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Ready, Aim, HACK!
Wireless Networking
Posted by michael on Fri Aug 06, '04 11:10 AM
from the reach-out-and-touch-someone dept.
KD5YPT writes "According to a story on Wired, Adam Laurie and Martin Herfurt demonstrated that they can hack a Bluetooth enabled phone from up to a mile away using a sniper rifle with yagi antenna. Kinda gives a new meaning to '1337 hAx0r2'."

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Great (Score:5, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 06, @11:13AM (#9899041)
Now all the people that hack Counter-Strike will be out on the streets with Snipers hacking Bluetooth devices, leaving CS hack-free. Thank god.
  • Re:Great by druhol (Score:1) Friday August 06, @01:29PM
    • Re:Great by Lord_Dweomer (Score:2) Friday August 06, @03:05PM
      • Re:Great by SpecBear (Score:1) Friday August 06, @03:22PM
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        So? (Score:5, Funny)
        by Zorilla (791636) on Friday August 06, @11:13AM (#9899043)
        I'm not impressed. If you really want to impress me, use a Cap'n Crunch whistle over a Bluetooth-enabled phone to switch your neighbor's TV to the Spice channel with the volume up to 50.

        • Blue tooth... bluebox... by celerityfm (Score:1) Friday August 06, @02:24PM
          • Re:So? by jaavaaguru (Score:2) Friday August 06, @11:34AM
            • Re:So? by smooth wombat (Score:2) Friday August 06, @11:43AM
              • Re:So? by Ianoo (Score:2) Friday August 06, @11:57AM
                • Re:So? by smooth wombat (Score:1) Friday August 06, @12:29PM
                  • Re:So? by trentblase (Score:1) Friday August 06, @02:32PM
                    • Re:So? by jaavaaguru (Score:2) Sunday August 08, @02:15PM
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            Kinda gives a new meaning to '1337 hAx0r2'. (Score:4, Funny)
            by strictnein (318940) * <strictfoo-slashd ... m ['yah' in gap]> on Friday August 06, @11:13AM (#9899049)
            (Last Journal: Sunday September 07, @04:00AM)
            Kinda gives a new meaning to '1337 hAx0r2'.

            What, so instead of "Fucking tool" it now will mean "Fucking tool who's in jail for aiming a sniper rifle at someone"?
            guns.. (Score:5, Funny)
            by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 06, @11:13AM (#9899062)
            If I saw a guy pointing a gun at me from far away (or close), I wouldn't be worried about him taking my contacts out of my phone.
            • Re:guns.. by bje2 (Score:1) Friday August 06, @11:21AM
              • Re:guns.. by Chess_the_cat (Score:2) Friday August 06, @11:40AM
                • Re:guns.. by AviLazar (Score:2) Friday August 06, @12:04PM
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            • Yeah, by Duhavid (Score:2) Friday August 06, @12:03PM
              • Re:guns.. by NanoGator (Score:2) Friday August 06, @12:22PM
                • Re:guns.. by Lodragandraoidh (Score:2) Friday August 06, @02:20PM
                  Camping bastards... (Score:5, Funny)
                  by Fulcrum of Evil (560260) on Friday August 06, @11:14AM (#9899070)

                  Now in real life too. Too bad you can't toss the occasional opportunistic grenade like in Half Life.

                  Sweet (Score:5, Funny)
                  by TheSexican (796334) on Friday August 06, @11:14AM (#9899078)
                  No more paying for those pricey 900 numbers... I'll just hack some poor schmuck's phone and whack o..err... talk for free.
                    It would be interesting... (Score:5, Interesting)
                    by AcquaCow (56720) * <[davewujcik] [at] [oc7.org]> on Friday August 06, @11:15AM (#9899089)
                    to use this same setup to look down into a city and pick up individual wireless networks.

                    War Sniping?
                    Yeah, Except... (Score:5, Funny)
                    by JamieKitson (757690) on Friday August 06, @11:17AM (#9899113)
                    ...that you have to call the guy at the other end and ask him to stand very very still :)
                    They should paint that thing orange (Score:3, Interesting)
                    by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 06, @11:19AM (#9899139)
                    ... or something to make it look like a toy. They're going to have real guns pointed at them if they keep carrying that around, and I'd say anyone that shoots back would be entirely justified.

