration, the

company has come out with Net Security Appliances, from low-cost,

small-size models. Not be left out is NEXCOM's blade server, and it

was the world's first, beating the giants like HP and IBM for a year

or more. Its experience in this line has landed NEXCOM some orders

from FBI, Cornell University, Osaka University and National Taiwan

University. The company's future development of this product line is


Company: Parasoft

Booth/Stand: 470

Media Contact: Jane Daye

Phone: 626-922-6819

E-mail: janed@parasoft.com

Company URL: http://www.parasoft.com

Press Area URL: http://www.parasoft.com/ctest23

Product description: Parasoft C++Test is an automated C/C++ unit

testing and coding standard analysis product. It automatically

generates and executes unit tests for instant verification, then

allows users to extend these tests. C++Test also verifies whether code

follows 500+ coding standard rules, plus any number of custom team,

organization, or project rules.

Company description: We make software work - Founded in 1987; Parasoft

is a privately held company with over 10,000 clients worldwide,

including IBM, Cisco, Raytheon, Boeing and SBC. Parasoft provides

Automated Error Prevention solutions that combine advanced products,

services and expertise, to improve software quality and reliability.

Telephone:(888)305-0041. Fax:(626)305-3036. Email

to:info@parasoft.com. URL:http://www.parasoft.com.

Company: Perforce Software

Booth/Stand: 1274

Media Contact: Sheri Aguirre

Phone: 510-864-7400

E-mail: info@perforce.com

Company URL: http://www.perforce.com

Press Area URL: http://www.perforce.com/perforce/pr.html

Product description: Perforce is the Fast Software Configuration

Management System. Geared for high performance, Perforce works quickly

from initial deployment to large-scale productivity. Perforce is easy

to use and administer, and provides rich functionality - including

version control, workspace management, atomic change transactions, and

a powerful branching model - on more than 50 platforms.

Company description: Perforce Software Inc. develops, markets, and

supports Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management System.

Headquarted in Alameda, Calif., Perforce Software sells worldwide and

has international operations in Europe, Japan and Israel. In addition

to application software companies, Perforce customers represent

industries such as game development, electronics, pharmaceutical, and

financial services.

Company: Progeny

Booth/Stand: 790

Media Contact: Jolene Watkins; jwatkins@progeny.com; 317-578-8882 x137

Investor Relations Contact: Garth Dickey garth@progeny.com ; 

317-578-8882 x122

Phone: (317) 578-8882

E-mail: info@progeny.com

Company URL: http://www.progeny.com

Press Area URL:


Product description:

Progeny offers:

--  Progeny Transition Service: security patches for discontinued Red

    Hat(R) Linux(R) distributions

--  Platform Services: customized Linux platforms tailored to our

    customers' unique specifications

--  Progeny Componentized Linux: a unique system that allows

    developers to easily assemble customized Linux distributions

--  Progeny Debian: a robust Debian developer distribution

Company description: Progeny is the leading independent provider of

Linux platform technology. With more than a decade of experience

building Linux solutions, Progeny's Linux experts pioneered a number

of the technologies and best practices that shape the Linux landscape

today. Progeny was founded by Debian creator Ian Murdock.

Company: Rackable Systems

Booth: 462

Media Contact: Colette LaForce

Phone: 408-240-8300

E-mail: claforce@rackable.com

Company URL: http://www.rackable.com

Product Description:

Scale Out Server Series

Rackable Systems' new Scale Out Server Series is built on an 'open

blade' approach, providing a superior solution for large-scale, high

density data center deployments. Offering maximum density and highest

CPU concentration, the Scale Out Series leverages industry-standard

components and features enhanced thermal management, serviceability,

remote management, networking and provisioning.

Company Description: Rackable Systems is a leading manufacturer of

cluster server solutions designed to address today's most demanding

data center requirements. Our award-winning, patented server designs

feature doubled density, greater thermal efficiency, superior power

management and complete lights-out management-resulting in lower Total

Cost of Ownership for the data center.

Company: Radiant Data Corporation

Booth/Stand: 1445

Media Contact: Michael Klatman

Phone: 303-652-2630, ext. 104

E-mail: mklatman@radiantdata.com

Company URL: www.radiantdata.com

Press Area URL:  


Product description: PeerFS(TM) software from Radiant Data brings

mission-critical data protection characteristics to Linux-based

enterprise applications. PeerFS is a cost-effective data replication

solution that eliminates scheduled and unscheduled application

downtime. By replicating data to one or many locations, over any

network medium, you and your applications are assured instant and

automatic access to that data in the event of a disruption.

Company description: Radiant Data Corporation is a company dedicated

to providing cost-effective solutions for continuous data


Radiant Data's PeerFS(TM) platform is the first peer-to-peer software

solution that enables secure, semi-synchronous, N-way replication of

data with guaranteed consistency.

Radiant Data Corporation was formed in 2000. The company is

headquartered in Niwot, Colorado.

