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Exclusive DEF CON 25 Swag Pack!

DEF CON 25 swag pack image

From now until DEF CON 25, we're offering monthly packages of exclusive, limited-edition DEF CON 25 swag.

The December pack is a crisp, fresh DEF CON 25 tee and a high-quality DC25 sticker. The design is courtesy of DEF CON staff artist Mar Williams, created especially for this package. Look sharp, gift like a boss and hide your laptop's shiny metal shame. Rock DEF CON 25 swag like you come from the future.

Cool Stuff Ahead!

DEF CON 25 teaser image

Watch this space: December 1, DEF CON has something nice for your holiday season. Even if you've been a little naughty.

Live Music Torrent from DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 live music image

Music lovers, rejoice! The live music selections from DEF CON 24 are here! Thanks to the generosity of the artists and the miracle of BitTorrent, you can help yourself to a curated selection of the tunes that rocked DC24. Enjoy the (metaphorical) stacks of (figurative) molten wax, in both standard formats and lossless FLACs.

As always, share widely and give the artists you dig some love.

DEF CON Flashback Friday: Samy Kamkar's Drive it like you Hacked it

DEF CON 23 Samy Kamkar image

The new Raspberry Pi hotness is Samy Kamkar's PoisonTap. It's a cheap (like dinner at Arby's cheap) device that pops locked machines fast (like the onset of Arby's regret fast). Samy posted a video demo on YouTube, and you should watch it.

If you dig Samy's style and want to see another of his low-fi, hi-yield hacks, we've got a #defconflashbackfriday video for you - Samy demoing inexpensive car/garage door exploiter 'RollJam' at DC23 in supremely informative and entertaining fashion.

Check it out, pass it on.

DEF CON 24 Torrents are Live!

DEF CON 24 Torrents image

Limber up your hard drives, my friends. If you seek the motherlode of DEF CON 24 content, look no further than our Torrents page. All the talks in multiple formats? Check. DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge content? Music? CTF files? Check, check, super check. Fire up your preferred netguzzler and get to guzzling. Enjoy, seed and share widely.

DEF CON 24 AFK Playlist: Policy and Idea-based Talks Now on YouTube

DEF CON 24 AFK talks image

Today's DEF CON 24 playlist is called 'AFK'; it focuses on talks that deal with policy and ideas rather than hardware and code. Hacker Law superhero Jennifer Granick's talk on the state of the applicable law is in here, as are the 'Meet the Feds' and 'Ask the EFF' panels. There's a little something for every interest, from the venerable Richard Thieme's talk on the psychological toll of working with secrets to the Bob Ross Fan Club's talk on recognizing and neutralizing propaganda.

Thirteen talks in all, with lots of variety. Block off some time (or just put in headphones) and get yourself some. As always, share the love.

More playlists on the way!

Live on YouTube: Car Hacking Talks from DEF CON 24!

DEF CON 24 Car Hacking talks image

The rollout of DEF CON 24 videos continues with 10 videos with a focus on car hacking. There’s a couple of presentations that deal with the CAN BUS, a deep dive into autonomous cars and even a couple specifically about big rigs. Seven of the ten talks come straight out of the Car Hacking Village!

There’s a weekend coming - maybe it’s time to curl up with a laptop and get up to speed on the rapidly expanding world of automotive hacking. As always, enjoy and pass it on.

Big playlist coming Monday!

DEF CON is Now on Instagram!

DEF CON on instagram image

DEF CON is on Instagram! We're posting a steady stream of pictures from the vaults, pictures of the preparations we're making for DEF CON 25 and various image-based shareables to amuse and edify all hackerkind. Follow us at wearedefcon and share your memories, your projects, or maybe all the exciting places you're wearing your DEF CON hat. We can't wait to see what you're up to.

DEF CON in the News: 15 under 15

DEF CON in the news - 15 under 15 image

DEF CON in the news: To kick off your week with a heaping helping of hope for the future, here's an article from Sara Sorcher and Ann Hermes at the Christian Science Monitor calling out 15 kids killing it in the cybersecurity space.

To our great joy, a bunch of those kids have in common the DEF CON kids' track, R00tz Asylum. CyFi, Kryptina, Evan, Miller and Emmitt - you make us prouder than you know.

How to Overthrow a Government: Chris Rock at DEF CON 24

DEF CON 24 Chris Rock image

The US Presidential election is a few weeks away. Whatever the outcome it’s safe to say this election is an inflection point. Hacked communications, data dumps and claims of state actors using media to influence the vote have dominated the news cycle. These factors and the anxiety and outrage fatigue that acccompany them are likely to be around a while, so it seemed like an opportune moment to repost Chris Rock’s talk on overthrowing governments. It’s a thought-provoking investigation into what it might take to use the modern landscape for toppling a regime, and it’s a good practical alternative to the generalized hysteria promoted by cable news.