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Immunix Introduces YaST GUI to Help Users of Novell's SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Simplify Application Security Management

Leading Host Application Security Vendor First to Release YaST GUI

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 08/02/2004 -- LINUXWORLD 2004 -- Immunix, Inc., the leading provider of application security solutions for Linux, introduced a graphical user interface for the Immunix SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite. Developed by Immunix using Novell's SUSE LINUX Software Development Kit (SDK), the new YaST interface for managing Immunix products extends the YaST systems management environment shipped with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server, and simplifies the development, administration and management of Linux security for novice and power users by providing a point-and-click console. As a result, users of SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server can more easily implement the Immunix SubDomainŽ Suite for proactively securing their Linux applications. As the architect of the Linux Security Modules (LSM) interface available on the SUSE 2.6 kernel, Immunix is the first host application security vendor to release a YaST GUI.

"We welcome Immunix's extension of YaST to allow easy management of the Immunix SubDomainŽ Suite," said Juergen Geck, CTO of Novell's SUSE LINUX business unit. "YaST is an open source project enabling comprehensive systems management support for ISVs' offerings. It provides a common, open, standardized platform for the management of Linux systems as demonstrated by Immunix's implementation of a YaST module."

Attackers Exploit Flaws in Applications

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The inherent flaws in software programs are a major issue plaguing enterprises today. Host application security vulnerabilities usually result from bugs in "trusted" programs that have unrestricted access privileges. Attackers can exploit those bugs to elevate their privileges and take control of the system. The Immunix SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite delivers a flexible, automated way to lock down applications through the use of application "profiles" which explicitly control what an application can read, write and execute. The Immunix SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite effectively contains Linux programs so that hackers cannot exploit vulnerabilities and gain control of Linux applications.

How the Immunix YaST GUI Simplifies Linux Application Security

By providing a YaST-based graphical interface for the Immunix SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite, Immunix enables a much wider market to provide security for their Linux applications to prevent these future attacks. The YaST-based GUI automates application profile development, making it easier for novice users to configure and manage their Immunix SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite while giving power users and ISVs the flexibility to create finely tuned profiles. The main features and benefits of the Immunix YaST GUI include:

--  SubDomain Control Center -- central management point for the Immunix

    SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite.

--  Profile Assistant Toolset -- provides automated expert assistance in

    the generation of profiles for applications.

--  Server Analysis Tool -- audits the system and detects vulnerable

    programs as candidates for security confinement using the Immunix

    SubDomainŽ Suite.

"As a Linux security leader, we believe that the safest Linux application is an impenetrable one," said Cheryl Traverse, CEO of Immunix. "By developing a GUI for our host application product, we're helping customers take the pain out of securing their Linux applications and simplifying the prevention of future attacks."


The Immunix YaST GUI for the Immunix SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite will be available in September 2004. For more information, visit:

About Immunix

Immunix is the leading provider of application security solutions for Linux. The company was founded in 1998 by an experienced Linux Security team with deep kernel level Linux experience. Its flagship product, the Immunix SubDomainŽ Host Application Security Suite, uses a patent-pending defensive barrier to protect each Linux application and operating system function regardless of patch availability. Immunix technology was originally developed in conjunction with DARPA and has been proven at DEFCON, the world's toughest hacker convention. Immunix also architected and led the team that developed the Linux Security Modules (LSM) project, a general purpose framework for access control in the Linux 2.6 kernel. For more information, visit

Immunix PR Contact:

Rebekah Mitchell


SOURCE:  Immunix, Inc.

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