Company:  Revelation Software

Booth/Stand: 148

Media Contact: Cathleen Moran

Phone:  800-262-4747

E-mail:  katie@revelation.com

Company URL: http://www.revelation.com

Product description: OpenInsight is the only database development and

application environment that provides both Windows, Linux and

Java-based GUI s tools to develop and deploy web-based and client

server applications that support native XML, SQL, Lotus Notes. There

are 1.6 mm licenses of Revelation products across 80k deployed sites


Company description: Revelation Software offers a suite of application

development tools that take full advantage of network computing,

messaging, groupware, and client server platforms. The company has

offices in Westwood, NJ, as well as a distributor in the United

Kingdom, and a subsidiary in Australia.

Company: S2io

Booth/Stand: 642

Media Contact: Philippe Levy

Investor Relations Contact: Dave Zabrowski

Phone: 408-861-1250/xt.214

E-mail: philippe.levy@s2io.com

Company URL: http://www.s2io.com

Product Description: S2io's Xframe is the industry's fastest 10

Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X Adapter. It enables server and storage OEMs to

meet end user needs in intensive computing environments. Xframe

addresses high-end networked servers, NAS (Network Attached Storage)

connectivity and high performance cluster computing architectures.

This non-proprietary product integrates seamlessly with existing IT


Company Description: S2io designs 10 Gigabit Ethernet hardware and

software products that enable breakthrough server and storage

performance, availability and reliability in corporate data centers

and advanced laboratory environments. S2io products address key cost

and performance issues relating to the I/O connectivity of high-end

enterprise servers, server clusters and emerging storage area


Company:     SBE

Ticker Symbol:  SBEI (Nasdaq)

Booth/Stand:    1444

Media Contact:    Elaine Chin

Investor Relations Contact:   David Brunton

Phone:      925-355-2000

E-mail:      info@sbei.com

Company URL:    http://www.sbei.com

Press Area URL:  http://www.sbei.net/news.htm

Product description: SBE builds open-standards-based network interface

cards and communication controllers designed to provide developers of

networking and data communications equipment a simple and effective

way to integrate WAN, LAN, SCSI, and/or Fibre Channel interfaces into

their systems. Linux is ready on every board.

Company description: SBE provides network communications solutions for

the embedded and enterprise markets. Portfolio includes

standards-based WAN, LAN, SCSI, Fibre Channel network interface cards,

communications controllers, and enabling software. SBE products have

been deployed in a multitude of applications worldwide, i.e. WiFi,

VoIP, wireless, voice conferencing, Linux routers, SANs, and data


Company:  Scalix

Booth:  1481

Media Contact:  Jennifer Henderson

Phone:   408.918.9085

E-mail:    Jennifer@krause-taylor.com

Company URL:  http://www.scalix.com

Product description

Scalix easily allows companies with mixed-platform environments to

move to Linux-based email and calendaring. It provides full-function

support for Microsoft Outlook and leading email clients and devices,

without end user disruption. Based on an Open Standards Architecture

(OSA), Scalix gives customers choice and flexibility over their

messaging infrastructure.

Company description:

Scalix has created the industry's most powerful email and calendaring

platform on Linux, offering a simple-to-manage, highly-reliable and

feature-rich messaging platform that significantly reduces cost of


Company:  Storix, Inc.

Booth:    490

Media Contact:      Michael Michalik

Phone:    (619) 543-0200

E-mail:    mmichalik@storix.com

Company URL:         http://www.storix.com

Product description: Storix System Backup Administrator (SBA) is a

Backup and Disaster Recovery application designed to facilitate

centralized backup management and automation. Storix SBA excels in its

unique abilities to accomplish remote or local, "bare-metal"

restorations, supporting LVM, software RAID and various filesystem

types, system cloning, and system migration onto any hardware


Company description: Storix, Inc., founded in 1998, developed a system

backup and disaster recovery solution for AIX, and expanded its

product to support Linux in July of 2002. Storix is firmly committed

to providing its products with the most flexible and complete

full-system backup and recovery solution.

Company:  Syncsort Inc.

Booth/Stand: 369

Media Contact: Kathy Berkowitz

Phone: 201-930-9700

Email: info@syncsort.com

Company URL:  http://www.syncsort.com

Product Description: Backup Express is a high-performance enterprise

data protection solution for Linux, UNIX, Windows, and NetWare

environments. It incorporates innovative technologies to provide

numerous protection options, non-disruptive and shortened backup

windows, and minimum recovery delay. Ultimate manageability makes it

easy to install and configure, minimizing learning curves and

optimizing staff efficiency.

Company Description: Syncsort Incorporated is a leading developer of

high-performance data management and data warehousing software for

mainframe, UNIX, Linux and Windows environments. For more than 35

years, Syncsort has built a reputation for superior product

performance and reliable technical support. Over 95 percent of the

Fortune 100 companies are Syncsort customers.

Company:    Tatung Science & Technology, Inc.