                    L33t? (Score:2, Insightful)
                    by Lethyos (408045) <tofuchute+slashd ... m ['otm' in gap]> on Friday August 06, @11:21AM (#9899171)
                    (http://slashdot.org/ | Last Journal: Tuesday May 27, @10:26PM)
                    Kinda gives a new meaning to '1337 hAx0r2'.

                    Uhm, no, not really. Not at all.

                      that's why (Score:5, Interesting)
                      by eoyount (689574) on Friday August 06, @11:21AM (#9899184)
                      That's why you should turn bluetooth off when you're not using it.

                      Is there really any need to have bluetooth turned on all the time? I would think that it just wastes batteries.
                      I didn't realize that ... (Score:3, Funny)
                      by burgburgburg (574866) <splisken06@nosPam.email.com> on Friday August 06, @11:22AM (#9899199)
                      (Last Journal: Friday August 13, @04:51PM)
                      Microsoft's security division designed bluetooth phones.

                      Learn something new every day.

                      Actual software? (Score:1)
                      by o0zi (652605) on Friday August 06, @11:25AM (#9899239)
                      So where do people who are looking for this sort of capability on their laptops get the software from?
                      Sensible design for its purpose (Score:4, Insightful)
                      by Glendale2x (210533) <slashdotNO@SPAMmattinen.org> on Friday August 06, @11:26AM (#9899247)
                      The "rifle" design with a scope actually makes sense. If there's a moving target at a decent enough distance, all you have to do it keep them in the sights while you communicate with the device. Otherwise, a yagi on a stick without sights is probably a little harder to aim precisely, especially if your target is far away.
                      More info (Score:5, Informative)
                      by AngryScot (795131) on Friday August 06, @11:28AM (#9899270)
                      Here [tomshardware.com]

                      Was covered in brief on tomshardware in a post on /. yestarday

                      • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
                      It looks nifty, but its not a sniper rifle (Score:5, Informative)
                      by millisa (151093) on Friday August 06, @11:28AM (#9899271)
                      It isn't a real sniper rifle [tomshardware.com] It'd still make someone nervous if it was pointed at them I imagine . . .
                      Luddites Rejoice (Score:3, Funny)
                      by ackthpt (218170) * on Friday August 06, @11:29AM (#9899283)
                      (http://www.dragonswest.com/ | Last Journal: Friday February 13, @02:32PM)
                      According to a story on Wired, Adam Laurie and Martin Herfurt demonstrated that they can hack a Bluetooth enabled phone from up to a mile away using a sniper rifle with yagi antenna.

                      Surviving the 21st century:

                    • Pencil
                    • Pocket knife
                    • Pad of paper
                    • Water bottle
                    • Towel

                      BTW the Hitchhikers Guide is now considered a bad idea, as even it has proven to be hackable, particularly by those who consider themselves to be hoopy froods (though inaccurate entries may be inserted, and attempts to modify the operating system of all versions of the Guide result in the brief appearance of a hungry ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal, followed shortly by the departure of a not quite as hungry ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal.)

                      • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
                      Interesting Military Application (Score:5, Interesting)
                      by Vexler (127353) on Friday August 06, @11:29AM (#9899296)
                      (Last Journal: Thursday December 11, @12:03PM)
                      If deployed in the field, special ops soldiers can approach a terrorist safehouse, and activate this device to hack into any cell phone that may be vulnerable. Then they could simply listen in on the safehouse without ever being even 500 feet away, and can discern their movement if necessary.

                      All this translates into being able not to tip off the bad guys that you are coming, and still able to glean important intel.
                      Yeah but then.... (Score:3, Funny)
                      by dmorin (25609) <[dmorin] [at] [morinfamily.com]> on Friday August 06, @11:33AM (#9899340)
                      (Last Journal: Wednesday July 07, @12:37PM)
                      ...somebody tk'd them for hogging the AWP and being all sux0r with it.
                        They missed something (Score:3, Funny)
                        by tyrani (166937) on Friday August 06, @11:35AM (#9899355)
                        "The BlueSniper rifle for capturing data from Bluetooth-enabled phones is constructed from a Choate Ruger Mini-14 stock, 14dbi semi-directional Yagi antenna, standard rifle scope, electrical tape, zip ties and cardboard."

