p2pnet.net News:- Cincinnati Wi-Fi Warriors competing in this year's DefCon hacker conference Wi-Fi shootout may have broken a world record for ground distance.

Last year WiFi equipment maker Alvarion and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) set a Guinness World Records, well, record, with a 310 kilometer (192.62507 mile) Wi-Fi link from the ground to a stratospheric balloon launched in northern Sweden.

But back on the earth, "Ben Corrado, Andy Meng, Justin Rigling and a fourth friend, Brandon Schamer (who didn't accompany them from Ohio), won the greatest distance achieved for an 802.11b network," says Wired News here, going on:

"The teens, two of them 18 years old and the other 19 years old, achieved 55.1 miles using homebrewed antennas on both ends along with amplification, exceeding last year's winner by 20 miles. Then, when they established that record, they turned off their amplifiers and broke the record for an unamplified connection at the same distance. At the announcement on Sunday, the crowd rose to its feet."

After the awards ceremony, the three were seen in a corner of the conference room trying to sell their equipment to lighten the return trip home, adds Wired.