Booth/Stand: 1173

Media Contact:    Lily Kong

Phone:    510-687-2778

E-mail:    mkt@tsti.com

Company URL:   http://www.tsti.com

Product Description: Tatung introduces a new high-performance

ultra-dense blade server, accommodating up to 10 independent dual

processor PCI-X server blades (Xeon, Nacona or Opteron processors) in

a single 4U form factor chassis. The TUD-4010 features dual integrated

gigabit switch blades and dual management blades, supporting up to 200

processors per rack.

Company Description: Tatung Science & Technology, Inc. is a subsidiary

of the $7 billion plus, Taiwan-based Tatung Company, and an industry

leading manufacturer of blade servers and x86 servers. Tatung's ultra

Dense Blade Server family delivers high density, low power

consumption, and high manageability of ultra-dense platform today.

Company: Trolltech

Booth/Stand: 356

Media Contact: Lisa Sheeran

 Phone: 510-724-2267

E-mail: press@trolltech.com

Company URL: http://www.trolltech.com

Press Area URL: http://www.trolltech.com/newsroom/index.html

Product description: Qt is a complete C++ application development

framework, which includes a class library and tools for cross-platform

development and internationalization. The Qt API and tools are

consistent across all supported platforms, enabling platform

independent application development and deployment.

Company description: TrolltechR is a world leader in delivering tools,

components, and libraries for C++ developers across all major

operating systems. Trolltech products constitute a leading open source

application development framework and are an integral part of the

Linux desktop. Trolltech also develops innovative UI platforms that

enable key players to adopt Linux for mobile devices.

Company: Tyan Computer Corp.

Booth/Stand: 1643

Media Contact: John Nguyen

Investor Relations Contact: Teresa Chen

Phone: 1-510-651-8868

E-mail: marketing@tyan.com

Company URL: http://www.tyan.com

Press Area URL: http://tyan.com/html/press_room.html

Product Description: At the Linux World 2004 Expo, Tyan Computer Corp.

(Booth #1643) will showcase breakthrough solutions based on the next

level of technology from Intel and AMD. Featured products include

servers and workstation platforms based on Intel EM64T and AMD64

architectures, in addition to a variety of ready-to-use barebones

rackmount servers.

Company Description: Tyan Computer Corporation designs and

manufactures advanced system platform technology. Tyan enables

customers to be global technology leaders through top-tier products

and processes that distinguish them from the competition. Many Tyan

customers have had their Tyan-based products awarded multiple

accolades. For more information, visit the company's web site at


Company: Voltaire

Booth:  381

Media Contact: Christy Lynch

Phone: 781.276.1571

Email: christyl@voltaire.com

Company URL: http://www.voltaire.com

Product Description: The Voltaire ISR 9288 is the industry's largest

InfiniBand switching solution featuring 10 Gbps of full bisectional

bandwidth for 288 ports in a single chassis. The Voltaire ISR 9288 is

ideal for large scale high performance clusters.

Company Description: Voltaire is the leader in interconnect solutions

for high performance grid computing. Voltaire's InfiniBand-based

interconnect solutions dramatically improve the performance and

utilization of clustered databases, shared servers and storage.

Company: Yosemite Technologies

Booth/Stand: 255

Media Contact: Heather Kelly, S&S Public Relations

Phone: 719-634-8274

E-mail: heather@sspr.com

Company URL: http://www.yosemitetech.com

Press Area URL: http://www.yosemitetech.com/press

Product Description: Yosemite TapeWare is a backup and recovery

software solution for the small-to-medium enterprise. The software

utilizes a three-tier architecture allowing easy scalability that

grows with your storage needs. Yosemite offers support for Linux,

Windows, NetWare and Unix. Yosemite solutions range from the Desktop

PC to the enterprise. For more, visit www.yosemitetech.com.

Company Description: Yosemite Technologies is a global provider of

enterprise-caliber backup solutions for the small-to-medium enterprise

(SME). Yosemite has developed strong technology and channel

partnerships with leading companies including HP, Dell, Microsoft,

Certance, Ingram Micro and Gateway. The company's commitment to Backup

Simplified(TM) represents Yosemite's focus on delivering products that

offer unmatched performance, ease-of-use and value.

Company: Zope Corporation

Media Contact: Lois Snitkoff

Investor Relations Contact: Lois Snitkoff

Phone: 540-361-1720

E-mail: lois@zope.com

Company URL: http://www.zope.com  and http://www.zope.org

Press Area URL:  http://www.zope.com/Corporate/News.html

Product description: Zope4Media (advanced web content publishing

solution for broadcast/print media); Zope4Intranets (enterprise class

Intranet); Zope4Edu (extensible CMS for universities); Zope

Replication Services (increases performance / recoverability for Zope

enterprise clusters); Zope Managed Hosting (multi-tiered,

Zope-optimized managed hosting / services for Zope Corporation

products / solutions); Zope Registration Manager (designs/manages


Company description: Zope Corporation, the leading provider of

Enterprise Content Management solutions based on the open source Zope

application server, rapidly creates/deploys high-performance, scalable

systems. Source code is included, giving clients complete control over

their software. Fortune 1000 companies, newspapers, broadcast media,

government agencies, military, educational institutions are among its


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