                        They really should have used duct tape rather then electrical tape. It would have been much more Chic!
                        • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
                        Kinda gives a new meaning to '1337 hAx0r2' (Score:1)
                        by dwalsh (87765) on Friday August 06, @11:35AM (#9899356)
                        No, more like "C/\mp1ng 8a5tard!"
                        • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
                        Blue War Walking....? (Score:3, Interesting)
                        by d474 (695126) on Friday August 06, @11:37AM (#9899384)
                        He conducted a similar test at Britain's House of Parliament, carrying a laptop in his backpack. After going through security, he wandered the ground floor for 14 minutes looking at paintings and passing politicians while the attack ran automatically from his backpack. Of 46 Bluetooth devices he found, eight phones were vulnerable to attack.
                        Using this hack in the 'research' stage of a social engineering attack would be quite useful. Between this and the photos of the blue tooth sniper rifle, why hasn't MI5 highered these guys? Honestly! The guy in the photo reminded me of 'Q' in James Bond. Brilliant work.
                          Link to picture (Score:2, Informative)
                          by pHZero (790342) on Friday August 06, @11:37AM (#9899385)
                          http://www.tomshardware.com/business/200408021/ima ges/bluesniper.jpg [tomshardware.com]
                            Yet another reason to get the *cheap* phones (Score:5, Insightful)
                            by NineNine (235196) on Friday August 06, @11:39AM (#9899407)
                            (http://ninenine.com/ | Last Journal: Thursday April 17, @05:02PM)
                            This is yet another reason NOT to buy those stupid phones with 14 different features. Every time I buy a cell phone, I buy the cheapest one available, so it doesn't have all of this crap associated with it. I just want a cell phone that *works*. The last thing I want is a phone with so many useless features that it actually has *security* holes! That's insane. So if it comes to the point where the only phone I can get has this stupid Bluetooth stuff, then I have to worry about feds wiretapping me AND kids hacking in? Great. I'm going back to cans and string.
                            slashback? (Score:1)
                            by bagofcrap (260283) on Friday August 06, @11:44AM (#9899461)
                            (Last Journal: Thursday March 06, @11:24PM)
                            Now if only the hacker community could put together a convention of sorts to tell us about neat toys like this, they could call it deft-con or something like that; then cheesy hardware site employees could attend and say its for work (tax-deductible trip to vegas?)C'mon Wired, its only DEFCON12, you'd hope that converage of that event would be their leading story.
                            Hmm... the linked article (i almost read it) didn't mention such an idea, only that the gun was tested in las vegas.

                            This was in the (/. linked) tomshardware coverage of defcon 12 [tomshardware.com]
                            on this page http://www.tomshardware.com/business/200408021/def con-05.html [tomshardware.com]

                            and a video http://www.tomshardware.com/business/200408021/ima ges/bluesniper.zip [tomshardware.com]
                              That explains a lot. (Score:5, Funny)
                              by Mr. Bad Example (31092) on Friday August 06, @11:45AM (#9899465)
                              I wondered why my phone's display kept changing to "OMG PWN3D U FAG". I thought it was Verizon getting uppity.
                                Ignorant Users make this possible (Score:3, Interesting)
                                by JawFunk (722169) on Friday August 06, @11:51AM (#9899537)
                                Laurie said most people don't think they have valuable data on their phones, but many people store passwords, PINs and financial account numbers in their phones.

                                Where there's a will, there is a way. This is similar to the spam issue. Many arguethat spam would be reduced adn sys admins would have an easier life if curious people did not impulsively click on evrey ad that they see, nor respond to every question about income or dick size that landed in your email.

                                In the caseof bluetooth, people need to realize that these are phones, not safes with locks. tThe average person takes data security for granted, because they don't understand or care to consider the functionality of the device or the technology they are carrying. "If it's in my pocket, it's safe." BS. If you can send signals with it, it can receive signals. Similarly, if you park your car for three days with the driver side door open, most likely it will not be there when you come back (Unless you live on an island where yours is one of five cars, easily recoverable). Getsmart people!

