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Hackers descend on Las Vegas


July 27, 2004 - 06:17 EST

Las Vegas - Thousands of hackers converge in Las Vegas for the annual Blackhat and Defcon conventions. THG will provide daily coverage starting this Thursday.

The Democrats in Boston aren't the only ones having a convention this week, as 5000+ computer hackers meet up in Las Vegas for two separate conventions.

The 8th annual Black Hat convention is on Wednesday and Thursday at the Ceasar's Palace. With registration fees of $1495 and up, Black Hat caters to the serious computer security professional. Past talks have delved into topics such as Modern Netware Hacking and Defeating Intrusion Detection Systems.

More information about Black Hat can be obtained on their Website.

The 12th annual Defcon convention runs Friday through Sunday at the Alexis Park Hotel. A low registration fee of $80 (cash only), permits all types of people to attend, learn and party. Dozens of informative talks are given and several interesting contests are held.

Capture the Flag pits several teams of hackers against each other, all trying to break into the other teams' box. The second annual Lockpick Contest will prove who can pick a lock the fastest. At last year's event, amazing skill was shown when attendees were able to pick and open locks in under ten seconds.

Several wireless contests will be held which include three different wardriving contests and a Wi-Fi shootout, where attendees try to shoot a wifi signal using homemade antennas.

Defcon's Website

THG will be providing onsite daily coverage, starting Wednesday, of the Black Hat Briefings and Defcon. The newest computer vulnerabilities will be investigated. Expect to see in-depth analysis, great pictures and interesting videos.

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