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Monday, August 2, 2004

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Note: Each of the broadcasts contains some of the newscast items below and one of the features. Since only a few radio markets get all seven broadcasts, we've made them available below.


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Newscast Stories

  • From Los Angeles: The practice of sending American jobs overseas has become a hot-button issue for this political season. But some voters aren't willing to rely on campaign promises.
  • From Las Vegas: This wasn't your ordinary trade show this weekend in Vegas. It was the Hacker's Conference called DefCon.
  • From New York: The makers of Clariton have agreed to pay a whopping $345 million to resolve allegations they paid kickbacks and other inducements in the late 1990s in order to keep large HMO's from dropping their allergy medicine in favor of cheaper ones like Allegra.
  • From New York: Security is tighter this morning at several of the nation's financial institutions.
  • From Washington: Although several Washington-area financial institutions are now under a heightened terror alert, authorities are trying to keep them operating as usual.
  • From Budapest: European Union Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana toured eastern Europe last week, warning the U.S. that the recently-enlarged Union is ready to go toe-to-toe on a number of trade issues.
  • From Tokyo: The terror alert rippled into Asian markets today, which mainly fell on the news. Tokyo's Nikkei average ended almost a full percent lower. And in South Korea, which also has troops in Iraq, the country's main index dropped by more than 2 percent.
  • From London: Governments around the world have welcomed the new free trade deal agreed in Geneva over the weekend. But years of wrangling lie ahead.
  • From New York: With car and truck bombs a key part of the terror warning, three usual Manhattan bridge and tunnel entrances are closed to commercial vehicles.


The Sloan Sessions - Recession?
This past Friday's economic data made many wonder whether we were really in a recession as some economic experts had claimed. Does it really make a difference if we were in one or not? Host Tess Vigeland gets Newsweek Wall Street Editor Alan Sloan's impressions about it in this edition of The Sloan Sessions.

Political market cycles
Economic experts have found some interesting relationships between economic cycles and election years. Marketplace's personal finance expert Gabriel Wisdom spells it all out with host Matthew Algeo.

Iraq's kidnapping boom
We've been hearing a lot in recent weeks about kidnappings in Baghdad. But not all of them are politically motivated. As Borzou Daragahi reports, in many cases they simply involve the need for money.

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