                                  In other news ... (Score:5, Funny)
                                  by cccpkgb (793118) on Friday August 06, @11:54AM (#9899558)
                                  Some researchers found a way to completely destroy bluetooth-enabled cellphones from up to a mile away with a sniper rifle by failing to RTFA.
                                  • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
                                  i'm suspect at the lack of details. (Score:2)
                                  by Lumpy (12016) on Friday August 06, @12:03PM (#9899646)
                                  First off the gain of the antenna is quite low for a "1 mile away" hack. if they had a custom bi-directional amplifier that was not only a preamp on the incoming signals but bosting the transmit I would start to agree.

                                  I can also see 1 mile away with a dish antenna giving them more in the 25-30db gain range... espically considering that they are losing at least 3db in the cable it's self.

                                  It's a neat idea, and the close range (100-500 feet) possibilities with a basic directional antenna are certianly possible but not a full mile with what the article is talking about.

                                  Bluetooth makes 802.11b look like a commercial broadcaster in power differences. celphones are Class II bluetooth devices, the lowest power output level type. Class I has a 100 meter max range and would be a better device to attack from afar but certianly not a Class II BT device like a cellphone.

                                  Low gain and low directionality of their antenna are what makes me really ssupect their 1 mile claim.
                                  • Re:i'm suspect at the lack of details. by Rob the Bold (Score:1) Friday August 06, @01:11PM
                                    • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
                                  • Re:i'm suspect at the lack of details. (Score:4, Informative)
                                    by carbolic (616993) on Friday August 06, @03:00PM (#9901706)
                                    I was there - holding the Nokia out in front of me. TechTV was there filming the test from both sides. It will appear on The Screen Savers at some point.

                                    We used a high gain, 19dBi, panel antenna attached to a Linksys Class 1 Bluetooth adapter - picture [wifi-toys.com].

                                    Using this equipment, last week we transferred a few pictures from 3300 feet (1 km). This week we bluesnarfed from about 5300 feet (1.08 miles).

                                    The whole point of these experiments is to show that Bluetooth can go a lot further than previously suspected. Witness the 55.1 mile link [wifi-toys.com] using 30 mw wifi.

                                    Lack of details is because it's in Wired News. Look for a writeup on www.wifi-toys.com [wifi-toys.com] later today.

                                    wifi-toys.com [wifi-toys.com]
                                    bluedriving.com [bluedriving.com]

                                    [ Parent ]
                                    First thought after seeing the picture... (Score:1)
                                    by Ashyukun (551101) on Friday August 06, @12:04PM (#9899671)
                                    When did the Ghostbusters become hackers??
                                    Less conspicuous in wild.. cans and cameras (Score:4, Interesting)
                                    by mattr (78516) <<moc.ydobelet> <ta> <rttam>> on Friday August 06, @12:09PM (#9899721)
                                    (http://telebody.com | Last Journal: Tuesday July 30, @08:28AM)
                                    I'd think a pringles or coke can would be a bit less conspicuous..

                                    On the other hand you know those security video cameras used in public places which can be remote controlled to rotate and zoom in on someone's face? They are usually hidden in smoked glass domes in ceiling or, I suppose, in less conspicuous ways in places like casinos or board rooms. Sounds like another good aiming device, I saw one $500 dollar model in Akihabara recently you can operate from a web page. Same shop for a few hundred bucks also sold remote cameras accessible via UHF.

                                    I'd be worried if I carried anything with Bluetooth (so far I've resisted..) The more it penetrates it seems the more tiny yagi antennas you'll see. Only saving grace I could imagine is if the yagi antenna is left powered up maybe you could detect it as the camera pans across you... IANA EM Engineer but would not a yagi antenna also transmit towards you any noise from say the video camera's motor or power supply? If so a detector might be in order..

                                      James Bond (Score:4, Funny)
                                      by dfj225 (587560) on Friday August 06, @12:38PM (#9900069)
                                      (Last Journal: Monday March 01, @05:15PM)
                                      As I was reading the only thing I could think about was James Bond standing on top of a building and spying on someone's conversation using the Bluetooth rifle...now that is an awesome hack.
                                        Lets see now ... (Score:1)
                                        by cosmic_0x526179 (209008) on Friday August 06, @12:43PM (#9900110)
                                        so you can hack the moto iTMS enabled phone via the blue shotgun ? insert new songs ? R.E.M. anyone ? or... play with the ringtone... this guys phone rings and Jimmy Hendrix starts whaling with the Star Spangled Banner... I like it !
                                          If you really must hear... (Score:4, Funny)
                                          by IronChefMorimoto (691038) on Friday August 06, @01:03PM (#9900342)
                                          I could care less if you hack my BlueTooth phone.

                                          If some asshat need in you arises that demands that you must listen in on a conversation with my wife as she bitches at me for buying ROMA TOMATOES instead of CHERRY TOMATOES (they're fucking red, for Christ's sake), you go right ahead.

                                          And if it gets your lollies off to hear that, wait until she calls me to inform me that I, once again, forgot to let the dog shit before going to work. And I must clean up what ensued.

                                          Yeah -- hack that. All you want. :-[

                                          Followup story (Score:2, Funny)
                                          by fhic (214533) on Friday August 06, @01:54PM (#9900889)
                                          In a related story, Las Vegas police department sharpshooters shot two men who they say were preparing to assassinate random pedestrians from an 11th floor window of the Aladdin Hotel. When the concept of the "Bluetooth rifle" was explained to the police spokesman, he said, and we quote, "what a pair of f***ing idiots." Since the pair was shot approximately 10,000 times by the nice policemen with *real* rifles, only splinters of the "Bluetooth rifle" remain. Film at 11.
                                            Snipers (Score:2)
                                            by emtboy9 (99534) <jeff@jefflan e . org> on Friday August 06, @03:06PM (#9901767)
                                            Ack... damnit! Now there are snipers in my cell phone!
                                              Great! (Score:1)
                                              by jerometremblay (513886) on Friday August 06, @04:02PM (#9902569)
                                              This should invalidate SMS usage in courts as evidence.

                                              http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/asiapcf/southeast/07 /29/malaysia.divorce/
                                                Old Hat (Score:1)
                                                by Darlantan (130471) on Friday August 06, @04:17PM (#9902781)
                                                I, for one, fail to be impressed by this. The idea of adding a scope/stock to a surveillance device isn't a new one -- I've done the same thing myself, but it wasn't pointed at bluetooth devices. Sure, it's a good idea, but there's nothing revolutionary here that I can see. Am I missing something? (Other than the 'wow kewl' factor)
                                                  Uh who the hell cares... Seriously. (Score:1)
                                                  by BaCkBuRn (621588) <backburn_@hotmai[ ]om ['l.c' in gap]> on Friday August 06, @07:26PM (#9904670)
                                                  (http://www.nexgenis.com/ | Last Journal: Wednesday April 09, @08:31PM)
                                                  Every fucking week they have to remind us that wireless technologies are shitty.

                                                  Idiot: hey guess what, wireless is insecure!
                                                  Me: no shit

                                                  Wireless tech makes it so i dont have to be in your building to hack you. I can be in your parking lot.
                                                  In reality wired networks are 10x more insecure than wireless. There is an assumption of protection because they could see the black hat walk in the door.
                                                  Bullshit, I'm the repair man, the delivery boy, the lunch guy, or even ur mom.
                                                  Walk in, plug in, and masqerade as someone else.
                                                  Why are we focusing on wireless insecurities when our wired networks are even worse...
                                                  I don't need the yagi antenna (Score:1)
                                                  by noidentity (188756) on Friday August 06, @09:47PM (#9905777)
                                                  Just give me a sniper rifle and I'll "hack" (more like crack, to pieces) a phone from a long distance.
                                                    I want one of those! (Score:1)
                                                    by KB1GHC (800065) <kb1ghc@comcast.net> on Friday August 06, @10:49PM (#9906133)
                                                    (http://kb1ghc.home.comcast.net/ | Last Journal: Sunday August 08, @11:06AM)
                                                    That rifle is awsome! where can I buy one?
                                                      Lack of disclosure disturbing... (Score:1)
                                                      by edgedmurasame (633861) <sethstorm.kylie@co@uk> on Saturday August 07, @12:42PM (#9908885)
                                                      (http://murasame.ath.cx/ | Last Journal: Saturday August 07, @02:14PM)
                                                      What is the Philosophy of Full Disclosure, and why are we providing the tools and detailing the methods that allow this to be done?

                                                      Followed by this:
                                                      Tools will not be released at this time, so please do not ask. However, if you are a bona-fide manufacturer of bluetooth devices that we have been otherwise unable to contact, please feel free to get in touch for more details on how you can identify your device status.

                                                      Seems to think that either they didnt check the article, or are not really wanting to do Full Disclosure. The cat's out of the bag, when would they release it, despite it being hardware that's vulnerable? If they really wanted to know what works and what doesnt, they'd release it to the rest of the world and let a wider base and accept the (minor) collateral damage that might ensue.

                                                      we'll show you ours if you show us yours
                                                      Well, I truly doubt ALD would in any case given how they respond to this one.
                                                      I'd consider mailing them on this one: adam@algroup.co.uk and ben@algroup.co.uk
                                                        Re:Ugg (Score:1, Informative)
                                                        by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 06, @11:16AM (#9899104)
                                                        The sand color for this topic sucks. My eyes are burning.

                                                        Remove the "it." from the beginning of the web address and press enter. You'll get the nice green back.
                                                        [ Parent ]
                                                        • Re:Ugg by buchan232 (Score:1) Friday August 06, @12:03PM
                                                          Re:Sniper rifle?! (Score:5, Informative)
                                                          by rvw14 (733613) on Friday August 06, @11:17AM (#9899109)

                                                          After I RTFA, I found that a sniper rifle was not used

                                                          The BlueSniper "rifle," created by John Hering and colleagues at Flexilis as a proof-of-concept device, resembles a rifle. It has a vision scope and a yagi antenna with a cable that runs to a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PDA in a backpack.

                                                          [ Parent ]
                                                          Re:hrrm (Score:1)
                                                          by nkntr (583297) on Friday August 06, @11:19AM (#9899145)
                                                          Adding on, you would have to secure the directional antenna to the side of the rifle (a friend of mine asked me how a rifle would help after reading my post.. I thought I would clarify). That way when you have the phone in your crosshairs, the antenna is also pointed directly at the phone....
                                                          [ Parent ]
                                                          • Re:hrrm by dave420 (Score:2) Friday August 06, @12:37PM
                                                            Re:Sniper rifle?! (Score:2)
                                                            by nmk (781777) on Friday August 06, @11:19AM (#9899147)
                                                            The scope and the rifle are already calibrated. If you use a stand alone scope, where exactly will you fit the antenna. I actually think its pretty cool. Wonder what their defense would be if they got caught pointing the rifle at someone.
                                                            [ Parent ]
                                                            Re:Time (Score:3, Funny)
                                                            by EvilCabbage (589836) on Friday August 06, @11:22AM (#9899198)
                                                            What kind of time do these people have to try these kinds of ridiculous "tests?"

                                                            What else are they going to do with their time once they get kicked out of their parents basements?

                                                            [ Parent ]
                                                              Re:Sniper rifle?! (Score:1)
                                                              by mirko (198274) on Friday August 06, @11:23AM (#9899200)
                                                              (http://gnuart.org/ | Last Journal: Wednesday July 21, @08:51AM)
                                                              Because Eric Raymond told that both hackers and rifles are cool, so it's better to conjugate these ;)
                                                              [ Parent ]
                                                              Dupe (Score:5, Informative)
                                                              by Jacco de Leeuw (4646) on Friday August 06, @11:24AM (#9899226)
                                                              You're right, here are the pictures [tomshardware.com].
                                                              [ Parent ]
                                                              • Re:Dupe by asink (Score:1) Friday August 06, @12:17PM
                                                                • Re:Dupe by grassy_knoll (Score:1) Friday August 06, @01:16PM
                                                                  • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
                                                                  Re:Sniper rifle?! (Score:5, Informative)
                                                                  by nine-times (778537) on Friday August 06, @11:32AM (#9899328)
                                                                  Now why someone thought it necessary to call it a 'sniper rifle' when they submitted the article is beyond me since it's at the very least misleading.

                                                                  It actually makes a lot of sense, no? The device resembles a rifle- not just out of some "cool" factor, but because use of the device requires aim, and the rifle form is suitable. It also has metaphorical relation to the rifle, in that it's a "weapon of attack", so to speak. Further, insofar as the attack is a long range attack from a concealed location, it makes a certain amount of sense to call it "sniping".

                                                                  So, insofar as it lead to you believe people were firing bullets through a sniper rifle as a means to hack cell-phones, yes, it was misleading. However, I think it was only intended to draw the obvious metaphorical comparison between what these guys were doing and what a sniper does.

                                                                  [ Parent ]
                                                                  Re:Sniper rifle?! (Score:2, Informative)
                                                                  by merlin_jim (302773) <(moc.tlupatarts) (ta) (nekcarCcM.semaJ)> on Friday August 06, @11:36AM (#9899366)
                                                                  I think you're going to be in trouble from Homeland Security, but not necessarily the regular police. You have a right to bear arms. While you can carry a rifle without a license in plain sight downtown (barring municipal codes), it's illegal to have a handgun in a safe at your home unless you're licensed, registered, and have passed a background check.

                                                                  But Homeland Security throws that out the window; any "terrorist activity", as they define it, is susceptible to their rules.

                                                                  One of the reasons why laws should be written as precisely as possible...
                                                                  [ Parent ]
                                                                  Re:Can there be buildings between? (Score:2, Informative)
                                                                  by Anonymous Coward on Friday August 06, @11:38AM (#9899398)
                                                                  Yagi si pretty much line of sight. Objects in the way cause a huge degradation in signal and aften make a unidirectional antenna better.

                                                                  Also, with a yagi antenna you best be right on where you aim it. A feew degrees also causes a huge signal degridation.
                                                                  [ Parent ]
                                                                    reads the article, replies to self :-) (Score:2)
                                                                    by fantomas (94850) on Friday August 06, @11:38AM (#9899399)
                                                                    serves me right, RTFA :-))) - Sniper-Geek-Boy is an Old European whose company lives in a Cold War Bunker... nuff said, maybe there is a pattern here. Maybe you guys can help him join the Army over there, our Army is getting cut back...
                                                                    [ Parent ]
                                                                      Re:Obligatory Old European Response, WTF? (Score:2)
                                                                      by proj_2501 (78149) <mkbNO@SPAMdirty.org> on Friday August 06, @11:39AM (#9899409)
                                                                      (http://www.hydrogenproject.com/ | Last Journal: Wednesday August 04, @04:16PM)
                                                                      i'd imagine that it's pretty easy to sign up with the military and play with guns in any country.
                                                                      [ Parent ]
                                                                        Re:Obligatory Old European Response, WTF? (Score:2)
                                                                        by bluekanoodle (672900) on Friday August 06, @11:45AM (#9899469)
                                                                        Name one other easily portable form factor you could use to point a "stick" shaped object at a phone far away, while holding it steady and being able to follow the users movement with your eyes while tracking them with the end of "said" stick. It's pretty obvious why they chose a rifle form. It's definitely the most ergonomic option.

                                                                        [ Parent ]
                                                                        Re:Obligatory Old European Response, WTF? (Score:1)
                                                                        by ak3ldama (554026) on Friday August 06, @11:50AM (#9899515)
                                                                        here's the funny part,
                                                                        many americans are skinny, quiet and still obsessed with guns. and the funnier part: we're almost all from europe, yea, and usually within 3 generations removed.
                                                                        i really wish all these europeans would quit being mad about all the people in america that were put up with all the european bulls***. just get over it, our ancestors thought it sucked.
                                                                        [ Parent ]
                                                                        Re:DOn't believe it (Score:2)
                                                                        by Stradenko (160417) on Friday August 06, @12:15PM (#9899783)

                                                                        nokia admits [zdnet.co.uk] that some of their phones are vulnerable to bluesnarfing.

                                                                        Security Focus also has some good information. [securityfocus.com]

                                                                        or blue stumbler [bluestumbler.org] or bluejackQ [bluejackq.com] might interest you.

                                                                        [ Parent ]
                                                                          Re:DOn't believe it (Score:1)
                                                                          by xystren (522982) on Friday August 06, @01:04PM (#9900360)
                                                                          Well, I read it on slashdot, it must be true...

                                                                          sig lines? We don't need no stinky sig lines.
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